Minnesota Vikings Install New Goal Posts In Stadium


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – After the devastating loss which knocked the Minnesota Vikings out of the playoffs Sunday, the team is looking to get better? Sign Charlie Brown as kicker? No, but rather think smarter and not harder.

Blair Walsh shanked a meer 27-yard FG just about as far as you can shank a 27-yard FG. he could have missed by the same distance from 50 and people would still think it was a bad miss. Laces out or in, we’re still wondering how there was enough distance between the spot it was held and the safety net backing the post. We many never know.

The team is reportedly looking to install a prototype version of a goal post that will be better suited for Blair’s kicks. The team’s new stadium, US bank Stadium, still under construction downtown, is where the posts will installed for the 2016-2017 season.



  1. Dont they still get it? It’s not Blairs fault. The NFL tried to cheat on the Seahawks again by making that wrong penalty call on Kam Chancellor. But guess what God intervenes this time, and shows them who is mightier than men. So stop blaming Blair and get over it. #GoHawks #SB50!

    • Do you honestly think God cares about football? I’m sure he has about a billion more important things in the universe to care about.


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