Dwight Howard FAILS the Pepsi Challenge!


Dwight Howard chooses Pepsi! No wait, that was Coke. Or maybe Mountain Dew?

Los Angeles, CA. Dwight Howard took the Pepsi Challenge today and immediately said he was sure he liked the first drink more than the second, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. However, as the moderator of the event started to reveal which soda Howard picked, he suddenly changed his mind and decided they should trade cups, because he was positive he liked the second drink more. The moderator obliged, but was then abruptly waved off by Howard. After a few minutes Howard then declared he wanted another drink altogether.

The moderator told Howard the only choices were Coke or Pepsi, sources said. Howard then became agitated and loudly proclaimed “Mountain Dew should be on there! What about Strawberry Fanta? I like that one. And where the hell is Cactus Cooler? No one ever talks about Cactus Cooler anymore!!” He then accused everyone in attendance of betrayal before storming out, but came back seconds later smiling and posing for pictures, happy that he was able to keep his “Take the Pepsi Challenge” T-shirt.


Oh, the humanity.

*Updated – The moderator was later fired for “soft drink reasons”.