Texas High School Pulls Off Tricky Onside Kick

Onside kicks are usually tough for the kicking team to recover, but when a coach is able to come up with a creative trick play, it makes the task much easier.

This past weekend, Hebron (Carrollton, Texas) High School was able to recover an onside kick against Allen (Allen, Texas) High School with a great play design.

After lining up for the kickoff, 10 Hebron players huddled in the middle of the field, drawing the defense’s attention. The 11th player, meanwhile, snuck down to the sideline, getting ready to catch Allen by surprise.

With the Eagles expecting a kick to the middle of the field, nobody was by the sideline to stop the Hawks from recovering the kick.

The trick play worked, but it wasn’t enough for Hebron (0-6) to pull off the upset. Allen (7-0) went on to win the game, 44-10.


  1. I dont think you understand what happened. the stutter step from the kicker and teammates is what tricked the other team as they stopped. the cover man kept going at full speed knowing the muffed kick was coming.

  2. i think the stars at night are just so big at night that the basis of plannage on the head coaches decision to be a little trickster describes perfectly the man bobby o’shea truly is……a rappabum


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