Jordan Brand Releases “RE2PECT” Tribute To Derek Jeter

Jordan Brand released a new, star-studded commercial on Monday to pay tribute to Derek Jeter, one of the company’s biggest sponsored athlete. Jeter is set to retire at the conclusion of the 2014 MLB season.

The commercial is titled “RE2PECT,” it shows a variety of big name stars, coaches and pop culture icons tipping their caps to the 40-year-old New York Yankees legend. A few names in this commercial include: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Jay-Z and Carmelo Anthony show their respect to Jeter in this video, which is guaranteed to give any sports fan the chills.

Even though there are multiple big name stars tipping the cap to Jeter, the best part of this tribute might be Red Sox fans, who hate the Yankees tip their hats and the Yankees cross town rival Mets mascot, Mr. Met who also tips the cap to Jeter.

Jeter, who will arguably go down as one of the greatest baseball players who ever lived, not just because of his game on the field, but the fact that he played through an era of baseball that was tainted by PED scandals and not once did we even hear Jeter’s name associated with it.

Jeter became the first baseball player sign with the Jordan Brand in 1999, his legacy with the Brand is second to the person the company is named after. He has 12 signature cleats to his name, more shoes than any other athlete besides Jordan according to Nike.

This ad will make it’s debut Tuesday during the All-Star game in Minnesota.