Map Shows Which NFL Team Each State Thinks Will Win This Year’s Super Bowl

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Each state has a team they root for more than nay other. Yet considering the NFL opens each season with only about 10 teams having a realistic chance of winning the Super Bowl, those teams fans want to win the Super Bowl aren’t necessarily the same as who they think will win it. surveyed 10,000 NFL fans, with at least 200 from each U.S. state, to see who they believe will win this year’s Lombardi Trophy, with all the date resulting with this map:


Some of the findings are interesting, including the Packers having the most states, yet having the smallest market out of any NFL team. No surprise with the confidence of the fans down in Texas. California perhaps has the Patriots picked due to the dilution of votes from having 3 NFL teams, and Florida picking New England may be due to the number of snow birds and retirees living in the sunshine state. The Panthers and Seahawks round out the top three, all teams from the NFC.


  1. As much as I hate the Cowboys and their fans, I guess I have to applaud this level of loyalty… With Denver being slightly weaker than they were last year, I’m surprised NM and Utah still stuck with them versus picking the Cards.

  2. Looks completely made up to me, Besides I live in SC and there are not as many Panthers fans here as people might think there is.

      • The Majority of folks in the Carolinas root for the Panthers. Then you’ll have Redskin and Atlanta fans, which were the closest teams before the Panthers became a franchise, and after that, are Pittsburgh, which has a major hub here in Charlotte Airport, then the typical Greenbay and Cowboy fans..

  3. The Pats actually have 12 states, while the Packers have 11 — not that I blame anyone for miscounting, Rhode Island can be easy to miss lol.

  4. 10000 fans surveyed from 50 states is EXACTLY 200 fans for every state, not “at least 200 from each U.S. state”

  5. so Aaron Rodgers had a worse year than Josh McCown last year, proving to the whole world what a completely over rated QB he is…plus, no D……Denver has NO QUARTERBACK…NE is done, man, come on, Brady at 39? …no……the Cards (lol) …’nuff said…..and Cam Newton has shown the whole freaking world what a grand ol’ crybaby he is…dude is NOT A LEADER, plain and simple.

    So, yep…that leaves the Seattle Seahawks who is led by the QB who has had the best first 4 years of any QB in the history of the NFL (and the best Passer Rating in 2015 by far) AND a Defense that will NEVER…EVER…..QUIT

    • You are fool if you think Brady is done at 39. He had a destroyed O line and no rbs last year and still was the 3 best stats of any QB and lead the Patriots to the AFC Championship game. Brady is far from done and with his weapons this year. Even with Jimmy G starting 4 games Patriots win the AFC with a 15-1 record only losing first game of the season to the Cardinals.

      • It isn’t a matter of if–it is a matter of when. It might not be this year, but it will be sooner than later. I think Brady will be a lot like Manning, it will be abrupt. He has the skills and understanding of the game to mask his physical decline and stay productive–up to a point. I guarantee you and other die-hard fans won’t see that point coming. It is on the horizon.

      • These comments never seem to go anywhere because we all know our teams best, so that’s why you need to look at the data. We can play a guessing game forever but Rodgers had a bad year last year regardless of his supporting cast.

        And Brady is just getting old. I don’t know how old you are TJ but something really fucked up happens to men’s bodies at 40… balance is off, muscles wear, exhaustion happens faster, and while we all know Brady isn’t above cheating, this isn’t something even the best drugs can stop. It happened to Manning completely out of the blue and that’s how it happens to all guys. Brady despite his cheating fans’ alliegence is still just a human being.

        • I’m actually the same age as Brady but you can’t compare him to Manning cause Manning had taken way more hits then Brady over there careers. Manning’s declined happened cause of his injuries not his age. Yes your body does decline but Brady line has kept him upright a lot through his career don’t count him out for at least another 2 years

          • False. Tom Brady has been sacked 99 times more than Peyton Manning (

            Now, it could be said that Peyton’s injuries were more severe/detrimental than Tom’s have been. Aside from the ACL tear, but Tom has always been slow so it doesn’t have as great an impact as Peyton’s shoulder and neck issues.

            It is worth noting though, that Tom has always relied on zip on his balls and Peyton has not. When Peyton’s arm went he was able to short arm because that is what he has done his entire career, until that went too. When Tom’s arm goes, and it will go, he’s done. He won’t be able to eek out a couple more years like Peyton did because his game is different.

            Either way I agree that Tom has 2 years left, but Pats fans who buy into the hype that he’ll be around 5-6 more years are out of their minds.

          • Actually your link doesn’t work and would be completely Wrong anyway cause as it takes only NFL sacks not hits into account but it also does not take into account each of their sacks in college where Manning played all 4 years and Brady did not. Actually Brady only started 9 games in 4 years because Drew Henson was better at the time.

    • You are a idiot, Rodgers off season was still better then most of the other QB’s. Add to that his starting WR was out, some of the season without his 2nd receiver, had to bring a old receiver who could not get separation and I think he did real well

    • Ha, I just saw your same silly comment on Facebook. As a fellow Seahawks fan, your comments are absurd. One off year doesn’t change the fact that Aaron Rodgers is on of the best to ever do it. And I really dislike the criticism that Cam isn’t a leader. He puts in the work and his team follows and respects him, that makes him a leader. Period. In the same way that Marshawn was a leader–regardless of what the media said. You wouldn’t be knocking Cam if he were your QB.

    • Sanchez was better his last season starting than the Broncos Qbs last season.. And he’s their worst case scenario.

    • Where do people get this stuff? I think what bothers me more than the fact that you just pulled all of that out of your ass is that nobody called you on it.

      Aaron Rodgers’ season was lightyears ahead of Josh McCown’s last season with a lego wall for an O-line, his top receiver out for the season, and his replacement no. 2 receiver dropping everything that hit him in the hands. And I’m saying this as someone who hates everything about the Packers. Overrated… what a joke, read a book.

      Russell Wilson best first 4 years in NFL history for a QB? Not only has he not had the best first 4 years in history, but he’s not even in the top 5 for active QBs. Statistically Aaron Rodgers, Carson Palmer, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Tom Brady, and Matthew Stafford (if he hadn’t gotten hurt) all had better 4-year starts than Russell Wilson. I’d link you to the stats, but something tells me you’d rather just make up your own.

      I’m not saying Russell or the Seahawks are bad by any means, but damn man; know what you’re talking about before you speak.

      • You can check out for the stats on Passer Rating.

        And I never had any reason to discount Aaron Rodgers at all until I watched him totally chicken out on throwing to richard Sherman’s side of the field in that one game a couple of years ago… What a pussy… Totally lost respect for him after that. Dude is totally overrated despite how many teenage girls go googoo fit him.

        • Oh so you mean your cherry-picked the one stat your guy leads at and used that to decide who the best is? Weird. Funny how people do that. A stat which, by the way, “overrated” Aaron Rodgers holds the single-season record for, the career record for, and had a better first four seasons in than your boy Russ.

          Well, I like Drew Brees and Chad Pennington and they have the highest completion percentages, so they’re the best. Wait, wait, no, Otto Graham is the best, he had the most yards per attempt.

          Jamaal Charles too, I like him, and he has the most rushing yards per attempt, so he’s the best running back ever.

          I didn’t watch him play Seattle because fuck the Packers, but looking the game up it seems they put Nelson and Cobb on the same side to mess with Seattle’s D chemistry, but Sherman didn’t follow Jordy and covered the two scrubs all day. So you’ve got garbage receivers covered by a top 3 shutdown corner and he’s a pussy for not throwing that direction? Well, it’s not up to him to call the plays or pick the formation, but sure, he’s a pussy.

          Hell, maybe he is a pussy, I don’t really care. Fuck him. One thing he’s not though, is overrated. You don’t have to like him. Hell, I don’t like him. He just happens to be an unlikable pussy who is the best quarterback in the NFL, maybe ever, and he leads Russ in every statistical category regardless of how much sand is in his vag.

          • Well the only problem with YOUR cherry only picked analysis is that the seahawks stomped em that game so you’d think he might have at least tried to keep Sherman from shutting down I full fucking half of the field just for the strategy of it alone. Look i know you want to have a sword fight with me but the most scientific metric to measure an NFL QB is Passer Rating because it works to control for the other factors involved in a football game. So how about I just admit that your dick is bigger than mine and I’ll keep my QB who keeps proving all of his never ending line of haters wrong.

          • Of course they did, the Seahawks are better than the Packers.

            I’m a Vikings fan man, we don’t even have dicks to be measured. Just like wrinkled flaps of skin where our dicks used to be before Seattle ripped them off in January.

            FWIW, I actually like Russell and have a lot of respect for the insane number of pro bowl-caliber players Seattle has been able to acquire through post first-round picks and undrafted free agents, rather than relying solely on veteran free agents.

            Personally, I thought Russell should have been the MVP this year and agree that he has been grossly underrated. I was moreso commenting on the hypocrisy.

          • No passer rating is not the best statistic to gauge quarterback performance! I suspect you don’t even know the formula… First of all passer rating over values completion percentage. Second it doesn’t distinguish between an 8 yard completion that was all wr or mostly qb.

            It uses only four statistics, each of which does not give enough information.
            1. Yards/attempt. This is faulty because RAC.
            2. Completions/Attempt. This is faulty because a guy like Blaine Gabbert can habitually throw a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 10 and have better number than Drew Brees attempting a 12 yard pass but only completing half of them. One leads to a punt 95% of the time while the other leads to points on occasion. Why is the former better than the latter if the former Never leads to points?
            3. Touchdown per attempt. What if the team throws a lot in the red zone? What if the team has 6’5 wrs?
            4. Interceptions/attempt. This is faulty because Alex Smith isn’t throwing many INTs but he’s not scoring many points either. There is a balance. Statistically having one turnover per game results in more points than having no turnovers per game.

            A linear transformation is put on each of those numbers (either scalar multiplication, displacement, or both), and then a linear combination of them gives the passer rating formula.

        • Passer rating is not a reliable statistic for anything other than efficient team passing. If a QB is consistently leading the NFL in the stat, like Steve Young did for six out of seven seasons, you’d know you have an efficient game manager for a QB. Now if that QB is also winning TWO MVP awards and a Super Bowl MVP during a stretch of leading the NFL in passed rating six of seven seasons, THEN you’d be talking about a Hall of Famer. How many times has Russell Wilson led the NFL in passer rating? Come back when he’s done it six times like Steve Young and then you can compare him to the all time greats.

  6. No New Yorker would ever say Seattle. It would be a split between Patriots Bills Jets and Giants more than likely the Jets winning out same goes for New Jersey. The Southern Eastern Seaboard would most likely be rooting for their teams. No way did anyone in Missouri or Nebraska vote the Packers they are Chiefs all the way. This whole thing is made up.

    • I suspect that is exactly what happened. The Pats, Bills, Jets, and Giants split the homer-vote and allowed the Seahawks to get the most votes (from people who were actually guessing instead of just picking their favorite team).

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