Throwback To When Colin Kaepernick Was Fined For Using Racial Slurs Towards A Black Player

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sent social media in a firestorm Saturday morning when it became headline news that he refused to stand during the National Anthem prior to the teas preseason game Friday night.

In a statement that followed, Kaepernick explained his actions with, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color, to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Kaepernick went from a relatively liked player to arguably the leagues if not sports’ most hated, being shunned by many fans who feel as if he disrespected the country he and they live in.

The QB won’t be fined for his actions, as the NFL noted though it is encouraged, it is not required for a player to stand during the anthem. Kapernick was fined for a previous offensive though, one that some may look as quite hypocritical in light of the comment from Saturday.

After a 28-20 loss against the Chicago Bears on Sept. 14 of 2015, Kapernick was fined $11,00 by the NFL for using a racial slur, “f***ing n***a/er” to be specific.

Kaepernick was flagged on the play for using the language by ref Laird Hayes, knocking the 49ers back 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.

There had been heavy debate on two issues relating to this situation, whether or not players should be able to be fined for language used on the playing field, and whether the “n word” shouldn’t be used by members of the white community while blacks see a different meaning to the word while using it amongst each other.

Do you think Kapernick is in a position to make the comment he recently made with this being a relevant blemish in is history? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below with your opinion.


  1. 114 million dollar contract and all he can think of to do to help his fellow “opressees” is to disrespect the country that made him unbelievably rich.

      • Unfortunately shouting “racism” over and over doesn’t mean there actually IS racism.

        African-Americans are currently having a cultural crisis and all they can do is play the blame game. Meanwhile, during the booming age of technology, Asians, Middle Easterns and whites are working their booties off to make something of themselves and their families.

        This addiction to grievances and victimization will have repercussions for African-Americans that may last for decades. Blacks desperately need facts and leaders. The problem is cultural and they’re doing nothing about it!

        Adult black males make up 4% of the country yet are responsible for over 50% in the crime in the country. They’re responsible for a disproportionate amount of black-on-black deaths, black-on-white deaths, black-on-cop deaths, black-on-white rape – and here they are focusing on the rare black death by cop (mostly in urban war zones).

        Statistically, a black person is more likely to die by a falling air conditioner! Yet here they are creating a racial divide that is only going to set them back even further.

        • You’re painting with a wide brush. Some Black Americans complain because there is actual systemic racism to complain about. Most Black Americans work, educate themselves and progress; that’s just the fact. This debate on race is between the bomb throwers on both sides.

          • Most? You need to check your stats. I agree there are MANY that do like every normal human being and go to work etc. they aren’t tide to the woe is me, I have to be dumb and kept down and not make an effort except to be a whore and spit out as many babies that I don’t want so I can draw a check. Don’t get me wrong, there a just as many white trash people that do the same. People like Dr Ben Carson, Mychal Massie, Allen West and the man I wanted to be the first black president of the United States Herman Cain are just a few of the amazingly smart and successful black men.

          • Wow, Herman Cain is dumb as shit. Also, I like how all of your favorite black people are conservative commentators that tend to look down on “Black culture” as a whole.

          • So any Black that is Successful and Conservative is Dumb as Shit … Now That Is Racism .
            All Blacks must agree with YOU or they are not worth equal respect .
            Pathetic .
            BTW Have you read Herman Cains History ?????

          • You seem to be blaming white Americans for the woes of the black community when blacks want to adhere to their “Black Culture” lifestyle. If you choose to embrace that lifestyle how is it a white person’s fault when you do not succeed? Why are you derogatory towards any black person who does not embrace the “I’m a victim of white privilege” mentality and who has made a success of their life? Shouldn’t you be holding them up as a role model to emulate?

            There are positives and negatives in every culture – you just need to embrace the positive ones. It’s called “free-will” and we all have it. Research Inky Johnson – he talks about his life growing up in the ghettos and how, at the age of 7, he decided he didn’t want to be like his uncles who were in and out of prison and how he worked hard to make something of himself – you might learn something…

          • Yeah, nothing like a culture which calls women “hos,” celebrates violence, disdains education, promotes dependency, and endlessly tells its members that they simply cannot succeed in a hateful world….

            ….odd, isn’t it, how successful people, of all races, disdain such a self-defeating, injurious culture.

            Ah, well, just go bang a baby momma and bust a cap in someone….you’ll feel better about your victimization then…..

          • Hey– Give rap music some credit… I mean what does a sub-culture that devotes itself to sexual prowess, violence, gang membership and the degradation of women. What harm can it do…

          • You surely can’t be serious about Mr. Cain. He is a very gifted, hard working successful man. Your definition of “dumb” probably describes you more than him.

          • “Herman Cain is dumb as shit” and apparently you are a rocket scientist. What successful businesses have you run? (let alone been a Federal Reserve chairman) Dr. Ben Carson is a lot more than a “conservative commentator” (pioneer in neurosurgery)—and you are no brain surgeon. And LTCOL Allen West is a lot more than a “conservative commentator”(retired Army, former congressman). They are all published authors; have you even read a book?

          • You claim systemic Racism and Most Blacks Work and get an education …. How are both Possible at the same time ??????

          • You fail to understand the Word Systemic then . That implies a Vast Majority with Power is Racist . Name me a Government Agency , College or a Major Corporation with a Racist Policy .

          • In Others words … You are spouting off about Non Existent Racism . False narrative to push a Hate filled agenda .

          • Like whites “subtly” causing the astronomically high black illegitimacy rate?

            Man, that IS nuanced…..

          • “Actual racism”? It’s against the law, easily proved, difficult to refute, and businesses everywhere live in terror that they’ll be so charged, so they bend over backwards at any hint of black discontent.

        • Interesting generalization..

          You said:Unfortunately shouting “racism” over and over doesn’t mean there actually IS racism.

          Unfortunately these white people seem to disagree with you:
 , ,

          You said: “African-Americans are currently having a cultural crisis and all they can do is play the blame game.”

          Are all 48 million African Americans playing this blame game? children as well? and what is this blame game they are playing?

          You Said: ” Meanwhile, during the booming age of technology, Asians, Middle Easterns and whites are working their booties off to make something of themselves and their families.”

          And African Americans aren’t? so using your logic of generalizing the ENTIRE African American community is shiftless and not hard working? so their aren’t any scientists? or Blacks in technology? Doctors? I mean statistically African American unemployment is at 9.5 percent, with that said what are the other 90.5 % of African Americans doing?

          You said “This addiction to grievances and victimization will have repercussions for African-Americans that may last for decades. Blacks desperately need facts and leaders. The problem is cultural and they’re doing nothing about it!”

          So do whites have leaders? and isn’t America doing the same thing when they consistently invoke “Remember 911″ isnt that a form of victimization ” Remember Pearl Harbor” ” Never Forget the Jewish holocaust” ” Je suis Charlie” isn’t this also a form of victimization and addiction to grievances?

          You said: “Adult black males make up 4% of the country yet are responsible for over 50% in the crime in the country.”

          Really now? So all Black males in this country are involved in crime. 2.2 million male inmates are black, so are the other 21,040,000 black males committing crime?

          ” You Said “They’re responsible for a disproportionate amount of black-on-black deaths, black-on-white deaths, black-on-cop deaths, black-on-white rape – and here they are focusing on the rare black death by cop (mostly in urban war zones).”

          FACT: According to the FBI, White males are 20 times more likely per capita to rape or sexually abuse a child than any other male group in the U.S.
          Source: (Uniform Crime Report Statistics, 2014)
          FACT: According to the FBI, White males are 25 times more likely per capita to be a serial killer than any other male demographic in the US.
          Source: (Uniform Crime Report Statistics, 2014)
          FACT: According to the FBI, White males account for 31% of the overall population in the U.S., yet make up 91% of all mass shooters.
          Source: (Uniform Crime Report Statistics, 2014)
          FACT: According to the FBI, White males account for 31% of the overall population in the U.S., yet they comprise 87% of all convicted child rapists.
          Source: (Uniform Crime Report Statistics, 2014)

          Racism and prejudice exists heavily among Whites. They are prejudice against each other. Whites call each other derogatory names such as Kikes, Micks, Pollaks, Wops, Frenchie etc. Whites practiced white ethnic cleansing in Germany during the Holocaust. Also they practiced white ethnic cleansing in Russia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Armenia, Turkey and more. White Russians hate White Americans and vice versa. In fact, they have thousands of nuclear war heads aimed at each other. SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT WHITE ON WHITE CRIME? that affects the entire world if whites began to fire nukes at each other.

          You Said: “Statistically, a black person is more likely to die by a falling air conditioner! Yet here they are creating a racial divide that is only going to set them back even further.”

          How are ALL BLACKS creating a racial divide? what specific steps have they done to create this divide?

          • Just about every one of your questions would be more poor/affluent rather than black/white. A good neighborhood, one where the lawns are trimmed, the paint isn’t peeling, no trash or broken down cars and appliances in the yard, a bad neighborhood, one where everyone is standing around on the stoops, smoking, drinking, cursing, paint peeling, kids running around in diapers, color really isn’t a factor.

            Perhaps where you are raised makes a difference, I wasn’t raised to fear black people but I do have a natural fear of people who think the world owes them whether they are black or white. I grew up in an area where one of the “kids” in the neighborhood felt because his family was poorer than some other families he had the right to enter homes and take whatever he wanted. He didn’t care if the home owners actually had a lot of money or worked 3 jobs to get what they had, he didn’t care that he made them scared in their own homes. His skin was white but he felt entitled because he perceived himself to have less. Would I trust him into my home for a glass of water? Hell no! Stand on the porch and I’ll bring it to you. Now, the black neighbor who not only mowed his own lawn but also that of his elderly neighbor, he is welcome in with open arms, lets watch the game together.

          • Most of your cited statistics are simply false. It is easy to check the DOJ website to get the actual stats. The statistics are not per-capita as you stated, but are directly correlated. After accounting for percentage of population, mass shootings are spread fairly equally across ethnicity with the exception of Asian-Americans. Same with serial killers, child rapists, and child sex abusers.

            Don’t lie.

          • Tiania. The difference is whites dont celebrate, defend, and whine and cry over our criminals. We let them take their consequences. Blacks keep blaming whites for black career criminals getting killed by police instead of admitting that some of them are useless assholes!

        • Yep, it’s all on the blacks. After all some blacks are successful and members of other groups are successful, and of course whites have always been successful, so that must mean that all those blacks who don’t make it are failing because they are lazy whiners. This is why they’re not doing anything about it, right? What is it about their culture that makes them this way, Rev? Are you sure it’s not plain old genetics? I like the “addiction to victimization” part. A fact for you, Rev: past surveys of whites have always shown that they believed blacks were treated fairly in this country. This was true during Jim Crow, lynchings, voting rights violations, etc. These practices are illegal now, you say, just like in the past whites said slavery was ended, so, yes, blacks are treated fairly. I understand, Rev. Other folks ARE tired of thinking/feeling that America bears ANY responsibility for the plight of black folks 150+ years after it abolished chattel slavery. But not wanting it to be so ain’t the same as it not being so. Not to say that we black folks don’t bear responsibility too, obviously. The fact that Africans who now immigrate to this country are one of the most successful groups ought to give pause to both American blacks AND whites.

          • Any thoughts on just why the black illegitimacy rate, at 70+%, is VASTLY higher than that of every other racial group?

            I ask because illegitimacy has been thoroughly, incontravertably proved to be the single strongest causal factor for a wide range of societal ills, including violence, gang membership, incarceration, substance abuse, poverty, lack of educational attainment…..the list is long and sobering.

            In fact, as documented by famed and respected sociologist James Q Wilson, one need do only three simple things in order to assure a single-digit percent chance of living below the poverty line in America:

            1). Graduate from high school (blacks do very poorly at this)
            2). Not have a child out of wedlock (blacks utterly fail at this)
            3). Not have a child until at least 20 years old (blacks do very poorly at this)

            Does Whitey bear responsibility, in your mind, for the tragically high black illegitimacy rate, and for the poor HS graduation rate?

            When the black community takes seriously the need for addressing its own ills, I’ll be far more willing to “Engage in yet ANOTHER national dialogue on race.”

            First, though, stop breeding like rabbits in a cage.

            – Snark

        • As always, the most misinformed always have the strongest opinions.

          “They’re responsible for a disproportionate amount of black-on-black deaths, black-on-white deaths, black-on-cop deaths, black-on-white rape – and here they are focusing on the rare black death by cop (mostly in urban war zones).”

          Please post actual numbers and cite them when you do. I’ll be around to help provide any other guidance you seem to have missed during middle/high school while you were understandably busy organizing Klan meetings.

          • You’re simply wrong, and likely know it.

            Blacks simply ARE over represented – hugely – in a wide range of social ills, including most, if not all, of the things included in Rev’s list.

            Rather than pretending ignorance – you ARE pretending, right? And making silly, childish reference to the Klan (Democrat formed, manned, and supported for decades, BTW), why don’t you engage at an adult level?

            Go ahead – rather than directing others to spoon feed you, why don’t YOU look up the black violent crime rate, incarceration rate, HS graduation rate, illegitimacy rate…..

            The results are sobering. Of course, a determined victim of Fantasized oppression can always imagine Whitey is responsible for the black 70+% illegitimacy rate…..

            – Snark

          • The fact that you are so hung up on correct statstics says that you’re only interested in the blame game. It doesn’t matter what they are. Take a long look around yourself. All of us need to practice compassion and hard work to fix what our corrupt government has done to its people.

        • Too much money at steak here, the powerful race bating pimps would be out of a job. NOT going to happen anytime soon with useful idiots like Kaepernick.

          • “Steak”? Yeah, hillbilly trash here. Tells you a lot about the kind who support this racist entitled privileged viewpoint of white idiots like this one. Oh, and hates Obama I assume from his pic. Gee, I wonder why? Must be his economic policies which he can’t differentiate against Republicans.

        • Blacks are terrible, it has nothing to do with oppression, Jim Crowe, or all the businessess leaving urban areas. Whites would never act that way in the same position. Its not like there are ghettos in eastern Europe with high crime. Oh wait there are in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, etc. where no blacks live.

        • I´m black obviously for you to see. I´m just saying that because it seems like you are really stupid and even can’t see the things just right in front of you. I guess by those comments your are middle-aged, at least once divorced and a really sad person. And by the “facts” you telling here. Oh man haha. Is that making your as you said “booty” more comfortable?

          I´m 23. Living in Germany all my life. The whole european country is laughing at guys like you. I think you really think that america belongs to the americans and was formed from “Americans” right?

          I wish I could like your comment 10000000x over so it would be the first people see and just from this one comment they would say….ah thats how americans think nowadays and no one else would have to say anything more 😉

        • My dog, I’m not black nor white but am a person of color (let me guess, I’m playing the race card a la Rush Lim-baa) but I can see that you have a major bout of white privilege and likely are not good friends with any blacks (which you speak with such authority about… typical white privilege).

          You speak of “culture” but understand less than nothing about it, the obvious context of racist oppression which has gone on and still goes on but under the guise of economics. You conservative Americans (white and white sycophants) live in a supreme bubble. Get out of your asses and get into the world out of the USA and you’ll see reality. I have never met a more sheltered and naive people. It’s called vacuum thinking. You believe everything occurs in a vacuum… because context is way to hard on your “brain.”

      • He’s freaking mixed! A one drop bastard child of a white trash whore and a no show father who was lucky enough to be raised by 2 white adoptive parents who saw to it he had a good life! So stop the bs. He’s never even seen oppression! And honestly, neither has ANYONE in this country.

      • Losing endorsements deals will bring him one step closer to reality, unless that is too oppressing then pretty sure he will need to see a therapist or better.

    • Yes, the “country” made him rich. It had absolutely nothing to do with his individual work ethic, determination and skill. That said, the guy is waging the wrong war in the wrong place. If he wants to help, get to the affected communities and invest in businesses. Providing economic help goes yards further than gestures.

      • Made possible because he lives in a country protected by those who paid for that flag with their lives. Nobody succeeds on their own.

      • LOL, skill. Dude, I was a huge fan until this but let’s not try to say he’s the new Montana or something. Hell, he’s barely a poor man’s Cam Newton.

          • Probably because blacks are going on the record for saying the rich have enough money and should be giving it to them. Lazy a** losers..

          • Which blacks are “on record” saying that? Name them! What interview or article did you hear that said? What news broadcast or magazine? I’ll wait………..

          • apparently you didn’t see the riots when they asked a black guy and he said the rich have too much money and we want it.. like they are suppose to get it for not doing anything.. just goes to show the mentality some people think. They are Owed something without working for it 🙁 smh ..

          • Do you not watch the news? It’s a common theme during riots. Oh wait I mean peaceful protests Lmfao.

          • Maybe he should contribute some of that money to educate his fellow blacks in the ghettos, and teach them not to be criminal thugs!

          • Who will give the uneducated whites like yourself and the rest of the trailer park trash, the white ghetto trash or the sicko perverted family killers money and teach them not to be criminal thugs? What you are realy saying is you ONLY want there to be white killers and thugs out there and if you aren’t murdered by someone of your own race and only by your own race then “DAG DUMMIT” this country has gone to waste.

          • Maybe you should go down to the “ghetto” and see just how interested the “criminal thugs” are in your racist attitude toward black people. Maybe you can explain the whole white superiority thing and get some live feedback.

          • Makes sense that you’re just another Hate-Whitey Negro trying to scare and shame Whitey for magical “racism.”

            Whites don’t need Negroes. Whites are going our own way. It’s happening whether you like it or not and there’s nothing you can do about it except Chimp Out.

          • Why does everyone assume that the government taking money and giving it away in and of itself solve anything?

          • It’s called the Cloward-Piven strategy. I got this from Discover the Network website. You can read the rest there.

            In their 1966 article, Cloward and Piven charged that the ruling classes used welfare to weaken the poor; that by providing a social safety net, the rich doused the fires of rebellion. Poor people can advance only when “the rest of society is afraid of them,” Cloward told The New York Times on September 27, 1970. Rather than placating the poor with government hand-outs, wrote Cloward and Piven, activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system; the collapse of the welfare state would ignite a political and financial crisis that would rock the nation; poor people would rise in revolt; only then would “the rest of society” accept their demands.

            Sound familiar? This is the real reason so many were put on the welfare rolls the past 8 years. If Democrats create jobs, there’s not as many people on welfare.

          • I don’t think he should be giving it away…..but helping “his people” by being a sort of SBA for them… know, if somebody has a business model/plan and he could finance them and get paid back with say 7% interest or something…..say loaning somebody money to buy a 7/11 or quik-lube shop or some such with the idea that after they repaid it, maybe that person would help out another…and so on and so on…,,,????

      • Yes this country made him rich! Let him take this same “work ethic, determination and skill” to any other country in the world and see if he makes half of what he does here! He should be thankful and appreciative of the opportunities afforded him in THIS country!

      • Yup, “He didnt build that”. Do you know who raised him and taught him his work ethic Andy? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t BLM. And indeed the country does provide him a patform to earn 114 Million Dollars. The same guy with the same skill and work ethic couldnt make 114 Million Dollars playing football in Canada. You understand?

      • Agreed that the country didn’t hand him a multi-million dollar contract but his idea that this country suppresses him or any other person based on color doesn’t hold true in his case. His idea is that, regardless of skill or work ethic, you will be suppressed from being successful or living. I don’t feel anything backs that up. The biggest divide in this country is personality, not race.

        • Where do you think the money came from to pay him that for his contract? They make money off of NFL fans!!! Yeah the country funded him!!!

          • This spoiled brat is disrespecting the American flag, by not standing up. All patriotic Americans should boycott EVERY NFL game, on TV and in stadiums, boycott every product being sold by the NFL, until he’s let go. Let’s see how brave he is, after he loses the millions that he makes for throwing a ball. The NFL is as guilty as he is. They say they disagree but that he”has the right to protest”. Sure he does, but, not while he’s being supported by the fans. Share this for the sake of our country.

          • If a boycott is not declared against the NFL, it would be very sad. The NFL, along with this “protestor” are disrespecting our flag. They should both be punished. Americans gave much more than foregoing to football games for that flag. Can’t we honor them by boycotting the money grabbing league?

          • I don’t disagree with you myself. I was making the point that it may not have been handed to him by the country but this country is where he earned it, exactly by the means you are saying.

        • let’s boycott EVERY NFL game, on TV or in stadiums. Until he’s let go. Brave Americans have given up a lot more than a few games for that flag. We only dishonor them, by supporting a league that gives this poor excuse for a human being a forum to vent his spleen

          • I see what you mean. Anti-white sounds like an attitude/personality so I hope we’re pretty much in agreement.

      • Wrong. We, the fans, made him rich. Without us, no one in the NFL makes money. NO ONE.

        Therefore, if we love our country, and our country provides us the ability to enjoy entertainment like this, he is offending US – the fans – when he dishonors that anthem.

        Oh there may be a flea or two who agree with him, but the vast majority of NFL fans are not amused right now. The guy is a puke; I still say he did it to protect himself from a release… now the Niners will have to deal w/ the media should they decide to cut his butt before the season begins…

        • The fans have a lot more power than we know. Let’s boycott all NFL games. The NFL is just as guilty, for giving this nobody the forum to express his vile position. Hit them where it hurts. Boycott all items endorsed by the NFL. Dont go to any game. Any money that you pay to any productas or games, goes to this worthless individual

          • While I applaud your intent, I have to also acknowledge it just isn’t feasible. The reality is simply that fans won’t give up the joys professional football brings over one or two bad turds, including the comissioner. Show me any manor company that is not left-leaning… good luck, even though I hate it, too. I like my iPhone, Apple is lefty-ville too. Then again, so is Android (Google) or even Windows phone (Microsoft). That’s just an example, but the point is, if we boycott all we dislike, much of our everyday life will be heavily impacted. I’m and iOS Developer, my career depends on writing software for my phone; not so easy to just say ‘no thanks’ out of nowhere. I say we must fight for what’s good and right. Not run and turn our noses.

          • How can you say that? For a few football games, not defend our flag? I dont suggest that we boycott all left-leaning companies. Only the NFL. They enable this jerk to disrespect our flag. This would show all the others, that Americans are willing to give up certain things, to honor our national symbols. I, for one, will NOT watch any games, or go to any stadiums, or buy anything that’s endorsed by the NFL.How can anyone, with clear conscience, finance this good-for nothing jerk? Many others have given up their life for this flag. And we can’t give up some football games?

          • You can take your stand, I respect that. I’m just telling you that there will not be enough following suit to make a difference. We place too much into our entertainment in this country, that’s why they make so much money. Furthermore, I look forward to this time of year very much so, as do many of our service men and women… I don’t like the idea that football is sacrificed, because a turd like Karpernick opened his mouth.

            Take your stand, but I caution that you not hold it over others’ heads who agree with you, but choose not to boycott. Boycotting is not the only solution, in fact, it isn’t a solution, because it isn’t going to have enough traction to work, in my opinion.

      • Name one other country where he would have experienced such success and wealth, whatever his skill and effort might be (and let’s face it, he is far from the world’s greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL). He shows no respect for the Land of Opportunity, which is a dick move. I agree that he could help out (which he could certainly afford easily), which I haven’t seen him offer to do.

      • He doesn’t give a rats A** about oppressed people. He did this because his time in the league was almost up. Now they can’t fire him because it will be considered “Racsim”

      • Maybe if he put as much effort into educating himself, as he put into playing a game, he’d understand that the problems in black communities, is blacks committing crimes and trying to avoid arrest, which is exactly the reason they are getting killed by police. They need to learn to respect the law, and comply with the commands of law enforcement officers. STOP means STOP!

      • Identical worth ethic, determination, and skill, in Afghanistan, will not get you a $114 million dollar contract for football. America did that.

    • The only oppression I see these days, is the violations of people’s rights to freedom of speech. Blacks have not been oppressed since the days of MLK, by anything but their own refusal to accept responsibility for themselves and their own futures. There are way too many people of color who have made something of themselves, even if they came from the poorest of families. With all the help blacks and other minorities have been given over the past 50 years, there is no question that their failures are their own doing, not white men’s, not society’s, not prejudices. They are their own worst enemies, because they prefer government checks to becoming educated, productive members of society!

    • America did not make him rich. His ability to excel at a sport millions of people pay money to watch made him rich. I bet you don’t think America made the owner of the 49ers rich, no you probably believe that was accomplished though skill, intelligence and hard work. But as soon as a Black makes something of himself then America gave it to him. At the same time America doesn’t take any responsibility for blacks who struggle or fail in America. If America is giving out success to black people they forgot to pass out the good life to the other several million black people living here.

  2. It figures, the word is he in the progress of converting to Islam so he can marry his Muslim girlfriend and they want to have a Muslim wedding. I think to be part of that religion you have to hate the infidel and this country.

      • That is an Untruth. Millions of Iranians kneel in prayer 5x daily chanting: “Death to Satan USA” which includes every single, solitary, living person in the US, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, height, weight, age, sexual orientation, political affiliation. If you’re not a Muslim, you’re worthless to them.
        And in case you haven’t left the house in a while, nowhere on Earth do any Muslims ever mass protest acts of terrorism perpetrated in the name of Islam.

        No matter how large or small the carnage, they don’t gather to pray, offer even a minute of silence, nothing… Nary a Muslim speaks out publicly against ISIS’ beheadings and drownings in acid baths, even from the relative safety of a San Francisco street.

      • It’s called google you dumb bastard. Go type “Colin Kaepernick muslim”.

        I think we all get it. You think the world is out against the black folks Andy. All of your comments are so pro-black yet I haven’t seen you post one shred of evidence that anything you’re saying is accurate.

        I live in Milwaukee, where we recently have had a lot of stuff going on. Let me explain something to you, these same black people that rioted over here because of a convicted criminal that had a loaded gun was shot by a BLACK police officer, were the same people that on tv were saying that rich people should give them money.

        Why? It’s because a large portion of these black people that are under the age of 50 are flat out LAZY. They are so used to growing up getting hand outs from the government that they have no work ethic and they expect to get things for free without working for it. There are plenty of normal black people that work for a living, are educated, and obey our laws. The majority of them HATE these other black people because they really give them a bad name and are holding the entire race down.

        There is NO racism in Milwaukee, especially not from Police. This isn’t the 1950s, it’s 2016. The only people complaining about this crap are people that are looking for something, and it’s not “equality”, they want money.

        • “It’s because a large portion of these black people that are under the age of 50 are flat out LAZY.”
          Oh you mean the ones who grew up with Jim Crow??? ??? Because “them negros knew their place back then…” smh…you are silly…

          • So you take one sentence from what I said and act like that was my entire point? Funny that you didn’t argue with what I said though. This is the issue with people like you today in any sort of discussion. You want to argue that what I say is wrong and you try to dismiss it by making a joke that I’m racist, yet you can’t say how I am wrong.

            Isn’t that amazing? Tell me what I said that was wrong

          • The Jim Crow laws were abolished in 1964, so anyone under the age of 50 DID NOT grow up with Jim Crow.

            You so silly.

    • Does anybody know what he is going to have to do about all the bible verses covering his arms? Does he have to get them burned off or is he converting in word only, so she will marry him. Does he have to become a wife beater? He is joining another world of oppression by converting.

  3. This man is half Greek. I don’t see any evidence that he has been discriminated against in his career. I don’t see that any Americans would feel sorry for someone who has accomplished so much.

    • You don’t have to be subjected to discrimination to know that its wrong and take a stand. His gesture, however, would be better served it is follows his personal economic investment (in the form of businesses) in the communities on whose behalf he claims to advocate.

  4. He’s so opressed I’m gonna cry! 114 million dollars of oppressive American money! He better wake up! That money he’s got came from his “oppresers!” He best stand up for that flag! Our stop spending that American money! He’s a dumb ass. He did it thinking it will make him “hip” and “cool.”
    This crap about racism is horse [email protected]! More blacks are killed by other blacks. They are oppressing their own people and blaming white society. Wake up morons

    • You’re a dumbass for misunderstanding his statement. Being rich doesnt mean you dont deal with racism. Also, him being rich doesn’t do anything for blk ppl as a whole. If thats the case, white men shouldn’t complain about losing jobs to Mexicans. Look at Bill Gates and Brad Pitt, they arent complaining

      • If he hates what this country stands for them don’t take the dirty blood money they give him for being a mediocre (at best) qb. Oh wait, he’s okay with the money, just not the flag.

      • I just bet that, being the kind and loving person he is, he’ll read your jihadi quote defending him and he will invite you to his modest home so you can fellate him like a good lady does, a little ATM…

      • You’re the dumbass. Why does he care about oppression now when he himself has slured n**ger at a black player? It’s attention because he sucks. He’s a spoiled bi*ch.

  5. “After I was cut from the team by racist whites, I became a martyr for jihad. I had no choice before, I have no excuse now. Death to the infidel”

  6. I wonder just how much of his wealth and or experience he has given back to poor black kids and or communities ? Has he contributed at all ? Share the wealth…right ? He has bee SOOO repressed and dejected. What an idiot.

    • you ask all these questions…never find out the answers to them, but pass judgement on him based on what? on what? your opinion? please find out the answers to your questions before passing judgement. isn’t that the xtian way…or no wait…the american way.

  7. Lmao. He speaks the truth and now they want to muzzle him by assassinating his character. And people are so dumb they will buy it. It doesn’t matter what he said in the past, in fact he could be a terrorist. But what he had said regarding our country is the truth. Smear him all you want, it’ll still be the truth after. The truth hurts and attacking the messenger only works for people who don’t want to accept the truth anyways.

      • you’re comparing an idiot bigot who used racial slurs her whole life and discriminated against actual humans…to a guy who refused to stand for the anthem? get some perspective.

        • I didn’t mention anything about the anthem, I compared what she said in the past to what he said in the past. If one doesn’t matter, neither should the other.

          • so her history of racism, bigotry and discrimination are equal to one word used in a football game? ill say it again. get perspective.

          • do i need to know them, or can i just go on what’s on the public record? do you understand how paula deen and kap comparisons are childish?

          • If he said that word at one game, he’s probably used that word a lot more. Usually, my rule of thumb is, if someone says one slur in public, I would multiply that by about 10 to how many times one says that word in private. And at least by 20 on how many times,he’s thought it. I’m not saying Paula is an angel, I,hate that “n” word, actually. It actually makes me cringe even when a black person says it. The point is, you can’t excuse his behavior and not hers. They are both wrong.

          • oh, well if that’s “your rule of thumb”, then we should all apply it right? hey america, shannon wood knows how to read minds and thoughts based on her “rule of thumb”. good job, shannon wood. ps….i never said he was right…i question the use of her in an analogy as the circumstances are totally different, both wrong….but totally different.

  8. Basically the problem is and point he/she is making is this: members of the black community (as well as some white people) and groups like BLM are causing racial divide. Why? Because they aren’t making their point in a productive manner. What do I mean? Looting, rioting, destroying other people’s property and yelling “racism” when it’s not always appropriate, is counter productive. People of other ethnicities are catching on to this pattern and are quickly tiring of it. This country has a black president. That speaks volumes about racism or lack thereof. Of course there will always be people who don’t like another person based on their skin color. Black people are just as racist as whites, Asians, etc…..But what about the fact we have a black president and racial divisions are worse now than they’ve been in 50 years. Whites, Hispanics, Asians, middle eastern…all growing tired of BLM and members of the African American community who act the fool and support such a shameful group. Behaved it was BLM set out to do, it’s not working. In fact it’s having the opposite effect.

  9. 1° Is there an income-level cut-off point beyond which you’re no longer allowed to protest against institutional racism? Or, on the contrary, do the well-off not carry MORE responsibility for the well-being those less well off?
    2° Accused of racism in the past, now he’s protesting against racism: Do past transgressions mean you now no longer have the right to do the right thing? Surely racist insults & protesting racism can’t BOTH be wrong?
    3° If you believe your country encourages or tolerates racial inequality, isn’t protesting your national symbols the PATRIOTIC thing to do to encourage it to reform?
    4° He could have protested “in other ways” – As many others are doing without much apparent effect. How many casualties were there?

  10. Doesn’t look Black….Looks Arab ! Check out the nose; could be why he made a racial slur against a Black player last season and was fined !

  11. if he were better QB , he is just a bad QB and STUPID ,,,,,,,his opinion is not very important , Stand up or not stand up , that is just what good citizens do , so BAD QB AND EVEN WORSE CITIZEN,,,,,

  12. He is a paid entertainer. Part of his job is to wear a unifmrom, and to stand for the national anthem.

    He refused to do his job.

    The NFL needs to fine him about $11 million for this.

  13. I just want to know, WHAT has he done for the Black Community PRIOR to this act? If he has been supportive of the issue, or issues, in the past, then I could/can understand him exercising his freedom of expression, after all, this country is all about FREEDOM, right? But if this is some new, sudden stance, then yes, he is a DOUCHE BAG for pulling this stunt,in my opinion! :/

  14. His black father abandoned him his mother gave him up for adoption and he was raised by a white couple who likely saved him from a life of Foster care and poverty. I hardly think he can be viewed as a spokesperson for oppression on any level.

  15. If blacks are so oppressed in this country, as well as biracial people like himself, let him leave the US….and see how much money he can make…he’ll,learnnthecreal meaningbofvthecword, oppressed! Unpatriotic ingrate! I will never watch a 49ers game!

  16. The fans in Nor Cal aren’t all indoctrinated “useful idiots” and many will be less than enamored with this…the 49er organization will take a fiscal hit, but not as bad as Kaepernick, who will see a reduction in any “endorsement” contracts and a possible cancellation of any existing contracts. There may, hopefully, even be a trade coming so the 49er’s can get something for the contract they are obligated to pay him…unless he does something that will cause the 49er’s to void it…and not have to pay him at all…The fans are more than a bit pissed at this “useful idiot” who has been manipulated by those who indoctrinated him to disrespect the country that has provided him with a superior lifestyle that most others will never achieve…what a hypocritical miscreant pile of bovine scat he has become…

  17. He just proved that he’s part of the same ignorance that is creating this concern amongst civilians of all color and race.
    Another idiot disrespecting our country. Does he really believe that as someone who has young kids who look up to him that showing disrespect for your country, the country you were raised in and that you live in is the way to lead by example when it comes to our youth?
    How do you say, no thanks, please don’t speak to my kids. Sports is no stage platform for you to exercise your political beliefs. Go home and stop playing football.

  18. So this muslim retard got dropped off by his biological parents to a white family who raised him and he swears at black people and then he pretends he is oppressed and doesn’t like the country he lives in

    R.I.P. logic!


  20. I see a lot white people aka trump supporters are upset its freedom speech his first amendments right NFL does not have a problem with if they did he would of been fine or suspended he speaking with facts let’s talk war so terriorizm u.s always started wars with other country to take over their oil even some of the soldiers don’t even feel fighting something that’s a lie you sheep’s need wake up and stop listing to radio and media and do your own research when a black speaks up for his people and Latino white got a problem but yet they can murder killed shoot up schools and movie theaters nothing get said and I dare someone chanllege me with theory

    • Reese, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

  21. Kaepernick’s current sponsors include Jaguar, MusclePharm, and MoGo Sport, a company that makes flavored mouth guards.

  22. i
    am so sick of the NFL allowing the game to be a political attraction.
    You are paid good money to do a job. SO SHUT THE HELL UP AND STAND YOUR
    WHINY ASS UP FOR THE ANTHEM. Or get the hell out of the Good Ole USA!

  23. What is there to say – he’s a pompous jerk who thinks he is so wonderful that he can get away with anything!! I’d love to see his career come to an end.

  24. Where’s goodell when the nfl should truly come down on a player for disrespecting our country. Goodell & the nfl are freaking hypocrites⚜⚜⚜

  25. You guys are stupid if he goes to Africa he’ll make way more money than he would here have you not heard Africa is starting to cut it’s ties with every country that thinks Africa needs them. Haha Africa is so rich with resources that these other countries are depending on Africa for these resources. This country is broke yes Kaepernick is making this amount of money from this country but this country didn’t give him his skill he got it himself he was born with it. Keep sleeping and not wake up and realize that the fights that you think we are fighting for is not what we are really fighting for. These wars are not for us. We are fighting the wrong wars we need to destroy this credit system that had people living in poverty. After the first Great Depression we where sold to the federal reserve. That’s why we have a credit system. You was sold your children was sold your children’s children where sold you don’t know because the media covers this up. Do your research before you talk your big talk about other people. The media breeds hate. If I was president I would bring every troop home and wait for invaders. Destroy the federal reserve in this country. Then and maybe then we all can live in peace. Any media that spews crap like will be cut off and being in a free trade system.

  26. Negative behaviors don’t help make things positive. He is o for 2 in the past year and needs to grow up. I for one am very happy he is not the QB for my favorite football team.

  27. Niners will cut him, he’ll lose endorsements, he’ll lose money. Hit him right where it hurts in the pocket! See how strong his backbone is then…….you see Colin we can protest too!!

  28. And this is coming from an ignorant ass who himself has been fined by the NFL for using the “N” word…..what a hypocrite. I suggest you go find another country that’ll treat you better!

  29. Well COLON Loserprick, why don’t you back up your words with action, and donate those fat paychecks the 49ers give you to charity. Afterall, they are only good for “oppressive” American dollars.

  30. Everyone who spent his time here by following everything what he was about to say, or what he was saying…should spent his time as well to just fucking read between the lines.
    It doesn’t matter if Kapernick was the one who said it, it could be Fritzgerald as well or any fucking other player.

    You americans have a funny perspective of life.
    And for all the douchebags who didn’t get my meaning “read between the lines”
    He is just saying something fucking obvious it doesn’t matter if he´s black or white. But what he realized is that its matters what he does. He just fucked u guys over because he knows that American Football is the holy grail for america.
    So think about it. Its not hard to willing in and say: “Maybe he is not the right person to say that, but at the end of the day….he is just right.”

  31. I am sure that I am not the only one that hopes the 49ers cut him!
    If he is not happy living and respecting this country…then he needs to move out of this country!!!
    If BLM wonders why other that are not black don’t respect BLM it is because of their actions and constant spurring of racial slurs againt all that is not black. It should be ALM (all lives matter)….period! Why should they have a BLM? I believe that using BLM is a racist slur and should be banded from use anywhere.
    USE ALM …..and stop this black racists against whites. Why NOT ALL LIVES MATTER?

  32. Great roll model? I think not. Many sports figures, like most entertainers, leave much to desire as roll models for our young people. There are other ways to make a statement than by showing your ass; be intelligent enough to find one.

  33. Personally I don’t think words should be censored at all, except when they are a threat to safety, such as “fire” in a theater or “bomb” in an aircraft. So there’s nothing wrong with his using the slur EVEN if the intent was racist, which there is no real evidence that it is. I don’t mind these players getting fined, as they are overpaid anyway, but the basis for the fine is in my view a violation of first amendment rights, and rather frivolous considering that there is no evidence of harm.

  34. Oh so he must have forgotten that he was fined for saying a racist remark. Just goes to show you dude knew his time in the league was up and this was his saving grace. Can’t fire him now or it will be called “racism.”

  35. I think they should be fined $50,000 first time them double it everything after $1000,000 $200,000 $400,000 an so on. Then donate it to help the Vet’s in this country. That’s for all professional sports. Support the men and women that are wounded because they fought to keep this country free to play sports and get stupid money. The still have the freedom to not stand, it’s just gonna cost your piece of shit ass.

  36. Phony. When he spends a weekend riding along a police officer in Chicago to see what they go through, adopts a an inner-city school, and donates his millions of dollars to clean up crime infested communities, maybe I’ll listen.

  37. He’s an angry man and needs to learn what is appropriate behavior. Sounds like he has “some issues ” he hasn’t dealt with. Childish entitled behavior for one!

  38. …I think he was suggesting something about the duality of man ….the Jungian thing .
    ~private Joker~ Full Metal Jacket

  39. Whatever was said years ago in the Bears game, has nothing to do with the fact, that he, and other people of color are harassed by the police, at a much higher rate than whites, and are treated much more unfairly. He stated his protest is not against the Military but against the Governments that still oppress blacks.

  40. This spoiled brat is disrespecting the American flag, by not standing up. All patriotic Americans should boycott EVERY NFL game, on TV and in stadiums, boycott every product being sold by the NFL, until he’s let go. Let’s see how brave he is, after he loses the millions that he makes for throwing a ball. The NFL is as guilty as he is. They say they disagree but that he”has the right to protest”. Sure he does, but, not while he’s being supported by the fans. Share this for the sake of our country. Show that there are some standards that we won’t abandon

  41. I have a new found respect for Kaepernick… the fact that he is closing his convictions over his pay check speaks volumes…and I applaud his for it.. cause we all know that many stay quiet and try to keep the peace because they want their pay…thank you Kaepernick for taking a stand.. I 100% agree with you..

  42. I think if he that disgusted by the hypocrisy of this country, he should stop collecting the million dollar paycheck for playing with a ball while others die for his right to do so. Maybe he should move to one of the Islamic countries and see if they think he’s worth millions.

  43. Whether the word ends in “r” or “a”, the word should not be said at all towards anyone while playing on the field. Just as it was when he said it, it was used in a way as un-sportsmanship.
    He is going down a very new path since he is converting to Islam. That religion oppresses many more people that what he believes in now. One who turns their back on the US flag, in my opinion, doesn’t deserve to live and work here. The flag represents the USA, the land of the free, to work where you want, do what you want, but at the same time your job can be taken from you with no questions asked.

  44. I’m from the Bay Area, I’m 63, I’m a retired Soldier, I’ve been a die-hard 49er fan seems like forever… He has the right to act and say whatever he wants as long as it doesn’t hurt or insight others,. That being said, I will no longer watch or support a team that supports a player who is supposed to be a role model, who disrespects all those who have worked hard to insure others have the rights he is invoking. This man is trying to condemning a nation for what he perceives is systematic. There are problems, but the problems are caused by a few of the people, not the majority of any group. These very real problems are being addressed and delt with, while being disproportionately blown out by the media overshadowing and grouping all of the people who help to rid our culture of injustice in any form with those few who misuse their perceived authority and or positions not to mention the outright criminal acts. There are bad individuals in any group, we all must do our part to get quit of these individuals, stand up, be counted, do something to help society, support those who are helping our nation, and communities. I try not to judge any person on anything other then their actions, people are good, all people have the right to be judged by their actions and not singled out by whatever ever group someone might associate them with, or the negative acts of someone in their group. This football player’s acts of public disrespect towards our nation to me is just wrong,. I do not judge others in his group or profession for his actions, but I will temporarily discontinue watching the 49ers. As quarterback he is one of the teams on field leaders, he is in the position of influencing others in a negative way both on and off the field, and I chose not to watch anything that he might have to do with. I wish the 49er team success but hope this individual moves on.

    • I am there with you. I will boycott everything about the SF 49ers franchise until they are rid of this disgusting little puke. Been a 49ers fan my whole life and I can say without question Lawrence Phillips and Colin Kaepernick are my two LEAST favorite Niners of all time.

  45. I believe it was a White young mother who decided to give him a better life and gave him up for adoption to a White family that was wealthier and WANTED a boy of any race (notice they didn’t see color at all) and wanted to provide a good life for the child (and did). Where was the Black father?? oh, he ditche. What happened to black lives matter when it comes to their own children? To their own people? To shooting their own people on the streets, looting and setting fires to their own businesses? Oh, shhhhh, we don’t mention that. There is good and bad in every race. Stop this divide and he is garbage.

  46. So…the number one cause of death for a black male in the US – is being murdered by *another* black male…

    …because white people???

    Somebody double-check this imbecile for brain damage…

  47. Dropping F’n N-bombs last year.
    Hating White Ppl this year..
    lil bitch hss identity issues.
    Maybe use some of this yrs $19mil
    get some help…

  48. Once again, the weird hypocrisy of the black community is on display, specifically in the use of the n word. Using it in their community, yet becoming angered when it’s used by others, is pretzel logic.

  49. This guy is a tool, his career is coming to an end because of injuries he is not a nice guy and just drawing attention to himself to possibly get booted so he doesn’t have to play anymore and sue for early release from contract.

    • He gets paid regardless whether he gets cut or not, I think he’s trying to get cut so he doesn’t have to sit on the bench for 5 years to collect the contract.

      • He gets paid for this season only. After they cut him they owe him nothing other than what he is owed for this year. He better invest wisely because his NFL career is finished after the 49ers

  50. I have heard blacks calling each other the N word and them using that word to each other is different than a Caucasian using it But when they put the f**king along it is no longer joking around but then it becomes a racial slur seeing that it happened after he lost a game,to me that shows anger.

  51. Pure & simple, this guy is an angry, hate-filled hypocrite who clearly has NO idea what the word sportsmanship is all about. He has no business being in the NFL, OR being in the U.S.A…. there are other countries where his behavior would be welcomed and his hate would be applauded.

  52. hey got it right in 1952 …
    Islam, by law, is prohibited from US immigration :The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens to the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by “force, violence, or other unlawful means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration to the United States, but this law is being ignored by the White House. Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution, and to the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. Now the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization” that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited …
    You can read it in it’s entirety at:
    Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952

    They got it right in 1952 …
    “In the USCIS handbook, it describes reasons for keeping out unwanted immigrants. The full text is rather lengthy, so I will only post the relevant sections. These excerpts come from Section 212, Chapter 2 of the USCIS handbook:
    (G) 2b 2c FOREIGN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO HAVE COMMITTED PARTICULARLY SEVERE VIOLATIONS OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM- Any alien who, while serving as a foreign government official, was responsible for or directly carried out, at any time, particularly severe violations of religious freedom, as defined in section 3 of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (22 U.S.C. 6402), is inadmissible.”
    (A) In general.-Any alien who a consular officer or the Attorney General knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in-
    (i) any activity (I) to violate any law of the United States relating to espionage or sabotage or (II) to violate or evade any law prohibiting the export from the United States of goods, technology, or sensitive information,
    (ii) any other unlawful activity, or
    (iii) any activity a purpose of which is the opposition to, or the control or overthrow of, the Government of the United States by force, violence, or other unlawful means, is inadmissible.
    (B) Terrorist activities-
    (i) 3 4 4a IN GENERAL.-Any alien who-
    (I) has engaged in a terrorist activity,
    (II) a consular officer, the Attorney General, or the Secretary of Homeland Security knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, is engaged in or is likely to engage after entry in any terrorist activity (as defined in clause (iv));
    (bb) a political, social, or other group that endorses or espouses terrorist activity;
    (VII) endorses or espouses terrorist activity or persuades others to endorse or espouse terrorist activity or support a terrorist organization;
    (D) Immigrant membership in totalitarian party.-
    (i) In general.-Any immigrant who is or has been a member of or affiliated with the Communist or any other totalitarian party (or subdivision or affiliate thereof), domestic or foreign, is inadmissible. (Anyone who is a Muslim are associated with a religion that denies religious freedom, subjugates women and forces all resident to worship and accept Sharia Law. That is a totalitarian)
    (G) 41 RECRUITMENT OR USE OF CHILD SOLDIERS- Any alien who has engaged in the recruitment or use of child soldiers in violation of section 2442 of title 18, United States Code, is inadmissible.

    NO CIVILISED SOCIETY ON EARTH CAN TOLERATE A DOCTRINE THAT ADVOCATES THE MURDER OF PEOPLE BASED UPON BELIEFS can anybody show me a case in which constitutional protections are extended to somebody who is not a citizen and is not in the United States?

  53. Kaepernick is self centered jerk off who doesn’t care how his actions affect the team. Its of no concern to him. Browbeating all of us with his hysterical far left wing political views is far more important in his mind. If the 49ers have one inkling of sense they’ll cut this obnoxious moron immediately and save the franchise anymore embarrassment. Being a terrible QB is one thing. Being a terrible QB with alot of drama and a foul attitude is a one way ticket out of the NFL for good. All I can in the case of Kaepernick is GOOD RIDDANCE

  54. Why do Whites need non-Whites?

    Name one founding father who was not White.

    Why should Whites be forced to be a hated beleaguered minority in America?

    Why can’t Whites even ask theses questions without cries of magical “racism”?

    Why is it that Whites and only Whites are not allowed to have a government funded and sanction political council in the country they exclusively founded?

    If America is no longer White then it’s no longer America.

  55. Smart dude, actually. He has under performed and if he has to sit down, he wants everybody to think that it’s because he calls the ChiBears “Fu**ing N**g*rs” and because he loves the ISIS and hates America. But the real reason is that he sucks. Can’t cut the mustard; cannot do his job. Nice try Krapperneck. When you suck you suck. Don’t try to change the subject. Hahahaha.

  56. hes definitely black so its not a racial slur if he used it… but i guess. on top of that, he can’t be penalized for coming to a realization that he was racist towards his own kind. Racism is a learned behavior and im not surprised he grew up to hate people who look like him.

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