Texans Travel To Wrong Stadium, Dolphins Play Replacement High School Team


3:00 pm ET [Miami Gardens, FL]

It has now been officially announced per leaked league reports, the Houston Texans wrongfully boarding the wrong flight at George Bush International Airport in Houston this morning, taking Flight 183-45 headed to Greensboro, NC instead of 183-54, which was headed to Ft. Lauderdale International Airport. The team could not find a flight to get all the players to South Florida in time for the game.

With the extreme mistake, the Texans front office and the league worked a deal to try and cover up the mistake, which would in turn vacate the game, and instead found a local replacement high school team, American Academy High School, and suited them up in NFL provided Texans gear, hoping nobody would notice.


The Dolphins quickly ran up 42 points before the half, scoring 27 of those before the 1st quarter even concluded. The NFL has apparently told the Dolphins and new interim head coach Dan Campbell to take it a little easier on the high school team in the 2nd half, hoping for the mistake to become less obvious.

The Dolphins currently lead the “Texans” 42-0 at the half.