NFL Memes Redskins Concept Logos

We are all familiar with the debate over the what some call “racist” of “unfit and unneeded for today’s society” name of one of the most valuable franchises in all of the sports, the Washington Redskins. Many have taken to parodies to mock the possible changing of the logo, but now with the teams name’s copyright revoked, it seems as this could be the beginning of the end of the Redskins’ name.

 Daily Snark artist Brandon Hubschman took to the computer and designed what we think would make for a couple cool logos for the team if the fore coming situation does become a reality. We included versions with a new color scheme differing from that recognizble maroon and yellow to match the rest of the sports teams with reflecting the United States flag’s colors, as well as that the existing colors being rendered useless with a new name.

Yay or Nay? Feel free to comment your favorite at the bottom! [Click on images to enlarge]


The Washington Monuments

This design features a predominant ‘W” that is made from the flight of a bouncing football, reminiscent of the ones thrown by Tim Tebow. The central cutout is made by using the outline of the United States Capitol Building.

redksins logo 2for ds2 copy

redksins logo 2for ds

Here’s a rendering of what a helmet would look like using the color scheme and logo:


New York Giants v New Orleans Saints

The Washington Warriors

A design using a pair of ‘W’s along with a the Washington Memorial which doubles as a sword, to accentuate the “warrior”.

Warriors red and bluefor ds

Warriors logofor ds

The DC Monuments

This contemporary design uses a football that contains the Washington Memorial as the laces.

Redskins secondary logo

red blue for ds

The DC Monuments

This design uses an oval design which contains the letters ‘DC’, hugging the Washington Memorial which features laces.

Dc logofor ds

Dc logoford ds

The DC Monuments

This final design features a similar layout but with the ‘D’ representing the ‘D’ in “DC” as well as an ‘M’ for “Monuments”.


DM for ds 4