If The NFL’s Biggest Stars Returned Home: Which Team Would Win

After LeBron’s decision to leave Miami to return home and play for his home team, the fallout of the popular  diagrams what hometown teams made of NHL and NBA stars returning home would look like. Now the Daily Snark team has put together such for the NFL.

Instead of using every state who has a team, we used the teams from the seven states with the highest number of current NFL players in the NFL – Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Louisiana, and New York/New Jersey (not in sequencial order). Instead of associating each star with one of the numerous positions in football we selected a quarterback position, four wide receiver spots, a running back, a category for defensive stars, as well as a special teams corp. We also selected a starter for each position along with their 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4th and 5th strings below. Just for further clarification, we used the players birthplace, not where they grew up.

Some of the players who are not quite household-name worthy enough to contend for a spot, were left with an N/A. Players drafted into or who had entered the league in the 2013 season [excluding Louisiana RB Eddie Lacy] were not accounted for.

Which home-state squad would you think would win in a 7 team playoff? Comment your choice at the bottom of the page!

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this is the final TEXAS


Ohio copy


Georgia copy



New York / New Jersey


There’s no doubt Florida would be throwing for 500+ yards a game with Stafford at the helm and the best WR corp by far, but with the experience of the quarterbacks from California and that stout defense, Georgia’s freak athleticsism, and what the other states bring to the table, there’s not telling which one the seven would come out on top.