Fan Puts RGIII Up For Sale On Craigslist As ‘Lightly Used QB’

The Washington Redskins organization has become nothing short of well, a joke. From an actually stellar 10-6 record in 2012, the team plummeted to the bottom of the league after countless injuries to their star QB.

This season, with Griffin not even listed as a QB on the roster any longer, the team is off to a predicted 0-1 start, and even better, they are currently offering a deal to their season ticket holders to come in and try and place kick after releasing a struggling one of their own after a terrible preseason and a rough first game.

An anonymous Craigslist poster seems to be on board with any plan to get rid of him, taking to Craigslist with the following satirical ad written from the perspective of head coach Jay Gruden:

(Click image to enlarge)


The ad reads as follows:

Lightly Used Quarterback for trade (Ashburn)

I am looking to barter a EUC QB. There is nothing wrong with the QB as stated by numerous doctors. Interested in all offers. O-line, D-line, linebacker, safety, corners, anyone that can tackle. Got a gift certificate to Ruby Tuesday? Let’s talk. Anything here people. All I can do is say no. (I won’t.) Take this QB off my hands before I have to cut him.

I will not respond to texts. No “tire kickers” please, these legs have been put through the wringer, but are perfectly capable of playing in the NFL if you get him out of our Charlie Foxtrot organization. I will respond to e-mails daily with a little bit of a smirk and a short answer that may change tomorrow morning if management tells me what I said was wrong.

Also, see my other ad in the jobs section titled “Head Coach looking for football related job with stable organization.” Or visit my website at:

Please, I’m begging here.