Western Michigan Uses Onside-Kick Drill To Surprise Walk-On With Scholarship

Changing things up from the usual announcement during a team meeting, the Western Michigan Broncos found an awesome way to present walk-on Trevor Sweeney with a scholarship.
During a recent practice, coaches secured the scholarship to a football with rubber bands. The Broncos kicker then directed an onside kick at Sweeney, giving him a chance to grab the scholarship.
The team anxiously waited for Sweeney to undo the rubber bands and read the attachments. Then, it was celebration time.
The junior running back was obviously caught way off guard by the move. That just made this moment even more special.
While presenting a walk-on with a scholarship during a team meeting is cool, the Western Michigan coaching staff just set the bar really high for the rest of college football. The creativity here is off the charts, especially because it essentially rewarded the player for doing his job on the drill.
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