NFL Stars Morphed With Each Other


It’s the NFL what do you do when there’s no football on? You morph our favorite stars into each other of course right?

The guys at NFL Memes who brought you NFL Stars as Superheroes last week now present their latest project, which may the the creepiest thing you’ll see today. What is seen cannot be unseen…

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This combination seemingly turns them into a 15 years old boy…

Russ Kaep

Seahawks fans be like…Richard Lynch is my favorite player!!!

Marshawn Sherman


This combo looks like a guy who hasn’t blinked in about 15 minutes and about the chop one of your limbs off with an ax…

andrew manning

This just can’t be unseen


34-37 540 yards and 6 TDs a game…uh yes?

Tom Rodgers

He looks ready to you know, punch you in the face any second now…with a chair. A metal chair. Good luck sleeping tonight.


Talk about a perfect Madden rating…

Rob Jimmy

If there was ever an Indian tranny playing in the NFL…

omo dez

This guy would be the GOAT of NFL WRs, and if he tried Sherman like that, 300 yards a 3 TDs would be the result he gone get

Calv fitz

And hey, why not throw a coach one in here for good measure…

Bill Ryan looking like a drunk uncle who’s hitting on his son’s fiancé at the family reunion. Not sure how these personalities would mix though. That would be something to see.