Arian Foster Tears Achilles On Non-Contact Play


If you look up ‘injury’ in the dictionary, Arian Foster’s name may be under it…

During the 4th quarter, in garbage time nonetheless, the injury prone Texans running back was sent in motion during a red zone play, only to have Foster come set and as he planted on his leg to propel forward, it appears his achilles snapped.

Foster appeared to be animated and aggravated as he rolled on the ground, physically slapping away trainers, only to be helped off the field with assistance.


Foster was out for the beginning of the season with a groin injury that was suffered during practice prior to the season. It now appears as if the team has lost their running back for the remainder of it.

Tough loss for the Texans who, although have been awful, are still in contention for the AFC South title, as the Colts also lost their Week 7 game vs the Saints.