Two High School Players Target And Layout Referee After Bad Call

The Northside Independent School District and the University Interscholastic League in San Antonio are investigating an incident that occurred during a high school football game between John Jay and Marble Falls after two Jay players violently collided with a referee. The disturbing part, is that it was on purpose.

During the late minutes of their 15-9 loss, a Jay safety slammed into the back of a referee, while his teammate then dove into the ref as he was on the ground, leading with his helmet. Referees, especially the ref at his position do often get involved in the play by getting run into, but this was clearly premediditated.

Video of the incident was posted on YouTube with views from two different angles, both equally has hard to watch.


Thankfully, both players were ejected from the game.

“The question of what instigated that is what we’re trying to figure out,” Northside ISD athletic director Stan Laing told Ben Baby of, calling the incident “very disturbing.”

“I’ve coached 14 years and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Marble Falls head coach Matt Green added.

Per Baby, two Jay players had already been ejected from the game on separate plays. The incident in question occurred while Marble Falls was attempting to run out the clock and preserve their win.

(Bleacher Report)