Hipster NFL Logos


The good folks over at kissingsuzykolbert redesigned NFL Logos as Hipsters! These are REALLY well done!

[imagebrowser id=39]

  • Vincent TheGovna

    You gotta do better with being able to scroll through these pictures, i shouldn’t have to see an ad then scroll just to get to the button. i don’t even want to finish this now!

    • Daldo

      must be really hard moving the pointer to where it shoud be..

    • Daldo

      must be really hard moving the mouse, all that excersise…

      • Zackass13

        Dildo, it is obnoxious to have to click and wait to load each one when this could have been all on one page

        • Adam D’Beard MacGryzzlybear

          i agree with both Vincent and yourself, a properly designed page would auto-center on the photgraph, and the page over/back should be linked to the left/right arrow keys like just about EVERY phto paging site. Example for Daldo of a properly designed photo site http://www.damnlol.com

    • You gotta do better with being able to surf the internet when browsing, you should have downloaded ad blocker so you don’t see ads

  • Vince Beaulieu

    Put the original logo on Instagram = Same result

  • 1. Jags
    2. Titans
    3. Colts

  • Bo Neal

    The Bears kinda looks like Col. Sanders.

  • Daniel Macias

    Don’t get the Steelers and Giants though :/

    • infidel

      The Steelers one has Subaru emblems instead of the regular hypocycloids.

  • Mike Simpson

    Jags and Cards are awesome. Not understanding the one for Big Blue though??

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  • moniacalia00

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