Adam Schefter Confirms The Rumors On The Dez Bryant Video

Over the last week, rumors have been circulating throughout social media about a potential “Ray Rice-type” video involving Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant that could potential have a serious impact on the star wide out’s career.

First reported by one of followers, Terez Owens,  wrote an article yesterday about how there was a video involving Dez Bryant and that it could possibly be released over the next 48 hours. PFT’s Mike Florio told 105.3 the Fan that there “he doesn’t know if a such video exist but says there has been a lot of chatter about it.” That was on February 20th, the same day, Dez Bryant tweeted out this which we are assuming is regarding the rumors:

— Dez Bryant (@DezBryant) February 20, 2015

The video is reportedly up for sale for the highest bidder according to Jaywan Inc:


Today, Adam Schefter was a guest on ESPN Chicago Radio’s Carmen and Jurko Show and confirmed that indeed a video does exist and that he’s been working since September on this story. Schefter refused to comment on what the video contains and is not sure when it will actually be released, if ever. 

Here’s the transcript:


How this all plays out will be somewhat crazy, if Schefter says there is a video, it’ll be hard not to believe him given his credibility. The only question now and going forward is, if Schefter says he knew about it in September, who else knew about it?  Did Dez Bryant know? Did the Dallas Cowboys know? If it’s as bad as the rumors say, how come Dez Bryant wasn’t incarcerated?  

These are all questions that are circulation in what seems to be more than just an internet rumor but a scandal that could potentiality paint an even darker cloud over the National Football League if this video does ever go public.