Fan Makes Video Showing Patriots May Have Received Extra Time For Game Winning FG


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The string of cheating has decimated the New England Patriots’ reputation. From NFL teams checking balls to teams actually having locker rooms searched for bugs and other recording devices prior to and after games, they are definitely in opponents heads, whether they should be or not.

The Patriots were accused of receiving extra time earlier this season which was slightly debunked considering NFL rules which state the offensive is to receive 40 seconds from the previous play to snap the ball and a mandatory 25 seconds after the ball is deemed in a position to be snapped, which of course can include huddling, ect.


Here’s the explanation:

With Danny Amendola catching a pass from Tom Brady on the final offensive snap of the game, he falls down to save clock to allow the team to set up and kick the FG which would win the game. It appears though as if the Patriots were given the 40 seconds after Amendola was ruled down, per usual, but then as the ball was placed by the referee ready to be snapped, the holder signaled the play clock operator with a open palm upward pumping motion, a signal used by many QBs to let the operator know they haven’t been given the 25 seconds after the ball was placed. New England’s holder did this with 18 seconds left on the play clock, which was accurate considering the ball was placed just 7 seconds earlier, with the holder already in position on one knee. He would likely not be in this position before the ball was placed because he of course has to align himself with this spot. Then with the signal, the play clock resets all the way back to 25 with 8 seconds left on the play clock when the Patriots would be been about or already been out of time to snap the ball.

Now the way this could be explained is the clock shown on the TV is not necessarily the same as the clock kept on the field, and the clock the man in the video is alluding to, is the the time the players and referees were going off of.

(Video shot by Keith Luquis)