First Look At Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Without Bandage After Fireworks Accident


The New York Daily News has finally spotted Jason Pierre-Paul and his nine fingers. 

Photos exclusively obtained by the New York Daily News show JPP without a bandage on his right hand.  Photos show a slimmer Pierre-Paul with his knuckle protruding from where his right index finger used to be and bandages on his thumb and middle finger. 

Pierre-Paul remains in South Florida, away from the New York Giants as he’s yet to sign his 14.813 million dollar franchise tender and the team has no timetable for his return. 

A source close to the situation told the Daily News, “we just don’t know” when asked if Pierre-Paul would play in 2015. The Giants have yet to rescind the franchise tag from Pierre-Paul, who loses approximately $871K for each game that he doesn’t play and remains unsigned.  If he and the Giants don’t reach an agreement by November 17th, his season will be over and he’ll become a free agent in 2016.

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The Giants will reexamine JPP’s hand at some time next month.