Ex-NFL WR Keyshawn Johnson Says ‘Notable Gang Members Are Ticked Off’ At Ja Morant Over Gun Video

Ja Morant has pissed off a lot of people over his latest video of himself waving a gun around. Everyone from the Memphis Grizzles organization, who suspended Morant immediately after the latest video surfaced on Sunday to the NBA league offices, who are investigating Morant and are expected to suspend him for a lengthy period of time.

But another group is pissed at Morant.

ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson has pointed out that ‘notable gang members’ in the streets are mad at the Memphis Grizzles star because he’s trying his best to throw away the life they would do anything to have.

“A notable gang member of a certain very powerful gang here in L.A. didn’t like the fact that Ja was doing those things in some of his games, along with portraying himself, to a degree, as some sort of hip-hop street gangster growing up in the hood when he hasn’t,” the former NFL wide receiver said.


Here’s the full video: