Jameis Winston Appears To Be Rather Fat In Recent Photo



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A picture of former Florida State quarterback and top NFL Prospect Jameis Winston surfaced on Twitter today and immediately led to speculation that Winston is fat and out of shape. Countering the rather apparent picture, Winston’s private quarterback tutor says that’s not the case.

George Whitfield, Jameis’ pre-combine coach told Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead that Winston appears to look fat because he has a tether tied tight around his waist. Call it a reverse corset.

“The photo of Jameis was taken in early-mid January,” Whitfield said. “If people are saying he looks out of shape – well, did they notice he had the leash tight around his waist? That may have had something to do with it. Jameis is in shape and doing great,” Whitfield said. “Anyone saying he’s out of shape, they can check him out at the Combine this week.”

Jamarcus Russel 2.0? We’ll see!