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DailySnark EXCLUSIVE: NFL Logos X NBA Logos

Most people that are sports fans love more than one sport. Within those sports, logos are the most recognizable images of a team, even more than their star players. but what would happen when you take an NFL logo and combine with the most applicable NBA team’s logo.

As a DailySnark EXCLUSIVE, artists and NFL Memes owners Brandon Hubschman and Weis Karzai designed all 32 NFL logos crossed with their respective NBA teams, based on most importantly location, and then team linage. You can see more of Brandon’s NFL work on his Behance page.

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(Miami Dolphins/Miami Heat) (NY Jets/Brooklyn Nets) (New England Patriots/Boston Celtics) (Buffalo Bills/Toronto Raptors)

  • Sage

    umm…teal era Pistons logo doesn’t count.

    • Hyde

      Colors were changed for one team on each. No need to complain. That logo looks awesome.

  • StLouieUSA

    the thunder?? You could have used the Spirits Of St. Louis, if not the St Louis Hawks. St Louis has no affiliation with the Thunder…ugh. whatever. cool ‘shop.

  • Tesslyn Wims

    San Antonio Spurs with Pittsburgh Steelers, eat shit & die!

    • Jeriat Gillum

      Well, they both have ONE thing in common, at least…

      • Cadolots

        Green Bay are big market team in the NFL… nice try lol

        • Jeriat Gillum

          Um…. no, Green Bay is the very example of a Small Market.

          It’s the SMALLEST market in America.

          • Cadolots

            and yet.. ESPN focus on them…

  • HumblyConceited

    SF, STL, Minny, and Detroit are respectable. The rest can be scrapped

  • Joshua Brown

    Cincy and Portland? Pittsburgh and San Antonio? Jacksonville and Utah?….hey you gotta do what you gotta do…the Detroit and New Orleans ones are slick.

  • http://www.JACQuelyn-of-many-trades.com Dawn J. Belshaw Johnson

    Why not put all the New England sports together? Here’s what I created from your original drawing. It contains New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins & Boston Celtics

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