Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan Calls Out Greg Hardy For “Guns Blazing” Remark

On last night’s episode of Garbage Time, Katie Nolan discussed the return of Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy, who was suspended after being accused of abusing his at the time girlfriend. The accusation included Greg Hardy beating his girlfriend and throwing her onto a pile of guns. 

But in this beautiful country known as the United States of America, Greg Hardy has been given a second chance at making millions and that chance came with the Dallas Cowboys and during Hardy’s first meeting with the media, Hardy showed zero signs of remorse. Which is fine, I guess. He’s a football player who wants to focus on football, after all his response to every question about the accusation was side-stepped by a football related answer like “I’m just happy to be back with my teammates.” 

But what’s disturbing about Hardy’s meeting with the media was his quote that followed a question about Tom Brady: 


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Greg Hardy also said he’s excited to come out on Sunday, “guns blazing” 

Now listen, I’m not a professional football player but am I the only one who thinks this comment about another man’s wife a bit uncomfortable? Especially when the person was accused with such accusations as Hardy was? 

This shows me that Greg Hardy hasn’t learned anything and if you watch the clip from Katie Nolan, you’ll see that not only is this so out of line by Hardy but it goes to show that the NFL really doesn’t care. After all they did publish an article about Hardy on their website. 

But hey! At least they are wearing pink ribbons, gloves and cleats to show how much they care, right?