Best Raymond Felton Memes and Tweets

Earlier this morning Raymond Felton was arrested for pulling a gun on his wife 4 hours after playing in a Knicks loss to the Mavs on a buzzer beater by Dirk. Just a few hours later and Twitter is right on their job with the memes.

Here are the best ones so far!

Perfect edit


They got tubs in jail?

Raymond Felton in: Menace II Society

Sick burn, Chuck!

Gummy GUNS? Only in the USA!

Rubble rubble

Squirting off rounds, son!

Damn. 99 cents in the bargin bin at Walmart tho

Being a Knick is THAT bad?

Say hello to my little friend!

That makes two of us!

Sad…but true.

ahahahah wow

He gonna write an album with just Felton lines, waatch.

SO how does Felton feel about all this attention? Looks sleepy.