Scott Van Pelt Rips Entertainment Media For Labeling Lamar Odom As A “Reality Star”

Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after he was found unresponsive in a Nevada brothel Tuesday afternoon. The 2x NBA Champion and former Sixth Man of the Year was reportedly using cocaine and “up to 10 sexual performance supplements” before being hospitalized.  It’s been an overall tragic situation for one of the NBA’s great personalities. Many are calling one of the saddest stories in recent memory. 

Now as you all know, Lamar Odom was once married and legally still is married to reality star Khloe Kardashian but that’s not who Lamar Odom is or should be know for, he isn’t a sidekick in a reality TV show, he’s Lamar Odom (as I stated above) a 2x NBA Champion and former Sixth Man of the Year but yet some people in the entertainment media world refer to Lamar Odom as a reality TV star. 

ESPN’s Scot Van Pelt during last night’s SportsCenter ripped the Entertainment Media world for labeling Lamar Odom for something that played zero role in his popularity, labeling him something that literally had no influence on who LAMAR ODOM, they labeled him as Khloe Kardashian’s (former) husband:

‘Kardashian reality star’? No, no, no, no…Lamar Odom, unlike those for whom fame is oxygen, for those whose fame comes in the absence of accomplishment…his fame was earned as Sixth Man of the Year. As a multiple NBA champion. As the result of his significant role with the Los Angeles Lakers teams and being a beloved NBA teammate and peer.

Now listen, I know Lamar Odom isn’t Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan or LeBron James. I know his popularity might not be as well known for people outside the sports world as Khloe Kardashian’s popularity is as well known for people in the sports world but for entertainment media outlets around the country to label a former Los Angeles Laker and I say that because Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, is really sad. 

Lamar Odom was a guy who was giving, who reportedly took care of more than 45 people financially, who over the past four years hasn’t made the smoothest transition to life without basketball but all-in-all was someone that went through a lot of rough situations over the past couple of years, from losing his 7-year old son and later on his best friend Jamie, to having to go through a divorce, life’s been rough for the 2x NBA champion. 

I pray Lamar makes it past this and is able to turn around his life but it’s really sad media outlets, for the sake of getting a certain crowd to read their story headlines this situation and Lamar Odom as Khloe Kardashian’s husband or former husband is extremely sad. I’d hope people were better than that, but maybe they aren’t.