Tim Tebow Linked To The Aaron Hernandez Investigation

In a bizarre twist in the Aaron Hernandez investigation, sources close to the situation tell Daily Snark that Tim Tebow was the cause of Aaron Hernandez home security system and cell phone being destroyed. Sources say Hernandez was trying to talk some sense into Tebow telling him to play Tight End instead of Quarterback due to the recent injuries to Rob Gronkowski, Hernandez was just looking out for the best of the team but with no luck, Tebow refused to make the position switch.

At approximately 3:00PM, sources say Hernandez asked Tebow for his phone to place a call to Bill Belichick to inform him Tebow’s refusal to change position,  Tebow tossed Hernandez his phone missing Hernandez four feet away from him, instead hitting the home security panel and destroying everything. Sources say Tebow hit the ADT Security panel causing all home footage to be destroyed.

The Patriots refused to comment on the situation but Rex Ryan, who never refuses to comment on anything told Daily Snark “Man he’s catching on great with the Patriots, learning to destroy footage that quickly.” Stay tuned for more on this story!