NY Giants Seemingly Send Loud & Clear Message To Colin Kaepernick During Their National Anthem

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The recent days have been filled with debate on the action taken by 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick before Friday night’s preseason game. The QB chose to not stand (full within his right as an NFL player and American) during the National Anthem pregame to the matchup between the 49ers and Packers.

Some fellow NFL players have spoken out, and some have kept quiet, but the NY Giants seeming took a stand (quite literally) against Kaepernick’s actions, sending a message loud and clear with an almost military-style lineup on the sideline during their National Anthem Saturday night.

You can see an obvious difference between not just Kaepernick, but the entire team’s demeanor relative to how the 49ers stood and even the Jets, whom the Giants faced.


Numerous Giants players spoke out publicly on the matter, including Victor Cruz and Justin Pugh, who took to Twitter to react to the Kaepernick:

Pugh touched on his tweets, later saying, “I’ve never walked in his shoes either so I don’t know what he goes through.” But Kaepernick’s decision not to stand, and his exclusive comments to Steve Wyche of NFL Media, created a stir in the sports world.

WR Victor Cruz also left his thoughts during an interview, stating, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick said in the interview. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

“Regardless of how you feel about the things that are going on in America today and the things that are going on across the world with gun violence and things of that nature, you’ve got to respect the flag,” Cruz said. “And you’ve got to stand up with your teammates. It’s bigger than just you, in my opinion. I think you go up there, you’re with a team and you go and you pledge your allegiance to the flag and you sing the national anthem with your team. And then you go about your business, whatever your beliefs are.

“On a personal standpoint, I think you have to stand up with your team, and understand that this game and what’s on around the country is bigger than just you,” he added.


  1. “some have kept quite, but the NY Giants seeming took a sand white literally against Kaepernick’s actions”. Proof read and check grammar, please.

  2. This article makes it sound like Cruz also did not stand during the national anthem. I guess you don’t have to proofread when your name isn’t attached to the “article.”

  3. It amazes me when liberals with nothing to defend their point suddenly all become language arts majors and proof readers. But at the same time will blindly follow criminals, racist and those to blind to see down to the last punctuation mark.

        • the first amendment protects freedom of speech, that freedom is protection from government censorship, not media scrutiny, peer disapproval, national uproar or employer repercussions. so any flack his gets, unless it starts to come from the government, has nothing to do with his rights.

    • standing to show respect for the flag has A LOT more meaning that just how people of color are treated. How about every thing else that this country represents and HE (as an american) has to be grateful for? He chose are very wrong way to show his disapproval for how afro americans are treated. He should stand for every thing he has as an american. He’s an idiot. If he feels so strongly then maybe he should move to another country and then he can see how great this country is. Yes, he has a right not to stand which is part of the reason why he SHOULD stand. He’s seeking attention with a career that is all but over.

  4. I’m glad folks in our country have freedom and the right to do stupid things such as this and flag burning, etc. I’m also glad that actions have consequences in our country (I wonder how much $$$ the Dixie Chicks lost) and if this gets passed around enough, Kaepernick will probably feel some of those consequences, right where it hurts…in the wallet! And this is the same guy who was fined $11,000 by the NFL for calling a black opponent a “f—in’ n—-r” on the field not long ago. I think he was trying to oppress him.

    • And to think, all the Dixie Chicks did was to belittle the President… Which is apparently now not such a big deal. In fact, every time some dumbass tries to Blame Obama for something out of his control, that same idiot should give a dollar to the Dixie Chicks!

      • The nuance was much worse than the dig at the President. They insulted him during time of war, shortly after 9/11 while on foreign soil. The good people who make up the fandom of country music made them pay dearly. This was not about President Bush vs President Obama. This was about being a reasonable American. Maybe Kaepernick can learn a lesson and just shut up while he still has a job.

          • Actions have consequences. As someone who depends on the public for their livelihood, both the Chicks and Kaepernick would have been well advised to refrain from pissing off a huge segment of their fanbase.

          • Bye an. These people become a brand and they should protect that. Colin was brought up in a white family and makes 19 mil a year. What kind of oppression is he talking about?

          • The Dixie Chicks “Top of the World” tour kicked off after Maines comment about Bush. The tour grossed $60.5 million, making it the highest grossing country music tour up until that time (since superseded by several artists). It was also the 8th highest-grossing tour of any genre in 2003. Looks like their actual fanbase wasn’t too pissed, were they?

          • i think the fanbase was very pissed and did their best to boycott them …one of the reasons the group broke up and is just now trying to make a comeback…but doubt people will forget about what happened and doubt their record sales will be anywhere near what they once were. just saying.

          • And yet, you only have your opinions versus (and in spite of) actual evidence and statistics. They still made a ton of money, the EIGHTH highest grossing, if the above statistic is to be believed. That doesn’t spell pissed off fan base, no matter how much YOU want to believe it.

            And you can’t say, “Well, it was ONLY 8th because they were pissed!! It probably would have been 1st!!” anymore than you can say, “Well, if it wasn’t for the NRA lobbyists, Obama would have taken away our guns!!” or “The only reason we haven’t had a successful terrorist attack on American soil is because the CIA is working so well!!”

          • The fan base needs to wake up. Blind allegiance to the cops is why the cops are unaccountable. They can kill whoever they want and then cover their tracks. Police are acting like a gang of thugs and they need to take a step back and re-evaluate their behavior. A country without limits on police power is incapable of being a free country.

          • you better take a look at whats going on….it is mainly black on black violence, especially in chicago….dont expect the police will come to anyones rescue out of fear for their own lives. and the fact that there is a huge bullseye on the backs of all police…just because there may be a few bad cops doesnt mean you should judge them all by their actions.

          • The Dixie Chicks were 100% WRONG just like you are. They should have never been allowed back on American soil and you should be thrown off American soil and never allowed to return. Treason maggots like you are the problem with the country right now. You COWARD P.O.S.s are too pu$$y to stand up and fight. You don’t deserve to breath the air in America.

          • Except…improper spelling is just one of the widespread problems with this country right now, and this guy is talking about “treason maggots” who shouldn’t be allowed back on American soil. THAT’S not petty??

            Your priorities are all messed up, AnnaMarie.

          • Ironically you defend the real traitors that should be in jail for their treason because of their involvement with events that were allowed to take place on American soil in the name of Corporate Greed. The problem in this country is most Americans can’t handle the truth and would rather stand on an empty soap box like they actually have a clue about the reality of the world we live in. SMFH. This country is a bunch of brainwashed drones with no thought process to back up their thinking.

          • So… US citizens shouldn’t have been allowed back on US soil? I believe that’s a direct infringement of their rights as American citizens. As is the right to say what they feel about any and all political happenings. If you’re going to pretend that America is the greatest country in the World, don’t cherry pick the constitution and the rights given to us by it.

            They’re given the right to make their statements and NOT have legal action taken against them, nor be banned from the country. You’re thinking of countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran…. if you want the kind of tyranny that you’re spouting off should have happened, perhaps you’d like to take a look at what happens when someone from one of those countries does the same thing.

            Again… I’m not defending what they said, because to be completely honest, I don’t even remember what it was, I was fairly young at the time. Regardless though, it was their American given right to say it. That’s what our soldiers fight for, that’s what our constitution is about, giving people the freedom and the right to speak their mind without fear of government oversight or intervention.

          • Speaking as a former Dixie Chicks fan, what they did was appalling. I think the free people of this great country spoke volumes with their pocket books to let the world AND the chicks know what they thought of them. They weren’t brave enough to say what they thought in THIS country OR their home state. Money talks sweetheart and AMERICA told them exactly what they thought of them.

          • Maybe so, but my whole point was, do you feel the same way about how other public figures talk about Obama?

          • as for me i am counting the minutes till he is out of office or until he is impeached, whichever comes first.

          • Yeah, only 27.5 million albums sold in the US alone, you really showed them, didn’t you? Thankfully, we’re not all small-minded idiots.

          • So I’m small minded because I think you should show respect for your country AND commander in chief I’m neither an idiot nor small minded. I do however have respect and love for the people who have died protecting your broad minded views because if you lived anywhere other than his great nation, you wouldn’t be allowed to have them. I always end love reading comments back because you can tell the democrats from everyone else because if you dare to have an opinion that is different from theirs, they resort to name calling. I however, will not stoop to calling you any names or belittling.

          • That particular Commander-In-Chief was a goddamn joke, as well as not really providing much in the way of service towards defending our country before his political career. But hey, whatever fits your illusion, right?

            I just hope you show the same respect for the current and future Commanders-In-Chief that you so strongly demand.

          • i am with you melody…except i wont stand for that pos potus in office presently. But the fact is I only speak on things i know to be true, i dont act like the dixie chicks did. and anyway what do the dixie chicks have to do with this story….this is about that pos on the niners.

          • So…calling Obama a “POS” is okay, but stating that you are ashamed to say that the President is from the same state as you is NOT OKAY?

            Your logic and double-standards are asinine.

        • But does badgering the President about his birth certificate or stating that he must have Muslim/Terrorist/Anti-White connections seem like the actions of reasonable Americans to you?

          • those are only a few of the things against him….but this story has nothing to do with the president or the dixie chicks….

          • NO OTHER POTUS in history has ever had his birth certificate questioned. I don’t want to call you names, but…

            Stop agreeing and/or siding with the stupid “birther” argument, or, by default, you will be labeled as “stupid,” and i will just have to call it like I see it.

      • I would not give a damn dime to those bitches. You are the dumbass Lance. You can stand behind the worst president in history. If the shooting starts I hope you are standing in front of him. Take one for your team of fools.

        • Funny how you are much too simple-minded to be able to separate my pointing out the irony of their “appalling” treatment of W. versus the current treatment of Obama (“I bet he wasn’t even born here!! “) from a blatant profession of love and admiration for Obama.

          If YOU were smarter, you would have been able to see that I was only talking about the difference in how sacred our views of the President are now. But you, like a true FOOL, let your emotions cloud your judgment and rattled off the first bit of hate your tiny brain could come up with.

          And why are stupid, hate-filled jackasses like yourself always talking about guns and shooting? Very telling.

          • it is the democrats that are always talking about it, we conservative republicans want to keep what is ours based on the constitution and bill of rights. No one has the right to take away our rights. and anyway what has guns got to do with that pos on the niners.

          • Why has it taken 7 1/2 years to “take away” your guns? Is he just slow and lazy, with all that power in his hands?

            You still have your right to own a gun, yes?? Then it hasn’t happened, and more than likely won’t happen because of Obama. But hey, you’ll just say, “Well, $Hillery is going to try to take them away next!!” Constant fear-mongering. Really solid evidence. GOOD JOB.

      • i wouldnt give two cents to those traitorous former country singers…and yes everyone takes their digs at obama, because everything he has done is full within his control….he has done his best to destroy this country and the declaration of independence.

      • i have never heard about the blue angels being banned. but what people are not discussing is the fact that the nfl plans to do away with the singing of the national anthem starting in 2017

  5. were these morons educated in public school? probably so. I agree with someone else who commented on this article, the writing is abysmal. From the way it’s written, it sounds like Cruz chose not to stand for the anthem, either. I agree with the sentiment of this article, but Jesus, proofread, please!

  6. WOW What f-in jerk,He makes millions of $ and feels oppressed I didn’t see him picking cotton,like other slaves hes a mut he isn’t black or white so don’t come on the field if u feel that way,soros put him up to id bet my life,btw he SUCKS AS A QUARTERBACK,maybe a waterboy…
    also id like to commend the Giants on there stand,hope he gets booed out of the stadiums he plays at….

  7. Way to disrespect all those African-Americans who died for your right to sit on your shameful, disrespectful ass, you prick.

    • this is not a race issue, it isnt just african americans that died for his right to be disrespectful of the flag and the country that he is taking millions of dollars from each year.

    • BrianE are you dissing San Francisco the city or the team? Either way it is ONE idiot’s behavior, not a group for you to lump it into.

  8. Kind of interesting, lots of the comments here are about proof reading, not about Kaepernick’s lack of respect for the US flag. If he is so involved in watching out for black’s rights, why isn’t he doing something to help them, instead of his stupid show to get a little attention?

  9. This article is 100% not true at all. The Giants lined up this way the previous Preseason games before last night as well. It’s a new mandate by Coach McAdoo that the players line up this way; it’s not something they did on their own. They mentioned this specifically prior to the Giants local broadcast of the first game against the Dolphins two weeks ago right before they telecast the nation anthem being performed. Please update this article to reflect this information.

  10. Fuck kapernick and fuck the NFL for your double standards. Of you don’t like or believe in THE UNITED STATES F AMERICA GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE PUSSY!!!!

    • He has a Constitutional RIGHT do not stand. So, I don’t understand why people suggest he get out of the US for exercising a Constitutional right. However, that doesn’t mean his employer or fans can’t take action. The first amendment is only about government actions against your speech.

      • His constitutional right does not exceed his responsibility to act like an adult and respect his employment when he is at work. He uses the Football venue to show his sorry ass. Use some of those millions you have so graciously accepted from the horrible country your complaining about….and shout out your lousy opinions. Maybe this was necessary because clearly your career dissipation light is flashing….the paychecks are going away you jerk….

      • Yes, he has that right, granted to him because of many who fought and died under that flag. Also, because we are free, I have the right to boycott the 49ers and NFL as long as he is on an NFL roster. THAT IS MY RIGHT!

  11. Here is the problem with not standing during the anthem, or flag burning, etc…The transgressors clearly do not understand what the anthem and flag represent. They do not mean “We are a perfect country” or “Things are great the way they are.” What they represent is a never ending opportunity to work to get better, to solve problems, to address injustice in a free society. If any person or group does what he does, they are essentially pitting themselves against the rest of us, saying they won’t participate until we get our act together. That hasn’t ever worked, and it never will. It is a failed strategy. We must all work together, from today forward, as long as we live. That’s the bargain. Clearing the chessboard and walking away because the game took a turn you didn’t like is not what this country is about.

  12. Apparently he didn’t care about oppression when they were starting him.
    He’s whining because he’s not starting. He is the one who feels oppressed in his $19 million job

  13. If Colin Kaepernick will not stand in respect for the country that gave him the freedom to express his opinion, and for the men and women (of all races) who have given their lives to defend that right, then I suggest he first live in other countries that do not have the freedoms, including the freedom from oppression, that he enjoys here. Then, if he still feels the same way, give up his multi-million American dollars to the fight to correct the problems he sees and DO something to make them better. Maybe then we can have respect for him.

    America has reached a new low when we will defend someone’s “Constitutional Right” to disrespect the country that gave him these rights and made him a multimillionaire. Disagree with things if you feel they are wrong, work to make them better but never disrespect the country that has afforded you the opportunities that you have in America.

    Mr. Kaepernick I disrespect you, and I disrespect an organization that will support that stand.

  14. I proudly served and defended the United States of America in the Military and never saw an income such as he will. Yes he’s entitled to sit in protest….. but honestly with his position as a Sports figure that’s the best he can come up with having those funds available?
    This man also served and chose a different path. The Freedomseparation he and I defended….this is one of the few places in the world anyone still has the right to disagree. So while you protest. Don’t forget….. it was the Military personnel that defended that right for you.

  15. Classic. Make a scene and complain by sitting down. Get out and put your time and money where your mouth is. Go out and do something to bring people together. Quit whining Kaep. You spoiled baby.

    • i do wish john wayne were still alive, i would love to see his response to all this garbage going on lately

  16. You know the rest of the world looks at Americans like we’re crazy when we get all patriotic like this, right? Kaepernick is right to sit. If the police in our country care so little for the lives of black citizens, and our government refuses to do anything about it, or do anything about how easy it is for gang members (who anti-blm people like to point to as proof that blacks don’t care about their own lives) to get guns, and the flag represents that government, then why the hell would you salute the flag, thus making the statement that that is okay by you? If your government was gassing the jews, would you still salute the flag of that government? Would you still be proud to be an American? If not, then why are you okay with the fact that 60% of our prison population is comprised of black men who are in for minor drug posession crimes, and 50% of those killed by police are black, even though blacks only make up 13% of the population, and 10% of those police kill are completely unarmed! We’re throwing black guys in jail because they’re wearing their pants too low for christ’s sake. But Rush Limbaugh can abuse drugs with impunity, and he never saw the inside of a cell for it, and a white kid can rape a girl and only get 6 months, or kill a family while drunk driving and get no jail time at all, and a white kid can kill a bunch of black people in a church and the cops will take him to burger king. But a black dude can get life for selling pot. Our justice system is a joke. And therefore our flag is a joke.


  17. This article is 100% not true at all. The Giants lined up this way the previous Preseason games before last night as well. It’s a new mandate by Coach McAdoo that the players line up this way for the national anthem; it’s not something the players did on their own “in response” to Kaepernick yesterday. They mentioned this specifically prior to the Giants local broadcast of the first game against the Dolphins two weeks ago, right before they telecast the anthem being performed.
    Please update this article to reflect this information, or better yet just delete it completely, considering the backbone of this article is in worse shape then Tony Romo’s…

    • p.s. I’m going to keep posting this for as long as you keep taking it down. or until you own up to this and do the right thing…

  18. I suggest that Kap get off is whiny multi-million dollar ass and run for political office and make the positive changes he desires. Being disrespectful to the flag and the country that enables him the right to protest is not at fault, it’s all those elected for decades that have screwed this country up. So until he’s willing to give of his time and energy to do something positive he should stfu.

  19. We were there last night on the other side of the field-my husband noticed the GIANTS stance and attributed it to a more disciplined team (as compared to how the JETS were standing). It makes more sense today and I completely respect the GIANTS for it.

  20. I am an American of Mexican descent and the only one of my family to be born in this country that i LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have been stopped by police for being brown, but ehh it’s that individual police officers problem he is ignorant not mine. I DONT BLAME my fellow contrymen for the actions of a few assholes. If i hear my beloved anthem i will alys stop and put my hand over my heart and thank GOD i was not born and raised in mexico for reasons that we all know. I am blessed to be born and raised here. if i work hard and go to school i can be ANYTHING I WANT TO BE. where else can that be true? FUCK YOU squidward for acting like a spoiled little bitch because that is exactly what you are. you have a the right to do as you please and speak half truth’s. AMERICA is good. and by the way i was in the e.r. last week sick as a dog waiting patiently, the white nurses and dr’s where trying their best and this black man begins to act up because he is not getting the attention that he thinks he deserves while everyone else is patient. he tells the head nurse why am i getting ignored while you seem to just have time for all THESE MEXICANS. you think that somehow bigotry is an exclusive white problem of issue but i can tell you from my own personal experience that some i have meet more rascist black folk that white in my short 43 yrs of life and that black dude should thank the lord i was sick or he would of had a broken jaw. oh and by the way squiddy the white nurse shut him down by simply saying DONT EVEN GO THERE. FUCK YOU PUMPERNICKEL. AND THE DONKEY YOU RODE IN WITH AS WELL.

  21. The law says you have to stand. 36 U.S. Code 103;

    The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem.

    (b)Conduct During Playing.—During a rendition of the national anthem—

    (1) when the flag is displayed—


    individuals in uniform
    should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and
    maintain that position until the last note;


    members of the Armed
    Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the
    military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and


    all other persons
    present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right
    hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should
    remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left
    shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and


    when the flag is not
    displayed, all present should face toward the music and act in the same
    manner they would if the flag were displayed.

    (Pub. L. 105–225, Aug. 12, 1998, 112 Stat. 1263; Pub. L. 110–417, [div. A], title V, § 595, Oct. 14, 2008, 122 Stat. 4475.)

  22. Remember those people in the stands. Some of them defended this country and that flag so you have the right and PRIVILEGE to have them watch you play. Giving THEMSELVES the privilege to go and see a game which they paid a ticket for, which pays your salary. You play a game and get paid very well for being an average player. On the battlefield, at equal talent youd be relegated to the mess hall. Real men, real hero’s sacrifice their lives for mere pennies just to protect those rights. The beautiful thing about this country is we have every right to anything possible. We have the right to better our lives through the given freedoms that our veterans have fought for w their lives for us. Because of that anthem, because of that flag, you were given an opportunity and afforded an education. Are you oppressed? I don’t think so. You wanna know why? You made a choice. A choice to be better. To live an unchaotic and manageable good life. You sir, should be grateful for that flag and that anthem! Stand tall, because you were not oppressed!

  23. Well opening day of the NFL just happens to be on 9/11. Wouldn’t catch me at a game as you know how those Muzrats like anniversary dates. Like Hillary’s Benghazi & the same administration. Safer to watch on TV.

  24. I think some people are letting this get to them more than it should. No need to dwell on it and let it “ruin” your week. Hate him for it and move on. To hear people say they wish we treated such a situation like North Korea is ridiculous and overly aggressive.

  25. I’m boycotting the NFL for their stance on allowing these actions and the lack fo support to officers (Dallas Cowboys attempt to honor the 5 officers) by not watching, buying NFL items, etc. I hope we can push the agenda back into the NFL that this political BS needs to stop. The NFL is making it’s face known in politics and I’m fed up and tired of it.

  26. Many American Blacks are simply hateful spiteful racists with a chip on their shoulders. Same for people of all races. The difference with American Blacks is they are told such is OK. Further, what a player of a team does reflects on the entire team and the team plays the price along with the player. Very natural that a hateful spiteful racist Black person would not care about others that must pay the price for his/her ignorance.

  27. Lets not forget he was adopted by WHITE parents and is doing what he love courtesy of the flag he chooses to disrespect. I don’t see him refusing the WHITE MAN’S dollar on payday. Keep on supporting the powers that be and voting DEMOCRAT……ask someone who is actually living in the places they control….(DETROIT, CHICAGO) how’s it working out for you?

  28. The United States. AND the flag it stands for has liberated MILLIONS MORE than it has enslaved or oppressed. AND the US never sent those countries a bill for the blood and treasure spilled on their behalf.

  29. kaep is the man for this. Fuck all the dumb ass military excuses, be like Ali. All the insensitive white ppl hate to see our military being opposed. I agree we have the best country in the world and its due to our military but if you study history every war since ww1 have been planned out and executed by way of mass killings of Americans, i.e. The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, gulf of Tonkin, 9/11. When they kill all you mother fuckers you stand on the side of the killers. Smh white people only love blacks for their abilities to entertain. My favorite person in this country is the white person who stands up for oppressed people.

  30. Freedom is not free, Kaepernick will pay his price to represent himself along with using the 49ers as the platform to express his freedom. It is one thing to think you as an individual can express you right but another to think you can do it with the actions of a whole organization (49ers/NFL). When you represent something bigger, you are no longer doing this right as an individual but as part of that organization. You want fans to support you while ignoring those fans are there to support a team/organization, not just you. When you took the public podium, it was not as a individual but a 49er QB, speaking in protest. That should reflect that organization.

  31. So many people died for the freedom that the flag represents, Kaepernick is being disrespectful to those who laid their life down so he has the freedom to not stand….shame on him.

  32. Deceleration of Independence, and the National Anthem was written during slavery. My ancestors weren’t even technically considered human beings they were property. Hell Jim Crow didn’t end until 1965. So it has been about 51 Years since, we have truly been considered citizens that can fully benefit from the words that were written in both documents. Veterans that have PTSD, depressions, and disabilities after serving this country slip through the cracks all the time, Where was the outrage then? But a guy who plays football, doesn’t stand for the National Anthem, and NOW people wanna lose their shit? Same people going ape shit over this, are the same people who would walk by a homeless veteran a person who has served their country, and not do anything about it. You mother fuckers are hypicritical entilted fucked twat western people.


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