Daniel Tosh Absolutely Destroys Nick Saban With New Segment On ‘Tosh.0’

If you’ve ever kept up with Tosh.0 you probably know Daniel Tosh is a Dolphins fan. And if you’ve ever kept up with Dolphins fans, you probably know they hate Nick Saban as much or if not more then the Jets. Many may remember that Saban left the Dolphins for the Crimson Tide in his more familiar lair or college football after denying report after report that he was even communicating with the University of Alabama. Saban has a below mediocre existence in the NFL game.

During a segment on Tuesday’s episode of Tosh.0, the comedian’s newest skit titled Unauthorized Biography Of Nick Saban’mocked the unauthorized biography Saban recently discredited. Tosh hit on everything with a mock children’s reading, including Saban’s height, family and NFL coaching history.

[Comedy Central]