Deion Sanders Helps Pro Bowl Streaker Avoid Jail


The 2014 Pro Bowl was full of great memories and highlights but one moment will stand out especially the aftermath of the situation. Following Jordan Cameron’s go-ahead touchdown for Team Sanders, a female fan ran onto the field and began celebrating like she just won the Super Bowl.

Later on, we found out that fan, Katrina Torres ran onto the field for a cause, she was keeping a promise she made to her cousin, Gary, who was in a motorcycle accident two years back and was paralyzed and couldn’t talk.

Gary was watching the game from his Mexico home and was planning on attending the Pro Bowl but couldn’t because of his accident. Torres had “I Did It 4 Gary” written on her back.

After Torres had her 15 seconds of fame and was run down by stadium security, it was Deion Sanders who stopped the security and police from arresting her. Torres said “Deion Sanders came running behind us and he’s like, ‘Hey don’t arrest her. That was really cool. Just don’t arrest her. If you arrest her, I’m gonna bail her right out.” Even though Torres avoided the big house she was however banned from Aloha Stadium for one year.

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