NFL Stars as Super Heroes


NFL Stars are more like super heroes than we think. We look up to them, we watch them weekly, and in our eyes they’re larger than life. For that reason it was a perfect match to mash together, as we’ve done here. NFL Memes graphic designer Brandon Hubschman along with the help of Weis Karzai have combined 16 NFL stars with compatible super heroes from our favorite cartoons and movies.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.48.34 PM

(Click on images for full resolution)

JJ hulk Kam Manning Odell Gronk Kaep copy suh Cam Calvin Lesean Graham Rodgers Luck BradyRogerGroup

Which NFL star/super hero mashup was your favorite? Let us know in the comment box at the bottom of the page!


  • Sage

    It was on one page for me.

  • Tony Darnell

    How you gon do Andrew Luck like that lol

  • L.

    Kam needs some pants. The Wolverine’s not a wrestler, ffs.

  • Gerrit Coulter

    S’more Ideas: Matt Ryan as Iceman, Darren Sproles as Ant Man, Terrell Suggs as Venom, Luke Kuechly as Colossus, Tom Brady as Mister Fantastic, Le’veon Bell as The Human Torch

    • jeremy


    • Nicklas Blaskowski

      Ray Rice is Antman because he’s a “wife beater” in the story.

    • Hank Murphy

      Tom Brady as Mister Fantastic is a far, far, FAR better choice then Gambit. That’s actually a very lame choice for him. Bill Belichick as Victor Von Doom.

  • John Paul St Hilaire

    clay matthews should be thor and gronk should be the hulk

    • Donald Clark

      If going by hair than yes I agree but personality wise I think it’s more fitting the way it is.

      • Dan Zanko

        Nah… Gronk just smashes people every single play. He flips a switch. Mathews is just kind of always there, a protector. Idk just look at Gronk getting pissed this year at the colts player who took him out through injury a couple seasons back. Gronk Smashed him right out of the club.

        • David Camell

          We Pats fans have a saying: “Gronk Smash”. So, yeah. Gotta agree!

        • Donald Clark

          Matthews is a calm guy when off the field but when he needs to “get angry” (game time) he does. Gronk drinks “ale” and is kinda a guy who shouldn’t fit in in any group but fits in anyways because he can lol

    • Shane West

      I picture Gronk more of the “if there was a superhero that walked around all day and said nothing but “Durrr” and the other superheroes made fun of him all the time” type of super hero.

      • Tyrannys_enemy

        So you mean someone like Deflator Mouse??
        Or would that be Brady, and Gronk would be the Sewer Urchin??

    • NCcatsBALLhard

      How isn’t Marshawn the Beast?

    • Agreed.

    • Guest


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    • Regina8745
  • LOL

    You spelled “Captain” wrong

    • Lee

      What? You’ve never heard of Captian America?


  • Ramodelmar

    Roger Goodell is clearly Magneto.

  • Lee

    These photoshop jobs look like they took 15 minutes IN TOTAL to complete. Their heads are all WAY too big for their bodies. If you’re going to do something like this, at least put in some effort. I’m hoping a kid did this, or someone new to photoshop that’s never done it before and is just learning, because these are terrible.

    • Justin Harrell

      Ok well go on photoshop and make them better..Don’t criticize..Let’s see you make the NFL superheros! I’ll wait for the link when your done…..dick

    • Okay, let’s see what you can do!

  • Eddie Lacy wears the Hulk shirt under his uniform, so he gets my nod for that hero…and how Clay Matthews got anything BESIDES Thor fairly boggles the mind.

  • Wes Beaty

    Wow, cam Newton and Tom Brady should be switched for sure……

    • Josh

      No way? I don’t like Cam at alllll but the Superman thing is his TD celebration. Also Gambit is “The worlds greatest thief” and who knows how many titles he has stolen….

      • Gundersens_Nuts

        I see Brady more as Professor X… your team does the work while you sit back and reap all the glory.

        • Will Safran

          I think Eli Manning being Gambit more understandable then Cam Newton or Tom Brady. Firstly, both Remy Etienne Lebeau (Gambit), & Eli Manning were born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Secondly, Gambit is a known to be a pickpocket. When Eli Manning is in the post season, the NY Giants are often the underdogs and they were projected to have a have a post season record of 4-7 in 11 games. However, Eli Manning has a playoff record of 8-3, thus won games that many people said they would lose.

          • &rea

            Eli as Gambit, I can go for that. Tom can be Wonder Woman

          • Will Safran

            Why Wonder Women?

          • Knight-Errant

            Because he’s a warrior? That seems a stretch, but at least he’s still kick a lot of opponents’ asses.

        • Fernando Reyes

          yeah ok Brady didn’t do anything then huh? Should have just got josh Mccown instead of Tom Brady. Im pretty sure Mccown could have drove the pats down the field against one of the best defenses of all time right?lol what a dumbass

          • Gundersens_Nuts

            Why not? Matt Cassel did it.

      • Knight-Errant

        How can you ‘steal’ a title? Throwing everything up against the wall aren’t we?!

  • James

    gronk and JJ watt should switch… obv a patriot should be captain america… gimme a break

    • Darryl Marion

      JJ is Cap’t, Gronk made out with a married woman infant of her husband and he knew they were married. Captain America would not do that AT ALL!

      • Donald Clark

        Show the evidence of that please, because 90% sure that never happened.

      • WhySoStupid

        “infant of her husband”…?? you mean “in front of?” There’s a pretty BIG difference there buddy, and NO evidence whatsoever….Welcome To The Minors

    • Donald Clark

      Gronk is good there Brady should be captain america Gambit is fast and agile something not really fitting of brady where captain america is more strategic and accurate when throwing. Gronk is good at Thor. More fitting to how he is.

      • &rea

        Brady should be Wonder Woman….

        • Shane West

          lol Very true. Too bad there wasn’t a superhero that cheats all the time in order to get justice…then, billicheck could be a hero.

          • David S. Danna

            So very original. Keep that daydream alive!

            Can’t list a single instance of cheating other than the stuff you either make up or clearly don’t understand, so just keep name calling.

          • If you wish to portray Bill Belichick as a villain, probably Lex Luther would be the best fit.

          • Okay, if you want a villain, who is a hero to his own people (Pats fans), then Belichick could be the anti villain, “Dr. Doom.” The Doctor is portrayed as a “deceptive, violent, and megalomaniac, who does his best to live up to his reputation. Even people who would admire the way he rules his country Latveria (Patriots) don’t like him because he will not stop betraying them, breaking their laws, or trying to steal their powers. The people of his country (Pats Nation) really do like him, though, because Doom (Belicheck) is better than the leaders they had before and better than the guys trying to usurp him.”

          • Knight-Errant

            Why a villain? He’s actually more like Batman. Strategic, smart, 3 steps ahead of everyone else, & gets criticized for his methods.

          • Knight-Errant

            All the time? That seems completely unfounded.

      • Knight-Errant

        I agree.

  • Birdo

    Shady McCoy as Lantern, gay! Peyton Manning as Iron Man? Looked like Pepper Potts against Indy. Brady should be Xavier before Magneto put a bullet in his back.

  • maxhavo2000

    So Marshawn Lynch goes into “BEAST MODE”… and you don’t use him as Beast. The whole Tom Brady as Gambit makes sense cause they are both thieves.

    • Knight-Errant

      What did Brady steal?

  • Darryl Marion

    Why is Kaepernick even on here. I have a feeling he won’t finish this next season.

    • An 80 yard rushing touch down by a QB is super human!

  • Askars_lvr

    Are you sure that’s Colin Kapernick because it looks more like Russell Wilson.

  • Danny Quintiliani

    Gronkowski should definitely be Optimus Prime A.K.A. GRONKTIMUS PRIME!!! Gronk is half man half machine!!!

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    You had me until Goodell, if anything he would be procto-man, or the human douche.

  • Daniel Van Steenwyk

    Fallen Slapperdick not a hero, maybe Karen Rodgers……….

  • Cyteria Knight

    What About Kelvin Benjamin?

  • Cyteria Knight

    I think Kelvin Benjamin should be Optimus Prime. Would love to see it.

  • Donald Clark

    JJ Watt should have been Hank Pym and Brady should have been Captain America.

    • Interesting, but Captain America was a weakling changed into a super hero by chemicals, so “Captain America” probably should be someone who used PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) to make it in the NFL. Any suggestions? The late, great Lyle Alado would be an obvious, though creepy’ pick. How about Ravens Pro Bowl DT Haloti Ngata, who was suspended last December for using Adderall?

      • Donald Clark

        Well, you just won the internet.


    Smh … Dallas Cowboys

    any Cowboys fan understands

  • Andrew Luck should had been Wolverine

  • Chris O

    Based on the way he burned opposing defenses in the NFC playoffs, I’d cast Russell WIlson as the Human Torch.

    Julian Edelman of the Pats would make the perfect Green Arrow, seeing how every time he makes it into the end zone it’s like a shot straight to the other team’s heart.

    And last but not least, in recognition of his mentoring of young players on the Colts, I’d like to nominate Chuck Pagano as Professor X.

  • David Camell

    I give these an overall: Meh

  • Guest

    If Peyton Manning then Tom Hardy is the Iron Patriot

  • Juan Urbano Rodriguez

    If Peyton Manning is Iron Man then Tom Brady is Iron Patriot I also think May Ryan should be Ice Man & how’s not Marshawn Lynch not Beast his nickname is Beast Mode

  • Juan Urbano Rodriguez

    Maybe Grok could be The Thing instead of Graham

  • Juan Urbano Rodriguez

    Maybe luck be the human torch cause he’s burning teams with his arm makes better sense to me or a speedster reciever like Julio Jones maybe

  • Juan Urbano Rodriguez

    Revis Island should be gambit he’s the pickpocket of quarterbacks

  • Jeff Drummond

    Belicheat would have been a good villain for the 60s Batman series. “Deflato.”

    • Knight-Errant

      The evidence is looking more like he’s Ned Leeds & framed as “Deflato” by someone else.

  • &rea

    I loved this until you ruined my favorite X-Men character by putting Brady-girl’s face on him! Oh my poor Gambit! Why couldn’t Tom have been Wonder Woman?

    I do agree with John Paul St Hilaire about Matthews as Thor (although I can also see that as being too obvious).
    Other than the Brady-girl issue, I just love seeing Gronk, Clay, PMan & JJ being “honored”. They are my favorites! Can’t forget OB-Wan Jr, either. After all, I AM a Giants girl!

  • Shawn Cullen

    Steve Smith as Deadpool.

  • Chris Mancuso

    Marshawn Lynch should have been Beast.. thats the most obvious mashup possible.

  • John

    No jamaal charles that’s a shame

  • Brett Jones

    What happened to Optimus Grimes!? Not complete without him.


    You forgot the top triple threat in the NFL… ANTONIO BROWN as The BLACK PANTHER; LEVEON BELL as The HUMAN TORCH and BEN ROETHLISBERGER as The GHOST RIDER…..


    Or maybe Leveon Bell as LUKE CAGE aka POWER MAN

  • Nation029

    DEZ BRYANT=======SPAWN!!!!!!!!

  • Nation029

    DEZ BRYANT=======SPAWN!!!!!!

  • BBWC001

    Eli Manning as Martian Manhunter.

  • The Real Jerry Tha Mighty

    bill belichick as Professor Xavier

  • Get-At-Me

    Sup wit d cowboys??? Haters..(:

  • RP

    Brady’s Cap.

  • I nominate Drew Breeze to be “Thorin II Oakenshield,” the heroic Dwarf King from the Hobbit.

  • Iron man is an ordinary person who becomes a super hero by wearing a metal suit. Along that line, Steve Smith should be Iron Man. He is an ordinary man (5-9, pounds, 135 pounds, age 35), who becomes a a super hero when he puts on his football uniform.

  • Robert Farrand

    Golden Tate as Star Scream

  • i’m the arrow

    of course the best quarter back in the nfl is batman

  • j sonjodor

    So…I thought Marshawn Lynch should’ve been Beast or Wolverine? Clay shouldve been Thor. I don’t know why but Rodgers should’ve been Hulk. I liked Gambit, Flash and of course Superman was on point 😀

  • Teresa

    Well at least you got the team right for the hulk but the is really Eddie Lacy!

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