High School Football Player Rips Player’s Helmet Off, Swings & Hits Him In The Head

Earlier this month we posted a video of two high school football players who combined to lay out a ref during a play after he made what was allegedly a bad call earlier in the game. Now we have this.

A member of the Immaculata (Somerville, N.J.) High School football team required 10 stitches after being struck in the head by a defensive lineman for Linden (N.J.) High School on Friday. Harry Frezza and Greg Tufaro of myCentralJersey.com reported that the Linden player, who was flagged but not ejected, grabbed the helmet off the Immaculata player and hit him in the head with it.

The Linden Police Department is still looking into whether it will bring charges against the Linden player.


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  1. No it cant possibly be because he’s 17 in a testosterone driven competitive environment, in a society that increasingly inflates race relations because the media profits from mongering, its most diffidently because of his deep seeded cultural disposition to anger and assaults ! ok ?

  2. I grew up going to Linden for games as part of the marching band in one of the neighboring towns. The Black students attacked our bus, roughed up musicians, screamed obscenities, and that was decades ago. Ignore this behavior, expect this behavior, allow this to go on and don’t act surprised.

    • Nothing happened. Football is actually probably safer and more respectful than ever. It’s just because social media can make things viral so readers have an impression this is more of a rampant occurrence than it is. Much worse has happened when social media wasn’t a big thing.

  3. i don’t think race had much to do about this. this kid saw a opening to do something like this and took it…whether white or black. i do agree, the officials should’ve ejected him and never let him play again. that being said, where is the coach….if it was one of my players they would be gone. taken to the dressing room , turn in your gear and now get out……….if this coach condones this, they need a new coach……….

  4. Wow, y’all should be ashamed for yourselves for being so blind at your ignorance.

    This is just one example where the perps were white and the victim was a black 12 year old girl.

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  5. WTF??? He wasn’t ejected?
    The refs should be suspended too for gross incompetence!! Are the police also looking into this possibly being a hate crime too? I have no doubt if the races were reversed the BLM and other black activist would be crying out for it to be prosecuted as such…

  6. So something violent happened in a violent sport and its racism, he hit in with the helmet because he was white and not because he was on the opposing team? White people now a days want to be the oppressed class so bad it’s actually sad, calm down, your race has zero population growth, it’s coming.