REPORT: Tony Romo Arrested In North Carolina For Using Men’s Bathroom



Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.24.36 PMCHARLOTTE, NC – There has been heated controversy over the recent legislation implemented by the leaders of the state of North Carolina.

The state made headlines and created a relative uproar after maintaining its stance on the LGBT community, essentially vetoing a bill that would protect those who are gay, bisexual, and transgender from discrimination.

The House Bill 2, known as HB2, has been criticized as being discriminatory toward transgender people. The statewide policy bans individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their biological sex and prohibits cities from passing anti-discrimination ordinances to protect gay and transgender identity, per CNN.

The Justice Department has filed a civil rights lawsuit against North Carolina and several entertainers have canceled planned performances there in protest.

“It’s dangerous, and it goes beyond bathrooms,” protesters are proclaiming.

Though there has been no cases which this law has been called into regard previous to recently, the state may have it’s first case on hand.

Thursday afternoon at approximately 4:57pm ET, North Carolina Police detained a man, later to be identified as Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, for using the men’s restroom in the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.


Police say they received a complaint from numerous bystanders and patrons inside the bathroom complaining of a person who didn’t belong there.

When asked how police recognized that the man who they received complaints about may have been a women, they pointed towards the Cowboys apparel Romo was wearing at the time. “It was a dead giveaway,” said officer Mike Roseman.

Under the state law, Romo was technically prohibited from using the men’s bathroom even if he identified as a man.

In Romo’s statement to police, the QB said, ” I don’t know what I was thinking. I could have swore I saw the proper sign but it was apparently something else. I have a hard time reading things. It happens a lot. Even off the field. Bathroom signs? Try defenses.” He added, “I was just trying to carry on with my business when you guys intercepted me.”

There’s no time table on if Romo will be charged with a crime or if he’ll receive disciplinary reparation from the NFL or the Dallas Cowboys.


  • Emma Perales Gonzalez

    Ooh, free publicity! I love it! Love those dimples! Thanks for the pic! And now he can turn the other ‘cheek’, baby!

  • Emigdio Aurelio Hernandez Fili


  • Andrew Mayer

    “May have been a *woman”, not a “women”

    • Pandemic187

      If we really want to get technical, that’s using the past participle, which is also wrong. i.e., if he was a woman at the time, he’s (presumably) still a woman now. So it should read “he might be a woman.”

      • Rich

        You said “if he was a woman”. It’s “if he WERE a woman”. Look it up on the interwebs.

        • Pandemic187

          I did look it up because I was bored, and, well, nope:

          “In FORMAL writing, use WERE rather than WAS to express a state of affairs that is contrary to the facts: I wish it WERE finished (but it is not); Suppose it WERE true (but it is false); He behaves as though he WERE a millionaire (but he is not). Similarly for hypotetical conditions after if: If John WERE here, he would know; If it WERE to rain we should get wet; He spoke as if I WERE deaf.”

          The second part of that sentence talks about him still being a woman now, meaning I was referring to a situation in which him being a woman IS true. Hence, my grammar was actually correct. 😀

  • Magerinse2011

    Identify as a man all day long you walk into a bathroom full of dudes and your not a dude it’s fucking weird. Can’t change your genes dude.

    • beedogs

      Another ignorant fuckwit. Go figure.

      • Magerinse2011

        Yup totes brecause science says just because you have a mutilated inside penis doesn’t make you a female. Your genetics do.

        • beedogs

          Please drink a gallon of bleach.

    • James

      This is a satire article. Tony Romo is really a man.

      • Tom

        He is?

      • reaper

        No he’s not. He is a bitch! E A G L E S

  • Classy Owl

    “may have been a women”, haha.

  • Mark

    I am sure this is a fake story, but it is funny!

    • Elizabeth Anderson

      I saw this story posted on his fb wall. Also how could he be charged? Is he trans or gay cause I never heard anything about it all I’m reading is about him trying to use the men’s room and someone called the cops on him for trying to use it.

      • christine

        Here’s another one for you Aaron!!

      • Jason Wisneski

        Its called Satire. Its a joke. Romo is a man and people are making fun of him for playing football like a girl. Hence if he were to use the men’s room it would not be because he is a man but rather because he is a woman who “identifies” as being a man. Have we become so politically correct that we can no longer recognize humor?

      • Caroline Mc Gilloway

        I’m getting out of here !

    • missannthrope

      A fake story on a humor site? What are the odds?

  • Steven Tlapa

    This has to be fake. Silly, but fake.

  • Jim Trent

    I love the people who are saying this has to be a fake or they think it is a fake. It’s like DUH! Of course it’s fake. Those people make me sad for humanity.

    • Ross Valenti

      It’s real because they done put it on the Interwebbings.

      • christine


      • Lindy Effum Cline-Lane

        ????????????? right that’s what they say, but I don’t believe any of the stuff on here anymore….all lie I tell ya all lie……oh the sarcasm is real though, right!!

      • reaper

        Duh….. sounds good to me, can’t argue that

      • christine


    • JMitch

      I see these idiots on Facebook and the Internet everyday. I don’t know how they make it in life or how anyone can be so stupid.

      • Me12

        You don’t? Have you looked at the state of our education lately? Rather pathetic, really.

        • JMitch

          My children are getting a great education. It’s the parent’s job to teach them at home and make sure they’re in a good school. Plus, formal education does not always equal intelligence. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this article is satire.

          • Me12

            Actually, I was referring more to the “higher” education. It’s sad to see the kind of idiots being churned out these days.

          • JMitch

            Probably because they’re run by liberal idiots.

          • Tino7G

            So sick of the “liberal” tag line. Really? If so-called conservatives had their way. there wouldn’t be any education on facts, science or truth. Colleges are big business. Both Republicans and Democrats “run” them and profit from them.

          • FBI_van_six

            Give that liberal tag line a rest! Obama got elected twice! Suck it up buttercup!

          • scooter56

            So you can see how stupid the people are of this country…Hopefully they won’t elect Hillary, but then again.. I would and most of the country would love to see Hillary put in handcuffs and taken away by the FBI !!! ASAP !!!

          • bugman40

            Right…and i bet you think bush and cheney were heroes…dumbass.

          • Dwayne Jackson

            What more is there to say…

          • darylj46

            N body was talking about Cheney or Bush as they are long gone and we have to look at the reality of the morons in office now as neither one of the fore mention are doing anything in our government now. Time to wake up and take a breath of air. Only morons voted for the now morons running our country.

          • genocidal

            So the criminals that fooled you are now gone so they are forgotten and forgiven? Well, if you have that attitude, then you should give Hillary a pass since the alleged misconduct she is accused of is in the past too

          • darylj46

            Are you really that stupid or just trying to look that way. None of these two are running for office and she is trying to. That was a real stupid comment to make and you know it

          • Lily

            Cheney gives 80% of his income to charity. That makes him a hero in my book.

          • adler56

            If you want a moron like Trump to lead you he’ll have to lead you in some other country- there aren’t enough dolts like you to elect him.

          • KatRos

            I want a President to live up to the oath he takes. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” I don’t need him or her to be my leader. I can make my own decisions.

          • genocidal

            If only

          • Thespis

            LoL, yeah, he was in the right place at the right time… That’s about it.

          • FBI_van_six

            Then vote Dumtumph and get us another 6-7,000 military killed on bogus information!

          • darylj46

            Some more liberal trash being propagandized on here. You should use one ID and stay with it

          • Anonymous

            Or we can just let Ms Clinton do that for us, right FBI? She does have an impressive track record…

          • dnhook

            You do realize O’Vomit has been the longest wartime president since FDR, right? Or did you not pay attention in your public indoctrination kindergarten?

          • FBI_van_six

            Well, excuse me! I thought your ex-president Bush declared that the war was over by his “Job well done” comments!
            Keep drinking that Faux Nutz koolade!

          • steeltown65

            teah but we’re not losing american lives at 1000’s a day. and it’s not costing millions a month. plusvwe’ve been at war with somebody for the better part of 200 years!

          • JMitch

            That’s the problem.

          • Charlene Geren

            We have sucked it up…now YOU get ready to suck it up …GO Trump!!!

          • Rass

            Trump has ZERO chance of winning the election–and that’s a good thing, as he, like his followers, is a racist douchebag.

          • liberaltraitors

            You’re a moron, seriously. Go get your talking points from someone other than La Raza or BSNBC. Having said that, Trump is a liberal fraud.

          • Acewild25

            Thanks liberal. You’ve sold me to trump, for sure! Because if he truly is a secret or “liberal fraud”, as you say, them he might be the prefect medium we need in office. You’ve helped me song my vote! Trump 2016! I hope that was your intentions, to help get trump further support. If so, bravo and job well done sir.

          • liberaltraitors

            With your grammar, spelling and syntax, you won’t be getting any support. You’re a blithering idiot. I bet Trump’s people are cringing at your “support,” as if they don’t have enough droolers waving their silly campaign signs. If you think Trump is a conservative, you’re a shit brain.

          • Acewild25

            So, I’m guessing you’re not a trump supporter? Haha! Just a luck guess from your little temper tantrum need rage! Rawr!

            I was being honest though. I want sure who I wanted to vote for bit of he is what you “think” he is (liberal closet case), than you helped me decide where my vote will go.

            If you’re truly not a trump fan, then, whoops! You’re sending people in to your counter parts corner. Well dooms sir!

            Also, try to chill a bit, is just Internet grammar and auto correct. You’re going to give yourself a heart atrack worth all that nerd ragging and nazi grammar raging. Just breath bruh………..just breath!

          • liberaltraitors

            Maybe you shouldn’t be such a two-party puppet? The lesser of two evils is still evil.

          • Acewild25

            Two party puppet you say? I’m a registered libertarian and normally vote so. Try again dear. Lol

          • Acewild25

            You’re the two party puppet, you little liberal traitor, you.

          • liberaltraitors

            That didn’t even make sense, you fucktard.

          • liberaltraitors

            What kind of faggoty response is that?

          • liberaltraitors

            Breathe? Dumbass …

          • extremistfred

            I guess we can put you down as a “Maybe” for Trump?

          • liberaltraitors

            I don’t guess things, sissy. Your statement reveals that you’re just another two-party moron controlled by the media. Sit there and die with your people, welfare grubber.

          • Lily

            Yeah, he’s some liberal….he wants to nominate the most conservative men fo the Supreme Court. Bring it on!

          • liberaltraitors

            Pied Piper BS. A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Same coin, different sides.

          • Lyn

            Well, staying home is a definite vote for killary! Trump has my vote over her EVERY time! She is the most evil!

          • liberaltraitors

            But you will still vote for evil. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Have fun letting evil run you.

          • liberaltraitors

            So? You are still voting for evil. You two-party puppets are sick and sad.

          • dnhook

            First one to whip out the race card is the biggest one in the room.
            Suck it.

          • Ree

            Why should anyone suck it? They stated a known fact, Trump is a racist. There was no card pulling. Now you suck that up Buttercup 🙂

          • Acewild25

            Awwwwww so many whittle tears, from whittle tiny Rass. Spilling his tears everywhere because of his sore loser mentality.

            Get off the race card bandwagon, you whittle rider, you. Hims so tute though.

            Figured I’d baby talk you a little, just in case you couldn’t fully understand big adult words. You come across as though, you have, no higher than, 6th grade education.

          • Kristi Segovia

            says the Obamatron who voted for an Asshat because of his skin color

          • liberaltraitors

            Trump is not a conservative, so we will still be sucking up Big Brother.

          • whatever

            It’s sad how morons like you allowed Dubya to ruin America! GO HILLARY!!

          • Kristi Segovia

            says the Asshat who ignores Clinton’s repeal of Wall Street regulations

          • Dominic Milan

            Because Trump is the moral example you want your children to learn from?

          • Lily

            His example hasn’t seemed to hurt his kids one bit!

          • Victor Pichardo

            Sadly I voted for the man, boy have I regretted it since. Now he ranks with the like of Bush, Clinton, etc…prison is too good for these traitors.

          • Anonymous

            Count me “stupid,” mr FBI, but I think you just made JMitch’s point for him! But we forgive you. You probably went to one of those schools, and that’s why you didn’t realize it, “buttercup.”

          • Kristi Segovia

            because of racists like you

          • FBI_van_six

            Racist? Yeah I hate those who support Dumtumph!

          • Fikenhild

            Yep, those damn liberals are churning out the idiots. What will they think of next?

          • Dennis

            Participation awards? oh wait….

          • dnhook
          • bugman40

            more likely by retarted republicans that use snowballs to dispute climate change…I bet your so smart your a trump voter……

          • JMitch

            I bet you’re so smart that you call people names that you don’t know how to spell.

          • We Con

            before calling someone a retard maybe you should learn to spell it LOL

          • Charlene Geren

            Retarted?….. hahaha. …look who’s” retarted”…hahaha

          • Meat Eater

            Isn’t a tart a small pie? Or a woman working the worlds oldest profession? I’ll take 2 apple tarts

          • Jeff Bale

            Well, bugman, I see logic’s not your game. I’ve got an idea! Let’s have a spelling contest!!

          • dnhook

            *you’re, you idiot.

          • liberaltraitors

            It’s “retarded,” and “you’re,” you simpering sissy.

          • Rass

            You have fewer IQ points than testicles.

          • JMitch

            Uh, yeah. I don’t have any testicles since I’m not a guy.

          • whatever

            Yea because republikunt sheep are so intelligent!!

          • JMitch

            Wow, such an intelligent reply!

          • Fikenhild

            Yeah, they’re not smart like we are. We’re a lot more intelligent than those little idiots they’re churning out these days!

          • Me12

            Actually not more intelligent as I’m sure many of them are more intelligent than I am. The biggest difference I can see is that I, at least, try my best to use what little I have in thinking for myself.

          • genocidal

            once again, many kids get a fine higher education in many fields of study, just because you don’t know any of them doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there doing well

          • Me12

            Too bad those are rapidly becoming the exception rather than the rule.

          • Tino7G

            Fairly certain that most parents want to make sure their child is in a “good school.” Not always available to every family. Great that you’re taking a role in your children’s understanding of the world we all live in. Stick with it.

          • An idiot should know this is a satire article.

          • Fikenhild

            Is that how you know it’s satire?

          • Diana MacArthur

            Apparently it DOES take a genius to realize this article is satire. 😉

          • snikkers

            Rarely, if ever, does formal education equal intelligence. It’s my experience that educated people always outsmart their common sense.

          • JMitch

            Oh, I’m with you. I think our country puts way too much importance on college. We need more trade schools for people who don’t want to go to college. High schools and everyone else pushes college as the only way to go. These kids end up dropping out with massive debt when they didn’t want to go to college in the first place.

        • JMitch

          I do agree that our education system needs an overhaul in some areas. Unfortunately, anything that’s basically run by the government is going to turn to crap. We live in Texas and for the most part I’m satisfied with our district. I have several friends who are teachers. In their experiences most of the children who don’t do well have parents who don’t care.

          • Tino7G

            Anti- government…until you need it. What overhaul are you speaking of? Always the government’s fault. Let every state set their own rules, textbooks… sure. That’s how this country was built. Ahh, forget it…..

          • JMitch

            Calm down. The government does have a place in our lives. States should be able to make their own rules. Try getting your medical care at the VA hospital and then tell me our government should have such a huge a role in our lives.

          • adler56

            I have no trouble getting care at the VA- been retired 40 years.

          • JMitch

            I’m really happy for you. Unfortunately, it’s not like that everywhere. I don’t think all of these issues we’ve heard about the past couple of years have been made up.

          • PixieChix13

            I know of someone who has lived in different states. Depending on the state, their experiences were either good or bad.

          • GreginPottsville

            You said you worked for 40 years. Now you say you are retired 40years. So you started working before you were born Jimmy?

          • bugman40

            forget it….you cant fix me…i live in floriduh.

          • bugman40

            I’m sure they are getting everything they need…especially when you help them draw there pictures of dinosaurs being rode by humans.

          • JMitch


          • dnhook

            Fess up. You’re retarded, aren’t you? I mean like mentally. Your IQ has to be in the single digits, right?

      • reaper

        I am sure there are being sarcastic or trying to be funny, No way anybody is that stupid or gullible

      • Tom Steele

        It all started when we put those stickers on blow dryers telling stupid people not to use them in the shower. Then we started making everything safer and safer and natural selection was bypassed. We lowered the average iq level of who would be “naturally selected” by warning these people too much!

        • Bill Peace

          SO MUCH WIN!

        • JK

          Haha awesome

        • Daniel Hubbard

          Tom Steele- …and putting helmets on kids who are riding bicycles, what were we thinking? We should of let them go merrily along until BAM!!,.. right into a parked car, and then Opps!, there goes another dumb kid. It’s all part of the nature process

        • Ryan Raymond

          I say take all the warning labels off and let nature take it’s course……excuse me, what? You think it’s a good idea to drink bleach…..then go right ahead sir, enjoy your last drink on planet earth.

          • Michael George Cowan

            I suggest a line of childrens toys. If the child can’t solve the toy within a certain time frame then the toy respectfully and peacefully euthanizes the child. 🙂

          • Jamie Callahan

            I’m still laughing abut this one. Totally wrong and Brilliant! Thanks.

          • Michael George Cowan

            LOL My pleasure.

          • Tyler Myers

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we up the age limit on that one PUHLEEEEEZE!!!!

          • John Trujillo

            You would have been killed by a Slinky. Good idea.

          • Russ Bradburn

            I’m not religious But AMEN!

          • genocidal

            you mean like the labels on restrooms now?

          • beardedbuff

            that’s part of the problem. we have been protecting people form Darwin’s theory for too long.

          • LOL. I’m using that…

            “I say take all the warning labels off and let nature take it’s course”
            -Ryan Raymond

          • Dirk Diggler

            We can start with you…it’s “its”, not “it’s”.

          • Ryan Raymond

            Autocorrect you douche…I didn’t look before posting.

          • sapete

            First you blame it on auto-correct (unlikely) then you go ad-hominem against Dirk, who correctly pointed out it was wrong (without insulting you). A little touchy, aren’t you?

        • Diana MacArthur

          Don’t forget instructions with toothpicks.

          Idiocracy lives.

          • Craig Reynolds

            As well as toothpaste and mouthwash.

        • Michael George Cowan

          If 10 year old dumb Bobby rides his bike into the back of a parked garbage truck, well then dumb Bobby wasn’t meant to be president. Survival of the fitest benefits everyone.

          • genocidal

            what does that have to do with the price of eggs in Timbuktu? As long as little bobbys daddy is stinking rich, used to be president, and stacked the supreme court with his cronies, little bobby can keep running into garbage trucks stupid and drunk as long as he likes and still become president

          • Michael George Cowan

            It means the world was better off before bike helmets and the constant wussification of america’s children. We have spent the last 25 years putting rubber on furniture, leashes on toddlers, we no longer declare winners in youth sports because losing might scar their psyche! We have done all we can, to assure that children experience no failures. Indeed, we are judged by our successes, but it is our failures that strengthen and hardens us to the realities of life.

        • Kathy Sullivan Snyder


        • tim simms

          I love that natural selection boils down to blow dryers in the shower. You rock, Tom Steele! 🙂

        • David Hamilton

          Yeah, well. Have you seen this one!!

          • Mike Knowlton

            Reminds me of the guy who wanted “a good photo of the buffalo” (bison) so he got out of his car and walked to within 50 yards of a big bull. When it wouldn’t look at him for the pic, he went closer and threw a rock. Big win for Darwin that day.

      • GL

        Yeah hold on. I’m going to have my secretary sample my coffee to see if it’s hot.

      • Of course it’s fake, but it’s Tony Romo….so it could happen.

      • ContessaSharra

        JMitch, you should watch “Politically Challenged” videos on you tube, then you will understand the extent of the national stupidity quotient! It is truly sad!

        • JMitch

          I’ll definitely look them up. Thanks. ☺

      • Jason Murphy

        instead of saying something inlight of this or with funny response.You say whatThe obvious dick head would say.
        I never would believe it but i keep my mouth shut and know it.

        • JMitch


        • JMitch


      • JAM

        That’s satire of satire I guess?

      • JakeBlues56

        I get that JMitch… but who would have thought this would even be an issue a few years ago. Kinda gives credence to those who say what’s next? Legalized bestiality? Government -mandated bestiality?? Mandatory abortions for every young woman’s first pregnancy??? Nothing is off the table when the left is in charge. Rust never sleeps.

      • Stargzer

        I guess you haven’t seen the film “Idiocracy?”. Allegedly fiction, but I’m sure it’s a documentary smuggled back from the future.

    • reaper

      I m sure there being sarcastic. Let’s hope anyway

      • We Con

        All you people talking about people being idiots and their lack of education, yet you can’t even differentiate there from they’re, c’mon people educate yourselves before being critical of others.

        • Jim Trent

          I’m sure all you people (you) talking about people having an auto correct error (or maybe they don’t know the difference) should learn how to read. Where did reaper say anything about stupid or lack of education? Maybe you should learn reading comprehension or learn how to tell which comment to hit reply.

          • reaper

            That’s right, it was an auto correct issue. Not that I have to prove anything to you, but I do have a BS in Biology from Temple University. Take a look at yourself We Con. Your the one being Critical

          • Nancy Buchanan

            Oh, my goodness, Reaper. You should have truly quit while you were ahead: A BS obviously does not prove you know grammar! (Your the one being Critical is grammatically incorrect. In this case you should have used “you’re” — a conjunction for “you are”, not “your” which indicates possession. Better luck next time)

          • reaper

            I am typing with 2 fingers on my phone with a horrible auto correct feature while I am at something called a job. This is a stupid comment section to a stupid story. Since when do I have to worry perfect grammar or people like you trying to correct me. Come on honey find something more productive to do with your time.

          • Nancy Buchanan

            You do realize this “article” is posted by “The Daily SNARK”, correct? By the way, when I am working, I don’t have time to cruise the Daily Snark comments, much less type responses on a cell phone, stating that the site and comments are “stupid”. If this site and its comments are stupid, why are you reading them while (supposedly) working at a job)?

          • reaper

            Sorry they don’t let you have your phone at burger King. Sometimes I need mindless fun to break up my day?

          • Nancy Buchanan

            Reaper, why would you assume I work at BK, or is that another attempt to make yourself feel superior? I am a hospice nurse with multiple degrees and certifications. When I am working, it would be very inappropriate, cruel and unprofessional to use my cell phone for “mindless fun”. I am very fortunate to be working in a field where my skills, competence and compassion are helping others every day. I do not pretend tvo assume where you work or what you do when you’re not on your phone. I do hope you find your work to be rewarding and fulfilling.

          • reaper

            Look lady or big fat bald guy or 12 year old punk, the fact is I have no idea who or what your are so don’t act like you take offense to a post. I am done here. Peace

          • reaper

            Also, “to assume” makes no sense should be “to assume” Grammer and spell check queen. So your not perfect…….again I am done peace

          • reaper

            I am at typing with 2 fingers on my phone with an awful Auto correct while at something called a job. Since when do I have to worry about grammar and such when making a comment to a stupid story on a stupid website. Please find something more productive to do with your time . You must be real bored honey. Hey , other than that ,have a nice day

          • Mirage

            You must be worried since you came back an hr later and tried to write the same comment again…lol …and what does the number of fingers you type with have to do with knowing how to spell??

          • reaper

            Did it post the first time? I didn’t see it show up. That’s why I rewrote it. Shows how much time I spend in these sites. Anyway, point of two fingers is, I am typing fast and not really caring how it looks and sounds. This is crazy, I see why people get addicted to these things! Your guys love attacking each other over every little mistake or comment. I am getting sacked into your world. I gotta stop, I am done now. Have a nice day?

          • reaper

            There I deleted the 2nd one. I swear I m gone now. Lol, bye bye

          • liberaltraitors


            You stupid little man.

          • reaper

            Fucking moron read previous comments. Loser

          • liberaltraitors

            You can’t even construct a proper sentence, bitch. What you just said was past tense. That’s the only way to read it. You’re a fucking rube.

          • Jim Trent

            Your=You’re. You should ask for your money back 🙂 Seems I should have not tried to defend you because you are stupid. I was on your side with that post, dumbass.

          • reaper

            Suck what homeboy? That was yesterday’s news . I am over it. So put that dick back in your mouth and go back to work. Peace, I’m out

          • Jim Trent

            Awww you poor thing. Did you need a tissue for being called out on being a moron? Oh well, guess we will never know because you said you are out. Out of your mind I am guessing. But you wouldn’t be one of those losers who say they are done and keep coming back now would you?

            Next time try and ask someone a little smarter to read and explain a story to you so you don’t look like a total moron.

        • Nancy Buchanan

          thank you!

      • liberaltraitors


        Holy shite, this nation is chock-full of idiots.

        • reaper

          Holy shite? Shite… you dumb shit!!! If you are going to talk SHIT make sure you at least do it correct. Lol! Dumb Ass

          • liberaltraitors

            Wow. You’re obviously not very well read, and then you’re too stupid to simply Google a term you don’t understand. Your narrow-minded ignorance is cracking me up. You’re laughably trying to make some point, but all you are doing is showing what a rube you really are. You should have read a book or two in your life. Fucktard. Google, “shite,” shit for brains. I am pointing at you and laughing.

          • reaper

            You are literally to dumb to talk to. I gotta go, peace

          • liberaltraitors

            You are hilariously petulant. You shouldn’t have dropped out of school.

          • liberaltraitors

            “… to dumb to …”

            Really? You illiterate ‘tard? You called someone dumb and can’t see how dumb you made yourself look? Jackass …

          • reaper

            Wow, You really have no life……3 months later…..I literally feel sorry for you! yeah, on that note, I am done talking to such a loser as you. You are the definition of a Troll!

    • Ezra Tank

      Leave Liberals alone they can’t help it.

      • Deerinwater

        This right or left box thinking ~ is very restricting . ~ and it’s ~ this two dimensional thinking that brighter people toy with and make jokes about. Why? ~ They don’t need a reason but if I had to pick one , ~ i say for the laughter.

        • JenellYB

          It is also an indication of low intellect and poor thinking skills.

      • Runner1967

        Leave RWNJs alone they just want their delusion, paranoia and bigotry. I mean what is wrong with that?

        • docbenton

          Look, a libtard troll. You do know you could teach a rock to swim easier than teaching a libtard a fact don’t you?

        • liberaltraitors

          Awwww, lookit the pusie. You gonna cry, bitchy? Cry. Cry for Daddy you simpering wuss.

          • Barbara Aldrich

            it is pussy, if you are going to use a word, learn how to spell it first

          • liberaltraitors

            Say, whore, it was spelled that way intentionally, just like “lookit.” Dumbshit.

          • liberaltraitors

            No, whore, I said pusie. I meant pusie. “Lookit” isn’t a “word” either, you stupid twat.

    • Michael Quitoriano

      It MUST be true. It’s on the interwebnet.

    • It_is_I

      Given the grammatical and punctuation errors in it, it’s fake – but – some people can’t detect fake stuff from news.

      • Nancy Buchanan

        Given the gramatical errors in the comments (particularly noted in those who call others “idiots” or “of low intellect”), there are many commenting without thinking, me-thinks? !

    • Mickey

      Wait… this is real?

    • reaper

      Uh …duh…..hmmm…so what your saying is this story is fake?

    • Fikenhild

      What!?! You say it’s fake? How can you tell? Did you look it up in Snopes?

      • Jim Trent

        I am not sure if you are being sarcastic or stupid. So many stupid people out there believe anything. Just look at the people posting about this and not sure if it is fake or not.

        • Nancy Buchanan

          It is never kind to call someone stupid. I’m quite convinced Fikenhild is obviously being sarcastic. You, on the other hand, Jim Trent, seem to enjoy tearing others down to make yourself seem more important, or did I mis-read your posts?

          • Jim Trent

            Yep, you did mis-read my posts. For one, I don’t need one single person to agree with me or think anything about what I type to feel important. I don’t care one bit if anyone likes me or agrees with me. Second, I said I don’t know if he is being sarcastic and if he was then oh well. If he wasn’t then he and every other person who thinks story might be real are indeed stupid because 1 minute of research would give the answer it is fake. That and the obvious clues in the story.

    • Ben

      There were people that thought The Martian was based on a true story, what do you expect, we are doomed. The robot take over will not be about robots being superior, it will be the devolving of people into brainless lazy blobs.

    • CPRMan

      Probably the very same people who believe in Donald Trump will also fall for this as well.

    • Chad Morgan

      THe web site name should give it away, The Daily Snark… What’s a snark? Reading its for all the boys and girls.

    • origonalname112

      Bullshit, this is totally real.

    • liberaltraitors

      We live in a nation of morons.

    • MaryLu Duffy

      I know what you mean!! LOL

    • Force_Ripe_Ackee

      It’s not their fault. Their 5th grade “career” was interrupted by jury duty.

    • Jason Murphy

      I am saying duh..on top of your duh..did we even have to read your response to figure it out how stupid ppl are.
      just be clever w humor..your sad:( bfor anything happened

    • Huey Johnston

      I guess they don’t understand the meaning of the word “Snark”. LOL!!

    • William Skrainski

      True story

    • Peter Fat Kid

      wait .. Wait thers is even a guy who loves to tell us that he loves the guys that dont know this is a joke … A BIGGER IDIOT

      • Jim Trent

        Awwww, were you one of the people who fell for it and is now sad that you were called an idiot? Poor thing, do you need your safe space before you wet your panties?

    • Christopher Anthony Ducini

      I had to question the article, if it was true, Americans are fucking inbreds, especially in the South.

  • jwrenn58

    Hw was a man using a man’s bathroom. Because another man or two felt he may have been a woman he needed to be harassed instead of allowing to make water. I knew yhis law was stupid from the beginning.

    • Aaron

      Come on are you really that dumb, that you believe this is a real story. It’s a fake story on a fake site. Don’t comment on shit that is a joke if you don’t get it!!

  • llllll.ffffff2016

    Don’t even know who this guy is. Never heard of him.

  • Becky JoAnna Alexandria

    Tony Romo is a man. He was born and raised in the next town over from me. I have met him.

    • Aaron

      It’s a fake story made up as a joke, do you not have any common sense to realize this is fake and a joke.

    • reaper

      Stop it, no he’s not

  • Vera Hardy Williams

    im confused here he is a man and he went into the mens bathroom so why was he arrested for going into the bathroom he is suppose to be using someone please explain this to me.

    • rugdr

      It didn’t actually happen, it is a satire article implying Tono Romo has a vagina. Probably because he has a collar bone equivlanet to one of a delicate little girl

    • Erika White

      this does not make sense

      • DaR0se

        Seriously ( scratching my head )

      • Adas Kiezun

        What doesn’t?

    • Tom

      Dude, pay attention to the website name…

    • mike

      You can’t figure out it is a sarcastic satire article?

    • Aaron

      You can’t be serious that you actually think this is a real story. Judging from how dumb and clueless you are. You must be a Cowboys fan! Get some common sense!!

      • christine

        Maybe she’s playin the part of a big dumb mistress in distress so all y’all big sexy man folk will come rescue her! Let’s hope so anyway!

      • Barbara Aldrich

        Hey now, let’s not bash COWBOY fans please. I happen to have common sense to know that it is fake.

    • reaper


    • Pam Adams

      My sentiment exactly and him to say he gets confused reading signs, then how the hell does he football , having to read the playbook, etc

  • Jackie C

    Get rid of all public bathrooms, lock them up, just put in outhouses so each sex. mother, father etc. can guard eachother, this is ridiculous….

  • Realz Elite

    Jerry Jones won’t handle this well. Kanye goona freak too. Man err body gone cra cra…he did wha?

  • Star Wars Dave

    I’m a Cowboys fan and even I thought this article was hilarious. Kudos to the author.

  • Ben Hammock

    This passes for funny? I can’t stand the Cowboys – – but, this is one putrid “joke”.

    • Tom

      Then you are to serious. 🙂

  • DaR0se

    After reading a few comments, it’s obvious some people should not be allowed to get close to a computer

    • Tom

      OMG, I hope these people were just trying to be funny. If not, god help us if they ever breed or run for office. Wait…Trump is running…too late…:)

    • Aaron

      It’s insane how dumb and gullible people are, Im worried about the next generation they believe anything they see on the Internet. If it’s on the Internet it has to be true that’s the motto they’re going to live by!!

      • reaper

        No way. They are writing these comments to get a rise put of people. Nobody is that stupid

        • Bill Peace

          Yes, yes they are. I work an IT Support desk and yes they are that stupid! Real quote from an end user in their 20’s “I don’t know why it keeps saying my password is wrong. I tried it 10 times and now it says I am locked out. Can you please unlock me?” get an email a few minutes later “I had the caps lock on.” Seriously the stupid is strong in these younger generations.

          • Glenn Eric Johnson

            that;’s not stupidity, it is a common mistake that is easy to overlook. making a mistake does not make someone stupid.

          • Jim Trent

            I did tech support and I would get a call at least once a day with my computer isn’t working and all I did was have them push the power button and turn it on. They didn’t have service contracts with us so they paid for each call and that was $75 just to tell them to turn the power on.

  • Tom

    Wait! This is a fake story! OH MY GOD! How can this website get away with that! The nerve of them for publishing a fake story! Why, that is grounds for…wait a minute…Tony Romo, cowboys…ok, nevermind, story is believable.

  • AZDave

    This is satire folks. It suggests that the Cowboys are a bad sissy team and Tony Romo, their quarterback, throws like a girl. Wow, look how many folks missed the sarcasm class in high school. I guess this story on “The Daily SNARK” wasn’t a big enough clue. lol

  • Jess Gingras

    I’ll take, “Lawmakers Who Need to Find A New Line of Work,” for 2000, Alex. What is North Carolina? Ha, nailed it.

  • tbonetony1

    This story won the Internet today.

  • bigmoinaz


    • Caroline Mc Gilloway

      Funny thanks. Bigmo

    • sandimarie giles

      omfg it never ends,im glad you find this funny,do you ever stop and realise what this shit is doing to us transgenders,what we suffer everyday from stupid jokes like this,how we feel every time you call us a guy in a dress,you obviously have not educated yourself on who we are,i bet you never even spent a day just being with a tg to see what kind of people we are, we are not,perverts, or paedophiles,or mentally challenged as most of you think we are, might wanna tell that to the thousands of transgender military personnel sacrificing their lives ,protecting your country and your familys and your friends from harm but we are just freaks right,or maybe the thousands of transgender,paramedics,doctors,nurses,firefighters,police protecting and saving your lives are they freaks too,its obvious you will never understand who we are and it sickens me,as a transwoman ive never judged or said hateful things about you because I respect you as a person no matter who you are,why you cant give us the same compassion as we give you I do not understand,i have 3 kids who love me for who I am ironic that they are more mature than most of you grown adults on this site,and you know why because they’ve seen I’m like anybody else all these yrs and we are no different fromt the next person,or the person next to them,son please GET OVER IT AND LEAVE US ALONE.

  • Mark Gunter

    Yeah, the people who don’t understand the sarcasm don’t belong in the comments section, but the illiterate dummy who dreamed up this goofy story and tried to type it doesn’t belong either. Sheeesh!

  • Jason_Kahl

    Even worse than a real a Fan of the Cowboys…Stay out the Men’s Room!

  • Honoria

    Making transgender bathrooms is discriminatory. Both men and women are being discriminated against. Poor Tony is going to have to use an outhouse….

  • reaper

    He is a man though, I don’t understand what he did wrong. Is he in jail, does this mean Dax Prescott is going to have to start this season? Oh not another lost season!! All this time , I never new he was a girl. How did he pass his NFL hernia checks? I m so heart broken he lied to us fans all these years. I am gonna burn his jersey. I can’t believe he has a vagina. Oh, wait a minuite yes a can! Cowboys blow. E A G L E S. ! People are stupid

  • Balabanto

    This is a colossal joke at the expense of Tony Romo’s last five minutes of all ciitical football games. It’s a common joke that when your team is behind and playing Dallas that “Only Tony Romo can save us now!”

  • MikeMarkCA

    I don’t know, with a good lawyer I think Romo can beat those charges, but it would take a lawyer with a lot of experience.
    Is there a “Go Fund Me” page set up?

  • Evan Kane Doucet

    I’m confused. What was he arrested for? He’s a male correct? And he used the men’s restroom and was arrested…and then apologized because he claims he didn’t read the signs correctly?

    • Caroline Mc Gilloway

      REALLY EVAN????? Playing the game?

    • Pam Adams

      Him saying went to the wrong bathroom because he can’t is even stupid

  • MARS Waltman

    Not Funny….It the same old M/O bring it in as a joke pretty soon its a law, piss off.

  • William

    Got an idea, just get rid of all the bathrooms in stores and other businesses. If someone needs to answer the call, better do it before ya leave home. In schools? If I had school age kids, they would not be going to a school that allows biological males to go into a girls locker/restroom. I don’t give a rat’s ass on what sex these jokers identify with. If they are confused, go see a shrink. I feel sorry for the next generation. They’re gonna be totally screwed up courtesy of the current generation.

  • chuckles

    First chuckle I’ve had in quite some time.

  • Stu Pendisdick

    ib4 “muh soggy knees”…(smirk)

  • CJ Sutton

    I’m really proud of you guys – you finally released a satire article that’s free of simple grammar errors and typos. Definitely helps sell it as a genuine story!

    • Lynne Staley

      I found three of them before the end.

    • Rich

      “there has been no cases”, ” may have been a women”, “I could have swore” (unless it meant to discredit Romo’s use of English) are what I would call “simple” errors. Your definition may vary.

    • CJ Sutton

      That awkward moment when your sarcasm is so convincing that people actually think you’re serious…

  • Biddoguy

    who the hell is tony romo and why can’t he use the me’s room???

  • Louis Petti

    it’s a joke people…look at the website..daily snark lol…learn to have some humor instead of calling the person who wrote it uneducated…Geez

    • Lynne Staley

      They obviously are. They don’t know the difference between its and it’s, and they don’t know that GUYS does not have an apostrophe s in the way they used it,

  • Ken

    Yeah, but I can totally believe Tony Romo is a tranny.

  • Monty Simmons

    “I believe everything written on the Internet”, George Washington

    • Lynne Staley

      LOL! I’m pretty sure Lincoln said that, too.

  • Bill Charlton

    Hmmm, talk about using (supposed) humor as a pretense for spewing their bias for allowing perverts to use the bathroom with our women and little girls.
    The NC law isn’t an “attack on the “BLT’s & G’s” stupid, it’s freakin’ common sense that you don’t allow men to go into the bathroom with your wife and daughter!

  • taylor


  • Lynne Staley

    Whoever wrote this article really should proofread a little better.

  • KittyKat27

    “Though there has been no cases which this law has been called into
    regard previous to recently, the state may have it’s first case on hand.” Can someone please translate this for me?

  • Beach N8iv

    Smile, Tony. You just hit the New North Carolina Lottery for as much money as you want.

  • KHC123

    Am I missing something? A man using the men’s room?

    • KHC123

      Reading comments and now I see this is satire. Well that’s 2 minutes of my life I will never get back. Stupid.

  • Tommiegirl28

    Hahaha! Now that is a lot of levels of awesome in one article. Thanks for the giggle Snark.

  • Pam Adams

    I don’t understand, if he used the males’ bathroom, he didn’t do anything wrong.. If you a man, then he had a right to use man’s bathroom.

  • Clayton Howell

    Poor Tony.

  • Carlton Krinkle

    In my day, we crapped in a hole in the ground. You kids are such a soft generation that we have to police where y’all take dumps. Just find a damn bush and get it over with. Sick if these millennium kids whining about nonsense like this.

  • Kevin Rutledge

    The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

  • ca

    The MEN’S room, come on this is a hoax!

  • Han Hanna

    Love it. Please keep up the humor and identifying the oddness of this silly distraction from the real issues.

  • Nancy Buchanan

    LOL. I just don’t understand what all the hoopla is about! I have been inside quite a few men’s restrooms, assisting male patients who would have rather died than go into the women’s room. Does this new law now prohibit nurses and other healthcare assistants from accompanying male patients when they need assistance with toileting? and does it also ban women from using the men’s room at an all-female conference when the line for the ladies’ room is an hour long and the men’s rooms stand empty? Hmmmmm…….

  • withitmama

    Did I miss something? He is a man and he was arrested for using the men’s room? That’s messed up.

  • Bill Charlton

    What a funny joke! Ha ha ha ha ha! I ESPECIALLY love the part about NC “vetoing a bill that would protect homosexuals and gender-confused people from discrimination”!
    What a laugh, using sarcasm to pretend it’s about discriminating AGAINST people with the inability to accept “gender reality”, instead of trying to protect our girlfriends, wives, and daughters! Ha ha ha!
    So, now that we’ve had a good laugh, do we have a tally yet as to how many women & girls have been spied on, video’d, and accosted since Obama gave the green light for perverts to invade their (previously) safe place?

  • Diana MacArthur

    Please tell me someone has forwarded this to Romo.

    As a long time Redskin fan I think this is brilliant. Pure gold.

  • Josh D. Potts

    Maybe you should all grow up and cut the juvenile attempts of insulting each other. Remember, this is a joke….you guys are arguing after a joke on a football player. Seriously…look at yourselves.

  • fedup


  • Robert Scott Campbell

    LGBT=Liquor, Guns, Bacon and Tits!

  • freewriterguy

    personally i think the gays should be rounded up and hung by a tree just like in the olden days when the Lord sent fire and brimestone upon them and burned them up in Sodom and Ghomorrah. Shame on our weak leaders for letting these lowlifes ruin our great country, while the world laughs at how weak we are.

    • sandimarie giles

      yes just like when god drowned everyone in the world apart from one family,all because they didn’t follow his rules,there were childrenback then in the time of noah,who weren’t sinning,and other familys ,so that makes your mighty lord a mass murderer right,for fucks sake stop making a joke of this and concentrate on real issues like terrorism,the growing homeless,ice drug fucking up familys,your sickening hatred twds us is disgusting.weve done nothing to you so give us the same respect.

  • Charles Gov

    I would not put anything past Phoney Tony…now his secret is out….

  • dan690

    Isn’t this the same kind of reporting like the story about all the Atlanta Braves players getting handicap tags for their cars?

  • Lana Dorsey

    Who’s on First?

  • Tami

    Not a cowboy fan, but not a laughing matter.

  • Jimmy Henson

    If a person disagrees with your Opinion, They are stupid, Morons, Dumbass, And or Idiots.
    This is how freedom of speech works I guess. I know that’s how it works with Liberals and Punks.

  • Joe Silvia

    Somewhat funny, but for crying out loud: have a child proofread your articles. How did an adult write it and another proofread it and miss all the mistakes. We’ll make typos and a mistake here and there, but this is atrocious.

  • Jaboy Fry

    Fake !! Republicans playing games again! Anything to make a point.

  • Tall Tom

    Dallas Cowboy football players are women. Hilarious!!!

    Screw the Panthers. Go Chargers..

  • Michael Anthony

    This story makes no sense to me

  • akagenki

    *reads the comments* Thanks everyone for reminding me why I’ve always preferred people who are less intelligent to people who are overly judgmental and critical!

  • carol

    vote Donald J. Trump for this craziness to stop……He is the best…

  • Dennis

    I just waiting to see the reactions of these liberals when the transgenders (not the real issue) and the perverts and pedophiles using these laws start insisting on urinals in the girls bathrooms as well It’s their right by their idiotic way of thinking!

  • Elisabeth West

    OMG how did something that was supposed to be funny turn in to attacking one another and their political standpoints? How did this become about education? How did this become what it is? I will tell you because people have nothing better to do than take a joke and make into something it’s not! People need to grow up and get a life and let people enjoy a joke and if people want to ask is this real? Or say things like this cant be real then who freaking cares? LET THEM SAY WHAT THEY WANT WITHOUT you passing judgment on someone because you were offended they asked such a silly question. Some people say things like “Oh My God this can’t be true” when they know its not but are at a loss for words. The problem with this country is not the “warning” labels or education it is everyone taking everything so literal and attacking others to make them feel better or just to be a jerk!

    • sandimarie giles

      I’m glad you all find this funny ,I have a sense of humor but this is definitely not funny to me being transgender,we suffer enough shit and then places like this site make it even more of a joke,i suffer enough hate and bigotry as it is,yet you joke about us even more,so go ahead say stupid comments about a stupid satire but it doesn’t make it any easier to me,wait till they bring out something funny and childish about your kids as a joke and you don’t like it will you laugh then,i say no more good day to you all

  • Dolph

    BREAKING NEWS: tornado spotted on the outskirts of Dallas…all citizens are to report to Dallas stadium for shelter, no chance of a touchdown there.

  • Rich Bawol

    Right and I got arrested today for using my own bathroom! What a crock.

  • bruce steger

    I have yet to get the problem of penis’s using the men’s room?

  • bruce steger

    Hoax-busting site Snopes immediately labeled the viral story false and noted: “Aside from taking shots at Romo’s prowess as a quarterback, the article echoed previous fake news pieces falsely holding that Romo had admitted to a homosexual romance with a teammate and that political troll Ann Coulter had similarly been arrested for trying to use a women’s bathroom in Charlotte, N.C.”

  • Richy Schwalm

    wtf it was a stupid bathroom sign!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naxx1978

    Lol Trump supporters don’t get that they are the idiots everyone is talking about! Lol of course that’s Tobe expected. Still funny though!

  • allihondro V

    Here is my question. will Moms be arrested for taking their toddler sons into the women’s room and vice versa for Men taking their daughters into the men’s room

  • pamitoo

    Absolutely HILARIOUS! For those who think this is real….yeah…right.

  • karol

    you’re>>>>>>>>>>> please spell you are correctly when using it as a contraction

  • Jennifer Druidhill

    O say, does that star-spangled

    Banner yet wave

    O’er the land of the PC

    And the home of the whinner?

  • Pamela Johnston

    It’s a total fake. He is a married man. He is married to a woman, my husband went to school with, and who actually attended out wedding. Why would people do this to him. All to get a crazy assed story.

  • Russ Bradburn


  • Tammy Raynes


  • CouvMan

    Seems legit

  • Joe Mets

    Mary, after all these years, you are still Gi-Larious! See ya in Del Rio Sept. 9th. Or is it Laredo?

  • Larry J Dunster Sr

    Great satire,now that’s funny

  • Shirley Thomas

    Oh do this means I am a straight woman and I can use the men’s bathroom and a straight man can you use the women’s bathroom. Cool

  • rafher123

    Do any of the blowhards here understand SATIRE?

  • Badgeman99

    John Wayne said it best, “Life is hard, it’s even harder when you’re stupid!”

  • DasDutt

    I assume sports people find this funny.

  • lee

    chek ur typoz dood! “Mens Bathroom” “has been no cases” “state may have it’s first case” “a women” “could have swore” (although technically ‘tony romo’ said it that way… it should say [sic] after it to make him look even dumber) “when you guy’s intercepted” (that one’s on you though)

  • Jeff Sobolewski

    So, this piece of comedy ended up a political argument chock full of generalizations and name calling. Highly productive, folks. Love the article @dailysnark!

  • Ronnie Smith

    just bullshit

  • jordy

    I don’t get this one.

  • Margo

    NC cannot even get ID card for the people to vote how are they going to reproduce each persons birth certificates and guard each bathroom, perhaps we just need to going outside in the bushes.

  • Joyce


  • R E Calcitrant

    God bless North Carolina!

  • Kurt Paul Eilbracht

    Now these laws concerning bathrooms are really petty. what else do we want to argue about?

  • Elspeth Pilotsdotter

    God, I hate goofballs.

  • Tom

    It’s on Facebook.. it must be real . Everything on the Internet is true .

  • Jeff Mason

    4 game suspension?

  • Amy Wilson

    Damn! You sports people really take your team-loving to extremes!

  • BajaJohn1

    Ugly Eagles will be plucked and plucked often next year.

  • Mike Knowlton

    LOL even though I don’t follow or give a shtt about football.

  • Tom O’Neal

    False fake not real. Just because it is posted on Facebook don’t mean it is true. Did anyone heard or see this on any reliable news stations?

  • Shine

    Fake or not, I STILL DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT BATHROOM YOU USE!! I don’t care if the person in the WOMAN’S S-T-A-L-L next to me is transgender, a cross dresser, a lesbian, heck even a dude cause the mens bathroom is broken or full.. would be kinda weird, but hey .. long as your not peeking under my stall door or hitting on me or touching me or attacking me, I DONT CARE!! I’ve already went into the bathroom and said “oh, excuse me” and a man sounding voice from a female looking individual said “no problem”. I’ve already saw someone in the bathroom that looks like a male but in female clothes. I simply didn’t care! The law should be about sex offenders and finding a way to make sure they use the right bathrooms! Transgender should have NEVER been used in this whole thing!

  • Here’s the solution. If you’re a “Chick with a Dick” you are NOT ALLOWED in the woman’s locker room. Go home and shower. You can pee in a ladies room but you must be in a stahl sitting down.

    If you’re a bull dyke looking little “man” like Chaz Bono you can pee in the guy’s restroom but do it in a stahl sitting down. People will just think you’re pooping. You are NOT ALLOWED to use the urinals unless you’ve had an Addadictomy operation.

    Problem solved.

  • CornMaiden

    The new bathroom laws prove the GOP is fatally stupid. They don’t care that the planet is dying just so long as they can sort people out before they pee.

  • Pam Almond Bolding


  • Walt

    this is legit for mainstream news coverage…

  • Linda Canapp

    He looks like a man to me!

  • extremistfred

    Liberals have no sense of humor. They take everything serious and if caught by a story like above will start whining that it should be illegal to post false stories. Meanwhile the rest of us get to laugh ourselves silly.

  • CC1980

    The inmates are running the asylum.