JJ Watt Debuts His First Signature Sneaker, Sells Out In Matter Of Hours


A short time after JJ Watt unveiled his signature logo in partnership with his sponsor Reebok, the NFL star and the sports apparel and equipment company have debuted Watt’s signature sneaker, the ‘JJI’ trainers.

Though the amount of inventory at the time of release was not disclosed by Reebok, the shoe was listed as “sold out” on Reebok.com hours after the kicks debuted on Friday.


The market of NFL signature shoe deals have nowhere near the impact and sales as do NBA deals, simply for the fact that the sneakers sold by NBA players are worn during the game, where as football players of course wear cleats. But if anyone can do it, why not JJ Watt.


The shoe is catered towards the daily athlete who will wear them likely to train rather than casually, priced at $99.

Here’s a closer look at the shoe:




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