Suh To Refs: “I’m gonna slam the F**k out of him next time” With Mic On After Flag

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It should have been a sack for Ndamukong Suh. He had Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor and wouldn’t let go, which should have been called a sack since he had him in his grasp. Taylor got outside the pocket threw the ball out of bounds, all while Suh was holding onto him.

Suh didn’t get the call, and argued his case to the ref, prompting Dolphins coach Dan Campbell to get him off the field. There was a holding call on the play, after what should have been the sack, and the Bills had to repeat third down.

Suh was so mad, he told the refs,


“You gotta call that dead, or I’m gonna slam the fuck out of him next time.”

Definitely a scary proposition for Tyrod Taylor…

(SB Nation)