25 Highest-Paid Athletes (ESPN)

Being professional athlete means you at some point in your career will get paid, some more than others. Depending on what sport you play and how good you play it will determine how much a sports franchise (team) is willing to pay you. If you play baseball, you are most likely going to be one getting the large contracts and big pay-days because you play 162 games a season. Soccer is popular sport in Europe so it’s only fitting that some of the best soccer players from all around the world decide to play soccer in Europe because of the talent level and of course, money involved. ESPN put together this ‘Magraphic’ that will be in the next issue of ESPN magazine showing the highest paid athletes in each of the four respected sports and also the 25 individuals that will have the highest paid salaries in 2014.

While some people on this list will shock you and have you wondering how can this person be ranked this high on this list or even be mentioned in the same breath as the others on the list, one name will have you wondering, how can you spend a whole year on the couch but be on this list and so high.




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