Redesigned Logos for Every NFL Team


Graphic Designer Max O’Brien (@OspreyDawn) redesigned every NFL teams logo and it looks amazing! Let us know what you think of your favorite teams new logo design in the comment box!


  • Jas

    This is horrible. Falcon looks like a bat. Raven can’t even be made out, actually all the birds look ridiculous. The Bengals looks like some short of tiger shrimp.The Packer is just ugly as sin.NYG is terrible. Just complete ass to tell you the truth

    • Jas2

      someone hates his life.

      • Jas

        Lol it’s called a opinion. If it sucks, I’m gonna say it sucks lol. You can be a dick rider if you want to. I’ll speak the truth

        • Brandon Price

          Opinion does not equal truth.

          • Jas

            Speaking the truth meaning my true opinion.Not a suger coated fake response. Do you really need to be guided through things that takes common sense?

    • Sean Bigbabyjesus Ronan


      Take a walk bub.

      • Jas

        You’ve mistaken opinion for anger. And then type in caps and smash random letter like a juvenile. You’re a clown lol

        • Michael Melro

          your just one of those people who doesn’t like to go with the flow if you want to say something your gonna say it. If it sounds angry, ignorant or just plain stupid you say it…yup im describing a troll. Go find a cave somewhere and only come out at night because no person with a relevant opinion cares about what you have to say Jas.

          • Jas

            Lmao. You sound like the whiny little kid that has been a follower all his life. If its popular, you’re gonna hope on the bandwagon and do it. If someone goes against it you have a little fit. Literally the same as the teenage girls raging about Bieber slander on twitter. That’s exactly what you look like. Get your lame ass out of here

          • Mark Mann

            not to take jas’s side on this, but it seems you care, or your paragraph wouldn’t be here

    • Jacob Benjamin Taylor

      Do you think this is a motherfucking game?

    • Justin

      The Falcons suck azz anyway… They might as well be a bat… It’s an improvement! WHO DAT !!

    • juniorvilla

      Ok so there is absolutely nothing wrong with disliking these logos. Yes, you are totally entitled to an opinion. I am a graphic designer, but I also do not like ALL of these logos as well. For example, the Ravens logo is too dark and you cannot make out the contours that make up the face. With that said, in order to do a productive and a real critique is it important to give reasons why you do not like something( which you do for the most part) but also refrain from just saying its just complete ass. Just saying you do not like something or it’s terrible does not validate your argument and in fact hinders it. You could say the logos become too busy or the color schemes do not work, things like that. Now, it is your opinion but MY opinion would be your reasoning could be detailed out better.

      • Jas

        Well I’m not a pro critic so I really could of cared less about giving the proper critique. I get where you’re coming from though. I still think the majority of it is just plain terrible. Not sure why every team with a C has to be shaped to the letter or how every animal other than the Bronco looks so bland like it was taken from a photo album. The only one that is decent is the skins. But other than that, they are terrible

        • juniorvilla

          yeah the GB logo looks like a baseball team logo. I get where it’s trying to go, but it is a maze. Honestly, the Bengals logo creeps me out. Like a tiger/alien hybrid ready to eat you with its huge mouth and tiny body

          • Jas

            And it’s in the shape of Wisconsin. Not a good look.Eagles and Seahawks are just weird and awkward looking.But on a positive note, anything is better than the Titans current logo. So thumbs up for that

          • Betty Bj Mawyer Harris

            COMMON SENSE TOLD ME IT WAS PACKER related but as a Packer fan it still took me a moment to in my head go through the “maze” and completely understand it was a G inside a B…

    • Camron

      You can have an opinion but there’s no need to be a cock sucker about it.

      • Jas

        Tough criticism is the best criticism. How do you expect the guy to be better if you treat him like a child and talk up his work when its poor. Let him know exactly what you think of it and don’t pull any punches.People are so soft nowadays it’s ridiculous. Stop being a bunch of pansies. He should thanking me for being brutally honest.

    • Some of them aren’t my thing either, but hey it’s fun to see the exploration. Keep hating people for trying, while not offering anything yourself. It’s what keeps the internet running!

    • ed

      tiger shrimp sounds really good right now.. mmmm.

  • Linda Waliser

    Oh GOSH I have already purchased two different NFL team cotton material to make future quilts…to bad they didn’t come out with this before the Winter fabrics were printed…..

    • Mark Ventrice

      these arent real…..

  • Gene Beesley

    If these were real, I’d like em

  • Danielle Celmer

    I love the Steelers one!

    • GreenMonstah

      i dont even get it. whats with the three bars?

      • Richard Alan Kleszczynski

        Fun fact I learned in school.
        The colors were chosen to promote the attributes for steel: yellow
        lightens your work; orange brightens your leisure; and blue widens your
        world. The logo’s meaning was later amended to represent the three
        materials used to produce steel: yellow for coal; orange for iron ore;
        and blue for steel scrap.

      • Tommy Gardner

        The three bars refer to the three rivers in Pittsburgh: the Allegheny, Monongahela, and the Ohio.

    • Patrick Stump

      The Steelers logo is supposed to look like the American Steel logo. I dislike the change. The only one I want to see on the field is the Bills thing

  • Michael McHale

    Like the Bills ,Browns and Raiders redesigned logos ,the others …not so much and Hell No @ Cowboys

    • GreenMonstah

      yeah, dont fuck with the texas lone star

      • ww

        as a sox fan, what the fuck are you doing liking the cowboys? Or are you just another bandwagon little bitch?

        • Nick

          Not a whole lot to bandwagon at the moment…

  • fjwalker1959

    You don’t mess with the Packer’s “G” logo.

    • Boner Brigade

      Their G logo is gay as shit

      • fjwalker1959

        Not as much as your screen name little gurl. Now get off your daddy’s computer

      • Will I Am

        G is for Gay

        • Camron

          Your name is Will I Am shut up.

    • Tmer

      the gb logo they used was actually their logo for 1959-60

    • Betty Bj Mawyer Harris

      AMEN BROTHER PACKER BACKER!!!! GO PACK GO!! It’s all about that G!!!!

  • Joe Willis

    Broncos, Chargers, and Buccaneers would be improvements..The others fail.

  • Tom Foy

    As a Giants fan, I personally miss the old helmet logos, but I think this new one would look better than one we have now; it’s classy

  • The Man

    I think these would be cool for merchandise, but I resist change so I wouldn’t like to see the actual team logos change.

    • Jacob Benjamin Taylor

      Bucs? I could see them being like HELLL YEAHHHH

      • Richard Alan Kleszczynski

        Agreed. Except next time It’ll say the L.A. Buccaneers

        • Jacob Benjamin Taylor

          But But But But But But where will the Jags go?

  • mike C

    effin terriable dont mess with the NFL logos u suck at it kepp your day job and leave the other stuff to the PROS!!!!

    • Sean Bigbabyjesus Ronan

      One could say the same for critiquing someone’s art… maybe that should be left to the pros!?

    • His day job title of “Chief Design Officer” leads me to believe he is a “pro.” Not a fan of some of them, but most of them are pretty nice. Also, I’d advise to “kepp” your day job instead of posting on the internet with “terriable” grammar.

      • Erick Jimenez

        Talk about “terriable” grammar!

        • Um, you do realize I was quoting mike C?

        • Jason Beaudry

          He was quoting Mike C that is why Hamilton Whitney was using quotation marks!

  • Eric Silas

    I like 30 out of 32. This dude did a really good job. Stop hating people. These are concept logos. It leaves a lot of room for creativity. Let the man live he can design what he wants

    • Eric

      Only if you let people comment what they want. If he has free reign to design and make his creations public, people have the same right to state their opinion.

      • Nick Jones

        Very true.
        Most of them I like as far as art and designs go but I don’t like as logo’s for the teams.

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  • Christopher Kozak

    Raiders, Jets, Broncos, Bucs, Rams and Redskins are all much better than the official logos. The others all make good alternates.

    • Austin Doyle

      How about the Titans? That looks much better than just a sword in my opinion.

  • TorreyAnderson

    To be honest, I don’t like any of them at all…EXCEPT for the 49ers one. Really like the sharp look of that one, especially compared to what they currently have for a logo.

    • Jordan

      i dunno, it’s cool but it looks too much like the denver nuggets

  • Emilien

    some of these look really cool not all but some would be cool if they actually changed it.

  • Jacob Hebert

    Green Bay and New York definitely got the shaft, but the rest are pretty amazing. Except for the ravens of course.

  • Joshua Shumake

    These are terrible.

  • KCFan21

    Haha! The Dallas one looks like a witch.

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  • Edgar Hernandez

    Most of these are trash, Only one i might consider are Redskins, Jaguars maybe Cleveland

  • Bobby

    A few are great, but most are not that great. The best ones are Chiefs, Jets, 49ers, Rams, and Redskins… The rest are fine just the way they are.

  • Lindsay Chambers

    Jets, Chiefs, Steelers = YES!

  • GreenMonstah

    nooooot a fan. i hope this is just for fun

  • Linda Whitlow

    YEA’ COWBOYS IT IS”””””””””””LOVE MY COWBOYS”””””””’

  • GreenMonstah

    the jets one isnt that bad though. it wont make them a good football team. just a bad one with a cooler logo than before

    • Andrew Schroeder

      Says a Boston tool. Probably a Pats bandwagon jumper.

      • Captain Plan-it

        “pats bandwagon jumper”? That makes no sense. The pats have been good for 13 years you moron. I assume by your comment you’re a Jets fan. I guess you’ll know the definition of a “bandwagon jumper” in a few decades when they have a winning season again.

        • curtieson

          A bandwagon fan is someone that is a fan just because they are good. A bandwagon jumper is someone that is not longer a fan just because they are now bad…as in they jumped off the “my team is good” bandwagon.

          • Lenny Cutforth

            The pats are 4-0… confused…they suck now?

          • Captain Plan-it

            Either way, being a “Pats bandwagon jumper” makes absolutely no sense

          • Richard Alan Kleszczynski

            Funny thing about bandwagon NY fans is they usually bounce from one team to another, now that all 3 NY teams suck they are completely frustrated.

          • curtieson

            I was just sharing my opinion on the definition. I too have no clue why he said it.

      • Ian

        GO REDSKINS!!!! I know we suck, but WIN LOSE OR TIE, I AM SKIN TILL I DIE!!!!

        • David Zucca

          Or until they change the team’s name.

      • Jacob Benjamin Taylor

        There are not a lot of Patriots bandwagoners in Boston. Everyone I know stuck through the Pete Carroll era with full hope in the team.

  • Jacob Benjamin Taylor

    Patriots logo is a complete let down. Worst of a great series.

    • Damian

      I think it’s actually pretty cool.

      • Jacob Benjamin Taylor

        Just rather have a reboot of Pat the Patriot. 4 point stance and ripping up the earth? Could be epic.

  • Justin James

    A lot of these are pretty much the same, just revamped. They look awesome, for the most part, some better than others. To all the people hating, do better. I dare you. You sit there on the computer and complain about stuff all day, but don’t do anything with your time besides sit on the computer…Just get a life and appreciate the little things, it’s not a big deal.

  • Patrick Stump

    The Bills are really cool. I think they should contact them about it being changed

    • Eddie McMenamin

      Yeah it looks cool, but what it really shows is a Buffalo getting owned by an opponent’s stiff-arm. Probably not what you’d want to project.

      • Damian

        I think the buffalo is the player itself

        • Richard Alan Kleszczynski

          I think the whole team should get buffaloed

    • Brice V

      The Bills one is Gay.

      • Eric

        Gay recognize gay

  • Hollie Thomas

    I think he did an awesome job. I love the Tampa Bay and New England Patriots logos.

  • Jeff Griffin

    I like the Browns. Some of the others look good. I don’t care for the Cowboys logo, it looks a little like the Wicked Witch and its already perfect. Go Cowboys!

  • Patrick B. Goff

    The ones that I think are cool are: Cardinals, Ravens, Bills, Panthers, Broncos, Texans, Jaguars, Chiefs, Dolphins, Patriots, Raiders, 49ers, Rams, Buccaneers, Titans, and the Redskins. All the others needs improvement.

  • William Wright

    Cowboys logo actually looks kinda looks like the logo of the arena team the team owned

  • Kyle Hoynacki

    Cardinals – improvement
    Falcons – ok
    Ravens – bad
    Bills – improvement
    Panthers – Improvement
    Bears – Improvement
    Bengals – ok
    Browns- ok
    Cowboys – People don’t like classics messed up
    Broncos – improvement
    Lion – bad
    Packers – Bad, don’t mess with their logo
    Texans – No opinion
    Colts – ok
    Jaguars – ok
    Chiefs – ok
    Dolphins – good
    Vikings – improvement
    Patriots – ok
    Saints- about the same
    Giants – Bad
    Jets – ok
    Raiders – Improvement
    Eagles – Bad
    Steelers – ok
    Chargers – not sure
    49ers – I kind of like it, but I could see how others dislike it
    Seahawks – bad
    Rams – I like
    Buccaneer – improvement
    Titans – Improvement
    Redskins – Improvement

    My favorites are the Vikings, Raiders, Buccaneers, and Bills.
    Worst ones: All the Birds look bad, Giants, Packers

  • Cory Armstrong

    I absolutely love the steelers logo, but I HATE HATE HATE my seahawks’ logo.

  • xfactor1

    I actually like most of these. Bucs, 49ers, Pats all look great. I am a Saints fan and the new logo, while not much changed, looks sharp. And as difficult as it is as a Saints fan, the Falcons logo looks really good. Only a few I did not care for: Giants, Bills, Ravens, and Packers, although the creativity is phenominal on all of these (including those I dont particularly care for). Not sure what to think about Bengals…

  • Jason Beaudry

    Not crazy about the Packers logo. I think the Viking and Raiders logo is amazing.

  • jcar_dezign

    I can see you have a strong technical skill, however the nfl logos are simplistic on purpose. These logos would never work as team logos because many of them are way to complicated. The detail would be lost when scaling down to small sizes making them look more like a blob/blur. Simplicity also helps with committing to memory. These logos would appeal more to high school/college teams (which is not saying they are bad per se). There are some strengths and weaknesses to all of them. Judgement is much different than critique so please don’t take my comments as judgment. As a designer you have some work that is great and some that is not so great. Thanks for sharing

    • Jason Helms

      I agree. Some of the detail on these logos, though really impressive, will be lost in various scaling applications. However, overall I think this is great stuff. There are some here that I really love. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Grand Copy

    The NFL should really consider these logos

  • Kevin Tucker

    I like some of em but not most just not the way id do most of them. He has some creativity . Just needs some revisions and all that taste but its good to see some different views to the logos.

  • Justin

    Eh.. I like my Fleur de lis just the way it is.. Thank you very much

  • Austin Doyle

    Honestly, some of these are worse than the current logo (like Steelers, Seahawks, and Packers), but some of these should be adopted like right now (like Titans and Chiefs). Overall, great work!

  • Evan Miniard

    I like half of them….

  • Austin Doyle

    And for those of you hating on this guy, let me see you make a dolphin that actually looks intimidating!

  • I think a lot of these designs are creative and imaginative,
    but some also miss the mark. In some I detect a medieval theme, like in the
    Vikings, Titans, and Ravens. They all have a dark, ominous, intimidating
    quality that I think would work for football team in the NFL. Being a Charger’s
    fan I really like what Mr. O’Brien did with their logo. It captures our horse
    mascot, the electric blue and yellow colors, and the shape of the “bolt” you
    see on their helmets these days. Other designs I also liked were the Texans,
    Redskins, Chiefs, Raiders, and Bucs.

    The rest of the newly designed logos seemed like a more
    vivid representation of the current logos like the Falcons, Jaguars, Dolphins,
    Cardinals, Panthers, Rams, and Broncos. So they didn’t really stick out to me.
    The most head scratching logo designs have to be the Giants and the Packers
    logos. The criss-crossing letters just don’t do it for me as a consumer. Also
    if Cincinnati were to adopt that logo or put it on any merchandise they might
    as well call themselves the Tiger Shrimp.

    Someone pointed out that the teams would likely never adopt these logos for use on their
    uniforms (some might) but could possibly be used for other merchandise, which I
    think is a very plausible outcome from these. All-in-all I always support
    creative endeavors and think Mr. O’Brien did a good job on these designs. Like
    most art, however, it’s not going to be liked by everybody.

  • Cindi Starchild Wetzel

    I like the Jets and Falcon ones the best, but most of them are pretty cool!

  • Micah

    I was hoping they’d leave the Packers logo the same.

    • Micah

      No doubt they were all pretty amazing but a few were “meh”

  • seec01

    Thanks for being creative but I didn’t like most of them especially my team the Bengals

  • Damian

    Some cool ones in here! And wow, I wouldn’t really want the Raiders to change their classic logo but the revision one on here is pretty badass.

  • brittany

    Bengals logo is horrible…Most fans will stick with the Bengal tiger’s face or the B. Who Dey!!

  • Neal


  • Nickle

    As a Titans fan I will say they may need an updated logo soon, but this concept one isn’t very good in my opinion it looks too Disney.

  • Alex

    Top 5:

  • IG:Reyzr

    most of these are dope.

  • Suspiciousvoter

    The NY Giants logo is pathetic who came up with this wacked logo. You can’t even see the NY clear. Back to the drawing board do some justice for the GMEN. I know the fans won’t like it! If this is the logo I will no longer purchase Giants gear I will sport the old stuff, and truly represent the Big Blue!

  • Shane Geres

    Nothing is better than the lone

    it cannot be designed any better than what it is now!!
    He did redesign the Green Bay Packers logo he just stuck a Wisconsin outline behind an old logo.

  • VLPerry

    HATE the Seahawks revision……doesn’t look nearly fierce enough.

  • Mr.Synyster

    Bills, Bengals, Jets, Pats, Bucs, Chargers, and Raiders look pretty cool

  • Nick Jones

    for AFC north I don’t like any of the new logo’s better than the old one [except the steelers. I like it, but don’t like that it doesn’t have the steel logo in it. That just doesn’t work to me].
    NFC north, I like the Lions logo. The vikings is cool and all, but I prefer their current logo, and the greenbay one is awful. Gotta have the G.

    All the rest of the teams out there… I don’t really care.

  • Rick Jenkins

    Awesome…most are a clear improvement.

  • Tim Horg

    i like the 49ers one but the jaguars one not so much.

  • Matt Rappaport

    Chargers one looks like the Dallas Mavericks Logo.

  • Adam Kuprianczyk

    These should all be submitted to the NFL for serious consideration. Well done!

  • Nic Albright

    Buffalo, Cleveland, Tennesee, and KC were my Favs. I like the Niner logo but too intricate to be seen and recognized.

    Bengals looks like a tiger crossed with a tadpole.

  • Mark Mann

    as a dolphins fan, i have to wonder what an “olphins” is

  • No, YOUR Mom

    the best thing about this is that Christopher Walken is now part of Dallas’ logo

  • Brandon Schlosser

    GB, Giants, Chiefs, and Bengals ones suck. Being a GB fan there is so much more that could be done with it. Same thing with the others. The Bengals one looks like a shrimp or something…

  • AP Imperial

    The Eagles one would be the worst one -__-

  • Stopcallingmemaam

    Maybe for elementary school teams who are using the names. Very creative but dislike the Giants, Steelers, Dallas, chargers, jets (come on now), Patriots, vikings, Packers, bears look like you bit off of the real panthers one. The Ravens look like the velveteen rabbit.

  • Brenda Hudson Van Tiem

    HELL NO on the Seahawks logo…We LOVE the one we have….GO SEAHAWKS….LOUD & PROUD !

  • Rich Gelder

    Don’t get the Steelers one.

  • Brice V

    The Eagles logo is really weak.

  • Ray Robinson

    I love them! Except for the giants logo. I don’t know why everyone is hating. Probably just trying to sound like they know what they are talking about. Really great job!!!

  • Nick Soltysiak

    I really like the logos for Carolina, Dallas, Kansas City, Minnesota, New England, Oakland, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, and Tennessee. Your designs add freshness and creativity to these teams.

  • Joe Smith

    these are all horible

  • Ryan G-B

    All of the bird logos look bad. The Falcons is hardly different than the current one, just not as angular. My favorite team might as well be renamed our haters favorite nickname for us, the “Seachickens” because that’s what this makes us look like.

    None of the cats look as intimidating either, and you really need that in an NFL logo. Lions makes me think of Simba running to face Scar at the end of The Lion King.

    The Bills logo is extremely awkward and more comical than anything. Could you imagine that on a helmet??

    And I like the majority of the Broncos logo, but is that a f’ing strand of hair coming out of its eye???

    The guy in the Cowboys logo looks like someone any football player could hit once and put in a body cast. I’ll call him Grampa Cowboy. “Back in my day, we didn’t wear these fancy helmets!”

    Vikings is decent, but it looks more like a statue you’d see outside the stadium. Like everything about their offense beside AP, it’s standing still.

    The illustration for the Patriots is alright, but the lock-up of the face with the logotype is already perfection. And I hate the Patriots.

    The Saints is practically just a 3D version of the current fleur de lis with a little.. Saint? in black at the bottom. That font is awesome though!

    The Rams logo is trying too hard to make an “R” out of the horn.

    Never ever EVER, make a railroad crossing logo. It’s even more overdone than the “Keep Calm” poster. Google “Your logo is not hardcore”.

    College logo look-alikes: Packers, Giants (Notre Dame), Chiefs (SD State)

    These ones are fantastic though: Bears, Browns, Texans, Colts, Dolphins, Jets, Raiders, Steelers, Chargers, Buccaneers, Titans and Redskins.

    Sorry, I might be a bit harsh, but it’s just the designer in me. Takes me back to college, critiques and stuff.

  • Jennifer Witt

    I think they look really great! Very creative! Nice job.

  • ctruelson

    Cincinnati Bengal Shrimps

  • Eric

    There are some really good ones in here and some bad ones. I’m a Bears fan and I do not like this redesign. The Bucs and Raiders with the skulls just look too evil. I think the Tiger shrimp and Tiger alien are both good descriptions of the Bengals. That one is just bad. The Chargers may be added to that too. Most of the bird logos are cool and I like the Redskins and Titans. I like where he was going with SF but I think there’s too much going on in that one. Texans, Colts, Chiefs, Pats and Saints are all good ones too. I haven’t made up my mind on the Steelers. I think i like it, but I’m not sure what he’s going for with the three stripes. I’ll have to look at that one again later. Overall this is a cool concept.

  • Mike P

    I’d like to point out that in the Bears logo, the bear’s mouth forms the Chicago “C”, and I thought that was extremely clever. Well done. A large number of these should be implemented.

  • These are rockin’ I like virtually every single one. Great work.

  • Alex Sobal

    Anyone else notice the Bears’ current “C” logo shape in the Bear’s teeth? I’d say a lot of these are improvements, but there’s also a good amount that aren’t.

  • gleeris

    dont quit your day job

  • scott

    in my opinion..

    Good: DAL (though it’d never fly, maybe as an alt logo);
    DEN (not a big departure there though);
    NE, NYJ, OAK, TB, TEN, and WAS I think are all really well done. OAK esp is so much in that team’s wheelhouse. I actually think the strongest (which would also never change, like Dallas) was PIT.. very modern but still very Steelers.

    Bad: all the birds, except maybe ATL. They look harmless instead of predatory for the most part. Actually the animal ones in general aren’t great, the DET lion looks bored, HOU is way too Chicago Bulls, CHI looks cuddly. CLE doesn’t and shouldn’t have a logo, which is why its my favorite team logo (it’s like the team is saying stickers are for little girls).

    last note on IND: you can’t turn your lucky charm on it’s side, when you literally have Luck.

  • Mark A. Wasemiller

    Overall they are pretty creative. First thought when I saw the Dallas logo was that it was a witch and not a cowboy (point hat ….. at least at first glance it looks that way). Some of these are better than the current day logo (i.e. Raiders, Redskins, Panthers, etc.) and the Colts is killer cause it is so simple yet so inventive!

  • Rob Daugherty

    Why does the Dallas Cowboy logo have the Wicked Witch in the star?

  • ScoobyDude

    many cool concepts in there, with good style. that’s a lot of time and effort to do these designs/concepts for every team. i hope it pays off for you. if anything, this is a huge portfolio piece. i’d say about half are better than the current logos, imo.

  • Christopher Cabcabin

    Sick….I was not digging the Broncos logo at first. Been then I noticed it was a mountain peak. Pure genius!!!

  • Christopher Cabcabin

    Love the Raiders logo the best though.

  • Adriel Echeverria

    The logos are ok but what really caught my eye is the typography. Your font selection and layout is on point.

  • B.J. Clark

    I like how the Jaguar’s ear looks like a butt hole. Nice.

  • Eric DeMann

    Steelers one looks retarded

  • ed

    Cardinal’s face looks a little wonky. Font size is an issue with some (i.e. Baltimore). Jacksonville text graphics looks a little phoned-in. There are some texture bleeding issues (as in the Steelers’ third ‘bar’). I’m also going to have to point out the spacing between the Saints’ text as the feathering of the ‘T’ causes the space between the ‘T’ and the ‘S’ to look unnatural. Also, on the Saints’ logo, the ‘light reflection’ effect appears to cause resolution degradation. The Patriots’ mascot’s mouth being red could cause people to think it is translucent being as the American flag’s red is the same color. Lost a lot of resolution on the Raiders’ bottom right near the sword (could be a lighting issue). It also appears he used the same background texture on all of the designs (this can be seen if you look at the Rams’ logo. Where the ram’s mouth is, it appears darker in a large spot. If you scroll up you can also see the same spot on the Raiders’ and Eagles’ logos, among others). Back to the Saints’ again, in the Fleur de Lis there is a black color bit that looks unnatural and would look wonky to any New Orleans fan. The Browns’ ‘O’ has a shade of orange inconsistent with the background and mascot orange. Also, the shading gradation on the background is a little too saturated, making that top right corner to look unnatural and would not translate to any merchandise other than a print or a poster (the last part of that sentence is opinion). The ‘BENGALS’ text font needs a little spice (opinion). Massive resolution loss in the Bears’ logo where it says ‘FOOTBALL’. The Buffalo Bills’ text is not centered. There are random unnatural-looking spots in most of the logos.
    Other than that, they look ok.
    If anyone needs any QA work, hit me up @ physed888 @ yahoo

  • carlos

    whats alcons?

  • Steven Little

    I think most of them are excellent though predictably (Bills fan) the one for the Bills kind of sucks. The Packers, Steelers, and Bengals I don’t care for the rest are either slight improvements or awesome. The attempt to make the Bengal into a C shape just doesn’t work for me. I was going to list the ones I really like but, there are way too many. Great work and very talented some of the teams should definitely buy these designs and even if they don’t use them as their main logo (some should) they could definitely sell merchandise with the deigns.

  • monkey

    i only like one of them and thats the OAKLAND RAIDERS

  • Landon Faulkner

    Hell yes i love that Redskins one~! They need an update bad! NOt the name, just the logo. Helmet especially.

  • Rob

    There are a lot that are cool, but there is quite a few that are horrible. As a Saints fan, not sure if that black mark that looks like a person looks good at all or what is is, but probably should be removed. The worse ones are The Jags, the Texans, the Broncos looks like it’s wrinkled like it’s old, Cards, Packers, and most of the RAVENS. The Giants isn’t great either. The Eagles looks almost like a girl too, and just not sure about the SEAHAWKS. But the rest are cool, some are really cool. How about redoing those and repost all. Can you make the pictures bigger? These would be good to print and use as a small poster. I know a lot of people who would like these pics of their teams as a small poster.

  • beau

    I like all of them. Great job!!!!!

  • Logical 1

    The Browns and the Titans are really cool. I don’t know what he was thinking for the Seahawks, Steelers and the Saints. The Saints is the same.

  • potvin

    Different…maybe a little too different. Some are definitely better than others.

  • Connor Hein

    That 49ers logo is totally the Nuggets logo. Otherwise, everything is excellent. Great Job.

  • Joe Maverick

    I loved all of them, except for the steelers one. Really good job!

  • Betty Bj Mawyer Harris

    What is going on with the logo for Green Bay…. its the one the most different and way way off beat for us TRUE PACKER FANS!!!! It’s all about that G!!!!!

  • A V Sandi Nack

    While I like the Seahawks concept for its realism, i dont think it would work. Yes this proposal looks more like the osprey but we lose some heritage with it. One key element of the current Seahawks logo is its homage to Native American artistic style.

  • Dylan Wagner


    I am creating an app. Am I allowed to use these images?