Brawl Breaks Out Inside Buffalo Wild Wings After Packers vs. Cowboys Game

It was a rough day for the Dallas Cowboys and their fan base last Sunday as the team lost a heartbreaking game to the Green Bay Packers. By now everyone I’m sure has seen or heard about Dez Bryant’s amazing catch that was overturned due a questionable rule in the NFL rule book, the heartbreak of the loss didn’t sit well with this certain Dallas Cowboys’ fan who went to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the game.

During the video you can see the Cowboys fan, go buck wild and cause a fight, trying to fight more than one person at the bar. No word yet if there were any arrests made or not after the fight had ended. But one thing is clearly sure that fans like this regardless who they root for, should probably stay home and watch their games at home.

Buffalo Wild Wings to go, would have been a better idea.