Stephen A. Smith Thinks Chip Kelly Is A Racist

Chip Kelly has made a lot of questionable moves in the past week, releasing veteran DE, Trent Cole, trading one of the best running backs in the NFL, LeSean McCoy and allowing star wide out, Jeremy Maclin to leave in free agency.

No one really understand’s what Chip Kelly’s plan is for the Philadelphia Eagles so it’s leading the so-called “experts” to scramble to try to find a rationale behind it all.

Enter, Stephen A. Smith.

Appearing alongside Ryan Clark, Cari Champion and Skip Bayless on Monday’s First Take, the so called “expert” expressed his concern over Kelly parting ways with his dynamic play makers while keeping Riley Cooper on the roster.

Chip Kelly makes decisions over the last couple of years that, dare I say, leave a few brothers feeling uncomfortable. … I think that’s fair to say. We’re sitting there looking at some of the decisions that Chip Kelly makes, and I’m like, “What’s up with that?” It’s like you have to be his kind of guy, and I’m like, “Well, Riley Cooper is your kind of guy?” … You got brothers walking the streets [of Philadelphia] going like this: “What’s up with Chip? I don’t understand.”

Now look, I understand what color skin Maclin, McCoy and Cole have; I also understand who Riley Cooper is, and what he was involved in not to long ago at a Kenny Chesney Concert but in no way shape or form do I believe Chip Kelly is a racist.

But Stephen A Smith, being the headline hungry pundit he is, would surely look to stir up controversy so he can continue to open his mouth and run it with nonsense.

Following, First Take, the loud mouth formally known as Stephen A. Smith turned to his radio show to further explain his nonsense garbage.

On his radio show, Smith said his words are taken out context, in other words: he’s back tracking,

A bunch of idiots in the world of Twitter and beyond saw me on First Take today speaking about Chip Kelly…and essentially are trying to create storylines and headlines accusing me of calling Chip Kelly a racist. Ladies and gentlemen, I did no such thing. But if you are uncomfortable with what I had to say…let me say this to you. I don’t give a damn. … What I said was, to be specific…was that I’m very uncomfortable with what I’m seeing from Chip Kelly…the reasons why I did not elaborate extensively…[was] because I don’t know. What I said, however, was that I’m uncomfortable. And dammit, I’m not taking it back…there’s plenty of black players on the Philadelphia Eagles…who the hell is saying something about black and white? Nobody was talking about that. What I’m talking about is the Chip Kelly culture. And how there’s a certain type of individual that he apparently likes and doesn’t like.

Did I mention that the Eagles signed Frank Gore and resigned defensive end, Brandon Graham? 


  1. I can understand if he said the moves Chip made were stupid, although I wouldn’t agree. However, implying racism is ridiculous! Stephen A went too far here and should face a reprimand for it if ESPN wants to avoid the bad publicity they would otherwise get.

    • “What’s up with that?” It’s like you have to be his kind of guy, and I’m like, “Well, Riley Cooper is your kind of guy?” How can you be so blind to not see racism staring in your face? he commented on all the players leaving (they’re black) and then mentioned a white player as being his type of guy…

  2. It amazes me how everyone praises Michael Sam for being the first openly G a y NFL player yet everyone bashes Tim Tebow for being Christian.

    • Neither of those points has anything to do with this story, are you just looking for a fight or trolling?

      Michael Sam was the the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL, which is a landmark to gay people and gay people in sports. Tim Tebow is not ridiculed because of his religion, he’s ridiculed because he’s a quarterback who cannot throw a football (something that’s kind of a prerequisite for being a quarterback)

    • Christianity is not a minority, it is not shunned, and they are not persecuted. (at least in this country). The opposite is true about Sam (though i detest that they celebrated him so much and singled him out for his sexual orientation instead of, you know… INCLUDING him and treating him like a human being… but that’s just how we do things, over the top “LOOK WE HAVE BLACK PEOPLE PLAYING NOW” “LOOK A GAY” “WE’RE SO INCLUSIVE, LOOK HOW INCLUSIVE WE ARE!”). Another part of Tebow’s poor reception is how in-your-face he was about it. Aren’t Christians supposed to be humble in their faith? They are. There are muslims in the NFL, why aren’t they bowing down all the time in prayer? Oh that’s right, because throwing your religion into other peoples’ faces is classless.

  3. Smith is a racist pig who sees everything through a racist lens. When is ESPN going to stop being a liberal cesspool?

  4. You ignorant fuck Stephen A! He let go of people for money not for being black! Your the reason racism exist. Foles, Mathis and many others are white and he is filling ever black player with other black players! Your fucking trash mccoy was not worth what he was due for his role. Not saying he is not worth it to the bills or someone else but not to Philly and DeSean well did fine without him saving millions! He got rid of players because of money not for being black you jack ass. People like you make me sick.


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