Cam Newton’s Cleats Have His Teammates’ Names On Them

Cam Newton is often labeled by his haters as “cocky,” or “selfish” and yet seemingly every new thing he does is the polar opposite.

Today’s his cleats are another example. Newton, who’s sponsored by UnderArmor is wearing custom cleats which appear to be a simply, a cool cleat in that signature Carolina Panther blue with his logo on the strap; Upon closer inspection though, you may noticed his teammates names written across the shoe. With a 53-man NFL roster, we’re not sure if Cam got every single one on them, but we wouldn’t doubt it.

Pretty cool message to pay homage to his teammates who may very well help Newton reach and possibly win his first Super Bowl.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.29.18 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.27.06 PM


  1. Taking signs from kids / fans before games during this past season. Not cool. I am pretty sure that this doesn’t make up for it. Hopefully one day he will have an eye opening moment and stop that bullying behavior which he has demonstrated before games.

    • He took 2 signs down and visiting teams should respect their opponents house…not display huge banners about being the 12th man or packer country in la carolina stadium right where the panthers enter the field. Thats just ignorant and disrespectful. Panthers fans dont do that because its classless. And which QBs give the game ball to kids after every scoring play no matter where they are playing???umm no one except cam…ur comments are as ignorant as they are showing how jealous all u haters are for cams continued success

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. He has done this 3 times, all three were grown adult men. And only one was before the game. He is in no way bullying. The first and third fans were breaking stadium rules with their banner/flag and the 2nd and 3rd fans were waiving them in his face after he had beaten their teams. His interactions with children are nothing but genuine and kind. Before you run off at the mouth hating on a man, get the facts straight.

    • If you bring a sign to a game, and somehow that sign leads to a personal televised interaction with the starting QB of the opposing team, congratulations, your sign accomplished everything it possibly could and more. Like that loser Packer fan has two options. Option A) Go home after the game and put that sign up in his basement so he can always remember the time the Packers lost in the regular season by 18. Option B) Have a once in a lifetime experience where you got to interact with a superstar athlete and get all over SportsCenter. He’s crying because the sign led to Option B. He’s a moron.

  2. This what most colored’s do–they have name’s of they’re next white victim’s (mostly cop’s) on they’re shoe’s so they remember who to shoot next. It discusting, even the kenyan usurper doe’s it with his shoe’s. EMPEACH


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