Tom Brady’s Dad Calls Into Radio Station Calling Out His Son, Argument Ensues

If you mess with the cub, you’re messing with papa bear.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went toe-to-toe with the NFL in court over commissioner Roger Goodell’s ruling in the Deflategate saga, and the reigning Super Bowl champ got his four-game suspension lifted Thursday.

But Brady’s dad isn’t satisfied. Tom Brady Sr. chimed in on San Francisco radio show KGO on Friday and tore apart the host, Chip Franklin, who called his son a liar, before going after Goodell.

“If you read any of the articles and discussions that have gone on in this thing for six months, you would know that you are full of crap,” Brady Sr. said. “When you say Brady is a liar, you better be careful because you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.”


The conversation kept going, and the host really got Brady Sr.’s blood boiling when all the reports about pounds per square inch (PSI) were brought up.

“It’s all lies,” Brady Sr. nearly yelled. “It’s all ESPN; it’s all NFL propaganda. … We know Goodell is lying. He lied in the Ray Rice case, he lied in this case and has lied in the [Adrian] Peterson case.

How many times do you need to know this guy is a–_ZgOZl4o–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1416570767560542279.jpgflaming liar?”

Brady Sr. also referred to the NFL as “a kangaroo court.”

Tell you what, those Brady boys are relentless. Expect the younger Tom to take out his anger on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, Sept. 10, in the season opener.

[Via Bleacher Report/Deadspin]