Dez Bryant Make’s Kids Day At Halftime Of MNF Game vs Eagles

 Dez Bryant usually gets thrown into the “classless” bucket of NFL players. From primmaadona sideline antics, to immature fighting, leaving the field before the game even ends, to of course his serious troubles dating back to his college days, there’s definitely a case.
One thing you can’t deny though, is the man’s passion for the game and his love for his fans. There may not be another player on the team, maybe the league who shows he wants to win more than Bryant.
The media is known for hopping on the bandwagon of covering these antics but there’s a side of Dez many may not get to see.
During halftime of the Cowboys, Eagles heavily hyped Monday Night Football game in Arlington, Dez walked from the other side of the tunnel headed into the locker room though some of his own players to greet a small child who was clearly a huge fan, his mother even mentioning to look for him before the players arrived. Bryant spent the time it took for all the players to pass him with the kid, who surely was elated with a few handshakes and an autograph he’ll never forget. A Cowboys official can even be seen slapping Bryant on the helmet as if to remind him “let’s go.”

A simple kind act by a player that the media will never show. Respect.

(Video shot by Angie Gardner)