Brady left hanging!



  1. brady is a spoiled brat, he deserved it, he only likes the rookies when their team is winning. When Brady is on the sideline, he is blaming everyone else and acting like a baby. And when Brees is on the sideline, he is looking at what he did wrong…

    • Please, Tom Brady is a competitor, he rightfully expects his rookie WRs to be on the ball and on the same page as he is and there isn’t anything wrong with that at all. I haven’t heard him throw anyone under the bus, at the end of the post game press conferences its always “we” and not “they.”

      • he is a good quarterback I’m not saying he is bad i am just saying he complains to much and because he is so used to people doing whatever he wants because he has 80 trillion dollars, he cries when everything doesn’t go his way. And who the heck doesn’t say “we” when talking about their team? Of course he won’t blame them in the press conference that would hurt his reputation and show how bad of a person he really is…

        • I’ve never heard Tom Brady (who, by the way, has a contract way under his market value) ever hold how much money he has made over anybody’s head. Furthermore, I’ve never heard him complain in a press conference or about any teammate in general. The sheer fact you could imply Tom Brady being a bad human being based on your own non-rational logic is a testament to your bias against him. Look, if you don’t like him, fine. Trash talk him to your hearts content, do whatever makes you feel like a bigger person, but don’t just invent reasons and post them as a comment to a particular video, gif, or photo because it just makes you look stupid.

          • It really is very simple. When faced with adversity, you really find out what people are made of. Brady wants his very young squad to all be on the same page? Understandable. When they’re not, throw a tantrum and stomp around like a child, that will inspire your young, inexperienced crew. Brady’s resume’ speaks for itself, he is one of the best ever, no doubt. But if you try to justify his McEnroe-like behavior on and off the field, then you’re the one who has been on the field without a helmet…

          • You’ve yet to inform me of anything. Let’s equate it to this. Brady is left standing there wondering what the fuck his WRs are doing despite having multiple months of practice under their belt. They should be on the same page, rookie or not. To put it into terms you can understand, I’m sitting here wondering what the fuck is going through your head because you fail to grasp the simple concepts of my earlier posts, yet continue to bash Brady without warrant. Understood?

          • You sound like every single other non-intelligent football fan out there. I know it’s popular to hate Brady, but seriously come on. Come up with some actual facts. Dude rarely looses his temper nor complains about anything. You are literally talking out of your ass right now, and to be honest it’s starting to stink!

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