Dallas Cowboys New Logo

Arlington, Texans: The Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones have released their new logo for the upcoming 2014-2015 season. After many speculations about what idiotic move owner Jerry Jones would do next, he turned his attention to the only thing left to destroy in Dallas, the star. He worked with many designers to update the cowboys star to something more appropriate and fit many Cowboys fans feeling toward the team for the past 15 years, especially so far during the offseason.

“I really think our new logo adjustment reflects on the reactions of all our fans that have supported us throughout our struggles” owner Jerry Jones said. HC Jason Garrett said “the logo defines the Cowboys.” Former Cowboys great Troy Aikman said “Jerry Jones is trying to make the fans in Dallas realize that he’s the owner and what he says, goes.”

So far this offseason, the Dallas Cowboys have cut long time DE Demarcus Ware and have added former first round pick, 63-year old Brandon Weeden. Someone that Jerry Jones said “remembers the glorious years, so he will help our fans rekindle what were the great memories of the Cowboys while he sits on the bench watching me dictate the team.”

Jerry closed his press conference saying “The logo reminds me of all the Cowboys faces after every game, especially games in December or when something important is on the line.”

DallasCowboysNewLogo(H/T NFLFunny)