Kevin Durant Unveils Redskins Themed KD8 Basketball Shoes


Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.36.15 PM

Only trailing the Cavaliers’ LeBron James, Kevin Durant has the 2nd best selling Nike basketball shoe on the planet. The star is on his 8th signature shoe model, under contract with Nike, and has decided to switch things up a little.

Durant gave us a peak of his latest shoe on Instagram Wednesday, posting a photo of a right straight on angle of it, along with the caption:


“I be flying high, yea, I be flying high, shorty HTTR.”

Why Redskins though? Durant is a Washington DC native and life long fan of the team. Rumors have swirled over the past year of Durant retuning home like LeBron James did last summer to play with his hometown Wizards, and of course that would have been quite the conflict of interest with a Wizards themed shoe for the OKC player. Nonetheless, the kicks are pretty sick, and we look forwards to seeing more angles of the shoe.