Damian Lillard Having Fun With Ringless Athletes In New Foot Looker Ad

There have been many all-time great players who haven’t won a championship in their respected sports, Barry Sanders and LaDainian Tomlinson were two of the greatest running backs in NFL history, both have not won a Super Bowl, Karl Malone and Chris Weber were two of the greatest PF’s in NBA history, but both didn’t win a championship. Karl Malone, who played in multiple NBA Finals, never won a championship after being denied by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls twice.
In this new Foot Locker commercial staring Damion Lillard, he pokes fun at ring-less athletes. Now Lillard is only in his second year in the NBA so he has some time to win a championship but don’t tell that Lillard’s Blazers who look to contend for a championship in this year’s NBA Playoffs.

(H/T Foot Locker)