Derrick Rose Feels Good, Man


Just in time for summer, Derrick Rose is BACK!

Here is an actual quote from Chicago Bulls Coach Thibodeau:

“I worked him out about a week ago,” Thibodeau said in a phone conversation Thursday. “It was great.”


However, Rose was confused when he tried to enter the Bulls Arena and found it was locked. “What gives man? I’m finally ready to go. I want to win for the Chi. I can’t wait to play against LeBron!” When informed that LeBron was actually playing in the NBA Finals, Rose exclaimed “Ohhh you thought I meant play basketball? Hahah naaaah”. I’m ready to take him on in a game of NBA 2K14! I’m through that with that real NBA stuff for now.”

Repeated calls to Rose’s doctor were not returned, but a nurse said that Rose was still waiting on results from his gynecologist.