Odell Beckham Jr. Sets World Record For Most One-Handed Catches In a Minute

If there was any record that was meant for someone to break, it was this one for Odell Beckham Jr. With him and his Giants’ season obviously over, he is still managing to make headlines.

As many players around the league gather in Arizona this week in light of Super Bowl XLIX, Odell Beckham teamed up with Guinness Book of World Records to break the world record number of football one-handed catches in one minute, which he did, setting the new record at 33. In all fairness the previous record was 10, but incredible none the less considering 33 catches in one minute is faster than one catch every two seconds.

It didn’t hurt either that he has some scrub QB that goes by the name of Drew Brees throwing to him either…

Here’s a cool time-lapse video of the record break