11 of the Ugliest NFL Jerseys EVER

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  1. First off, this article sucks. The author made everything seem like a bad fashion show. I actually think the classic Bucs cream jersey is cool, as well as the classic Denver Broncos jersey is awesome as well. As for the modern alternate jerseys such as the Texans all red and Seahawks lime green jersey are awesome as well.

  2. This is obviously not a list made by a football fan. There is a reason they are called “throwbacks” there are bringing back strange and unique jerseys and styles from the franchise’s past. One one hand you call the Jets “NY Titans” throwbacks bland, then on the other you say that the Seahawks lime green jersey is too over the top. Lets pick one and stick with it.

    The Bucs creamsicle jersey is one of the more well liked throwbacks used today simply because of the unique look that it has. The Houston Texans “Battle Red” jerseys are loved by their fanbase. The lime green for the Seahawks has become more prominent over time that it is now a feature on most players gloves, cleats and other equipment that they wear included the jersey

    Your list seems more predicated on how “fashionable” the choices are rather than what they actually mean in the football world and the histories of the franchises.

  3. This honestly may be one of the stupidest lists I have ever seen. The “reasoning” for half of these is idiotic and desperately searching for any “legitimate” reason to hate on them other than the author’s own biases for or against certain teams.

  4. This list was clearly made by someone who isn’t old enough to remember some of the really awful uniforms.

  5. This is a horrible list. No way are the old Bills, Bucs, and Browns worst than the current Bengals, Bucs, Browns, Falcons, Tennessee Titans and the worst of all Jaguars.The NYTitans/Jets don’t even come close to the throwback Steelers in ugliness.

  6. Throwback criticism is wasted breath, as throwbacks are, for better or worse, a part of NFL history. The 09 Broncos for ex, were leftovers from another sport & used when they couldn’t afford their own. They’re a nice reminder on just how far the NFL has come. Today’s unis, especially since Nike has taken over, are a different story. Tampa went from ugliest to respectable, right back to ugliest…complete with their 1980’s video game numbers & day glow orange. The Browns don’t look like The Browns, and this trend toward same color pants/jerseys is downright uuuugly, especially the all black 49ers that looked like pajamas, and the all “blue” Buffalo Bills that make all who wear them appear to have extra large as$es and thighs. They just don’t look good. However, some teams with great jerseys that cop out with white pants don’t look very good either. Oh, and one more thing Nike: the Cowboys colors are blue and SILVER, not blue and GRAY. Whatever you did to their pants took away that well known cool silver sheen and left them gray. At least thus far you’ve not been allowed to ruin my Steelers’ classic black and gold uniforms, (yeah, I know it’s a variation of yellow, but “the black and yellow” just doesn’t have a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?) Finally, all you teams out there whose primary uniform color is NOT black, stop…just stop it already, hear me Eagles and Cardinals. No matter how many times you wear black, you’re still the Eagles and even worse, still the Cardinals.

  7. PS: For crying out loud, Jaguars, would you PLEASE pick a helmet color already!?!?! Now THAT is truly the ugliest helmet in all of NFL history, even counting the cheese yellow Packers throwbacks that make the players all look like they have enormous melon heads. Gold or black, pick one. For what its worth I think the matte black would look great.


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