Navy Unveils Position-Specific Helmets For Army Game


For the first time in NCAA football (or any spot for that matter) history, a college football team will have its players wearing different helmets during the game based on the position they play.

The Navy Midshipmen will be wearing special Under Armor uniforms titled “Navy Fleet” against for always special Army-Navy game that will take place on Saturday, Dec. 12, in Philadelphia.

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The uniforms are sharp enough themselves, but it’s the helmets that are what’s really special…

There will be a total of seven different hand-painted helmets worn by Midshipmen players, signifying  the seven of the historic ships that make up the U.S. Naval fleet. Each position group will be assigned a specific helmet that will pay tribute to one of the seven ships with a correlating vessel that embodies the respective position.

Quarterbacks: Aircraft Carrier (“Ultimate decision-maker”)


Linebackers: Cruiser (“Provides anti-air defense and packs the biggest punch”)


Special Teams: Minesweeper (“Identifying and eliminating mines”)


Wide Receivers: Submarine (“Predominantly utilized as blockers…but bring significant firepower when called upon”)

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Linebackers: Cruiser (“Provides anti-air defense and packs the biggest punch”)


Linemen: Amphibious Assault Ship (“Enables the invading force to gain access”)


Running Backs: Littoral Combat Ship (“Fast and nimble”)


Special Teams: Minesweeper (“Identifying and eliminating mines”)


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