Graphic Details Emerge Of Robert Kraft’s Asian Massage Parlor Scandal

Just an FYI, this is Not Safe for Work (NSFW)

Vanity Fair has released a graphic detailed piece about Robert Kraft’s trips to the massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida.

Kraft, who reportedly attended Orchids of Asia Day Spa twice in January of 2019, was charged with two counts of solicitation of prostitution, but has plead not guilty and kept that stance throughout this entire process.

According to VanityFair:

“Among the patrons who turned up on the surveillance video at Orchids was Robert Kraft, the 78-year-old owner of the New England Patriots. Kraft, who visited the spa on the afternoon of January 19, spends part of the year in a double oceanfront apartment he owns on Breakers Row, among the most coveted addresses in Palm Beach. Earlier that day, according to a man I spoke with who asked to be identified only as Kraft’s “best guy friend,” Kraft had gone to the hotel spa for a massage.

When he was unable to get an appointment, he conferred with his old friend Peter Bernon, the dairy and plastics tycoon who also lives in Palm Beach. Bernon offered to drive Kraft in his 2014 white Bentley to a place he knew in Jupiter, 20 miles up the Treasure Coast,”
At Orchids, according to the Jupiter police, Kraft paid cash to the spa’s co-owner, Lei Wang, who goes by Lulu, and received a hand job from her and another worker, later identified as Shen Mingbi.

After Kraft ejaculated, Mingbi wiped his penis with a white towel. Then she and Lulu helped him get dressed.”

Orchids reportedly reached out to Jeong about Kraft’s experience at the spa and were told that Kraft was thrilled:

“He did not seem to understand that the spa was merely soliciting repeat business.

The next day, Kraft returned to Orchids, this time with a driver in a 2015 blue Bentley. He arrived before 11 a.m., qualifying for the early bird special: $15 off. He received a hand job and a blow job from Lulu, and left after 14 minutes.

That afternoon he flew to Kansas City, to watch his team play the Chiefs in the NFL playoffs. The Patriots won.”

Kraft’s case is still ongoing.