Jimmy Graham Not Happy About No Dunking Rule

Jimmy Graham sent out this tweet at 7:00 pm Monday night clearly stating his disproval of the the NFL’s, also known as the No Fun League, newest rule-no dunking over the crossbars after a touchdown, or any time for that matter. Many NFL players do it and it seems as it’s about as rowdy as you can get post touchdown without drawing a flag for a 15 yard penalty tacked onto the issuing kickoff.

Graham grew up a basketball player and was recruited to the University of Miami to play ball there. Once solidifying himself as one of the nations’s top underclassmen, he decided to try out for the football team. Surprise surprise, the 6’7″, 200 and change freak of an athlete was a stud on the gridiron too for the Canes.

Though he chose football (clearly was a good choice), he never left behind the basketball in him, making his signature touchdown celebration the crossbar dunk. But now being outlawed, many are stunned at what could possibly warrant such a harmless act? Possibly the fact that he slightly bent a goal post during one of his celebrations versus the Atlanta Falcons? That seems to be the only argument, but as fans of football, we all can agree that this rule seems relativley unnecessary. [Click on image to enlarge]
Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 7.11.48 PM



Here’s Graham’s pretty funny fault during the Falcons, Saints game.